SMR number : 12398 - DR6037
Site name : Enclosure, south of Palterton.
Record Type : Monument
National Grid Ref. : SK47726739
Type and date : Enclosure to ?
National Monuments Record : SK 46 NE 89
NAR PRN Number : 424620089


Large irregular enclosure (maximum dimension c.170m) defined by what appears to be a single ditch.  No entrance visible.  The site is located on the edge of the high ridge south of Palterton and overlooks the lower ground to the west.  There is a natural spring 200m. to the west, as the ground slopes down from the enclosure to the (river) Doe Lea.
Sources :  Five aerial photographs taken 15.07.1996.
Ref:  Aerial Photos :  NMR12810/01/02/03/04/05.


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Last updated: 3 February 2003