Ancient Buckbridge

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The location of this ancient bridge is believed to be down in the Doe Lea valley to the west of the village at its' boundary with the parish of Sutton Scarsdale.  At this location the river Doe Lea formerly Dawley crosses beneath the minor road that leads from Palterton to Sutton Scarsdale.

The river is running at right angles to the minor road and is slowly flowing south to north.

At this point the ancient Buckbridge now much altered, traverses the river as part of the minor road.

The river Doe Lea emerging from beneath the north side of Buckbridge c2003.

The following extract is from History of the Borough of Chesterfield by J.M.Bestall, M.A. 1974. (page 13)
(ISBN 0.9500459.5.0).
"One 13th. century deed considered by Mr. Penny refers to a boundary running 'per les Horeputtis usque ad altam stratam que ducit de Cestrefeld usque ad Buckebridge'.

The street here mentioned may well be in origin a Roman road running eastwards from Chesterfield.  It has been confirmed that 'les Horseputtis' refers to early iron-ore workings in Calow, now represented by Allpits Farm.

But where is Buckbridge?  Though not absolutely conclusive the argument from the full terms of this deed does seem to favour the bridge over the river Doe Lea east of Sutton Scarsdale on the secondary road towards Palterton rather than that on the main road A632 from Chesterfield to Bolsover."

A road in this general direction is an interesting possibility because as Mr. Penny points out, it would link with the road ......... would have run to the west from Lincoln towards Chesterfield, the last stage of what in effect would have been through Calow probably on the line of road that crossed Buckbridge.

From the Chesterfield district lead could possibly have been taken along a road which is conjectured ran east through Buckbridge to link with a roman road near Newark, Nottinghamshire.

Moving on from Buckbridge about thirty metres eastwards on the south side of the road, there is a small area of trees which conceal traces of the old station masters house and signal box.  These premises were demolished around the 1940s, though they had remained derelict since around 1932.

At this location, the present Stockley Trail follows the line north to south of the former railway.  Please refer to my chapter about the Palterton and Sutton railway.

A few metres north west of Buckbridge close by the road side is the location of the old Palterton Air Shaft.  Please refer to my chapter on the Palterton Air Shaft.

Ancient Buckbridge


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