Volume 1
Introduction & History of Palterton
Archaeology of Palterton

Introduction to Palterton
A story of Country Folk
Early history of Palterton (1002 to 1700)
Later history of Palterton (1700 to 1900)
Present history of Palterton (1900 to 2003)
Palterton during World War 2
A modern walk around Palterton
General Musters, Hearth Tax, Toleration Acts
Trade Directory references to Palterton

Archaeological sites in Palterton
Medieval Village
Chantry Chapel
Medieval Hospital and Park
Flint and Pottery Finds
Ridge and Furrow
Ancient Buckbridge
Sally Gap - Sallow Gap

Volume 1
Pubs & Inns of Palterton
Mining in the Palterton area

Pubs and Inns in Palterton
Carpenters Arms
Hare and Hounds
The Gate Inn
Nags Head
Licensed Victuallers 1732 to 1825
Palterton Miners Welfare


Pits in the Palterton area
Ramcroft Pit

Batties Main Silkstone Colliery &
Bathurst Fire Stone & Fire Brick Co. Ltd.

Palterton Air shaft / Markham no. 5

Volume 1
Country Life in Palterton
Events and Village Trades in Palterton

Country Life in Palterton
Palterton Primitive Methodist Chapel (one)
Palterton Primitive Methodist Chapel (two)
Palterton Primitive Methodist Chapel (three)
Village School (page one)
Village School (page two)
Village School the Centenary
Palterton War Memorial
Palterton School Remembrance Day 2011
Womens Institute

Palterton & Sutton Railway Station
The Blacksmith
The Lamplighter in Palterton
The Cliffeton Club
Village Heroes
Dual Economy
Silver Jubilee 1977 in Palterton
Halifax LK930 - and two village heroes (page one)
Halifax LK930 - and two village heroes (page two)

Volume 1
The History of Farms in Palterton
Palterton Traditions

Carr Farm
Middle Farm
The Elms Farm
Hall Farm
Hill Top House Farm
Elm Tree Farm
Highfield Farm
Armstrongs Farm
Lilac Farm
Bastin Park Farm
Rylah Farm
Stockley Farms

The village farms
Palterton Farming Traditions
Misc. Palterton burials at Scarcliffe P.C.
Palterton Homing Society
Palterton Green
Life down the fields
Hallowe'en or Mischievous Night
Highway Robbery in Palterton
Shrove Tuesday in Palterton
The Plough Boys in Palterton
A grandmothers story

Volume 1
Lost Buildings of Palterton
Nearby Villages

Scotland Yard and Ten Row
Land Tax parish of Scarcliffe 1829
Nether House
Scarcliffe Village
Stony Houghton Village
Haslam ancestors in Stony Houghton

Bolsover/New Bolsover/Carr Vale
Glapwell Village
Hillstown Village
Heath Village
Stainsby Village
Sutton Scarsdale Village

Volume 1
The Palterton Photo Album
Palterton Extracts from Newspapers

Who Are They?
People (page one)
People (page Two)
People (page Three)
People (page Four)
The Richards Family
Buildings in Palterton
Village Sport
School Images
Early Transport
Village Events
Village Events (page 2)
Farming in Palterton
The Horse
Images from Fields.
Street Scenes

Derbyshire Newspapers pre 1889
Derbyshire Newspapers 1890 to 1895
Derbyshire Newspapers 1896 to 1900
Derbyshire Newspapers 1901 to 1905
Derbyshire Newspapers 1906 to 1910
Derbyshire Newspapers 1911 to 1915
Derbyshire Newspapers 1916 to 1917
Derbyshire Newspapers 1918
Derbyshire Newspapers 1919
Derbyshire Newspapers 1920
Derbyshire Newspapers 1921
Derbyshire Newspapers 1922
Derbyshire Newspapers 1923
Derbyshire Newspapers 1924
Derbyshire Newspapers 1925 to 1930
Derbyshire Newspapers 1931 to 1940
Derbyshire Newspapers 1941 to 1950
Derbyshire Newspapers 1951 to 1960

Volume 1
My Richards Genealogy - an Introduction
My Richards Ancestors : Part 1

Introduction Richards
Samuel Richards (1704 to 1777)
Mathew Richards (17** to 1800)
William Richards (1763 to 1808) part one
William Richards (1763 to 1808) part two
Mathew Richards (1808 to 1870)
Mark Richards part one (1845 to 1870)
Mark Richards part two (1871 to 1897)
Mark Richards part three (1897 to 1901)
Mark Richards part four (1902 to 1916)

The Richards - Merriman connection
The Richards - Coupe connection
The Richards - (Agnes) Harvey connection
The Richards - (Tom) Hardy connection
Jacob Richards (1880 to 1945)
Arthur Richards(1913 to 1978)
Jack Richards (1935 to present)
Adrian Richards(1961 to present)

Volume 1
My Richards Ancestors : Part 2
My Richards Ancestors : Part 3

Cecilia Richards (1882 to 1938)
Eli Richards - The Nuneaton Clan
John Richards (1773 to 1820)
John Richards (1796 to 1875)
Edward Richards (1790 to 1866) part one
Edward Richards (1790 to 1866) part two

Samuel Richards (1780 to 1854) - part one
Samuel Richards (1780 to 1854) - part two
Samuel Richards (1780 to 1854) - part three
Samuel Merriman Richards (1799 to 1866) part one
Samuel Merriman Richards (1799 to 1866) part two
Mathew Richards (1765 to 1840)
William Richards (1812 to 1885)

Volume 1
The Richards in Derbyshire
The Richards in Nottinghamshire

The Richards in Ilkeston
The Richards in Palterton
The Richards in Derbyshire
Richards most wanted

The Richards in Kimberley
The Richards in Nuthall
The Richards in Strelley
The Richards in Radford
The Thomas family connection

Volume 1
Miscellaneous Richards
Acknowledgements and Links

Boyds Marriages - Richards in Derbys.