Boyds Marriage Index - Richards in Derbyshire.

The following entries are a few selected from Boyds Marriage Index for Derbyshire.  The original entries should be checked.

1572.  Maude Richards and Jn. Tebboult.  Derby all St.
1572.  George Richards and Jane Breedon.  Heanor.
1568/1576. Ridiard - Rydiard - Rydiad plenty at Youlgreave.
1594.  William Richards and Alice Hutchinson.  Ilkeston St. Mary
1603.  William Richards and Ann Baker.  Allestree.
1603.  William Ridiard and Mgt. Nicols.  Ilkeston St. Mary
1619.  Mgt. Riddiard and William Rawlin.
        Note: I did not see the books from 1620 to 1677.
1677.  Elizabeth Richards and William Smith.  Beeley.
1677.  Elizabeth Richards and William Smith.  Matlock.
1678.  Francis Richards and Mary Adams.  Heanor.
1678.  Andrew Richards and Kath. Radford.  Horsley.
1680.  Esther Richards and Henry Bloodworth.  Derby St. Peter.
1685.  Henry Richards and Ann Whitehead.  Ilkeston St. Mary
1686.  William Richards and Ann Jackson.  Mackworth.
1688.  Elizabeth Richards and Henry Marshall.  Croxall.
1689.  Jn. Richards and Ann Saxton.  Ilkeston St. Mary
1695.  Henry Richards and Diane Akers.  Swarkeston.
1701.  Fran. Richards and Elizabeth James.  Morley.
1705.  William Richards and Kath. Smith.  Ilkeston St. Mary
1705.  Jane Richards and Thos. Poutwell.  Derby St. Peter.
1709.  Phil. Richards and Faith Modyn.
1709.  Samuel Richards and Elizabeth Wilson.  Pentrich.
1713.  Eliz. Richards and Jn. Purdy.  Ilkeston St. Mary
1721.  Sarah Richards and Edward Lee.  Ockbridge.
1723.  William Richards and Abigail Birkhamshire.  Sth. Wingfield

Boyds Marriage Index - Richards in Derbyshire.


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