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An image from a Palterton Fancy Dress Parade Fancy Dress.

   Miss Bunting and sister Mrs Holmes.

The Parade along Back Lane The Parade
   This image was taken on Back Lane opposite the entrance to the Primitive Methodist Chapel, whose
   small notice board and entrance can be seen on the left.  In the left background can be seen
   the village shop (Thackers').  The drum major is Fred Sowter.  Mrs. Charlie Ben Sheppard is
   left forgound carrying her young son Reg.  The girl front left is Joan Frith.  The year is circa 1938.

The wording on the signs can just be made out. Fancy Dress.

   Miss Bunting (Road signs) accompanied by Mrs. Holmes.  Photo taken at The Elms Farm (Turners).

This image was taken at the official opening of the War Memorial The War Memorial Opening 1926.
   This image shows Mrs Biss (Vicars wife) and son Cuthbert.  Also Mr Yeomans (Head teacher at Scarcliffe school) and son Ernest,
   at the official opening of the War Memorial.  The original image is dark and poor quality, but is a very rare image.

The Palterton village Jazz Band 1937. The Jazz Band on parade

   This image of the village jazz band was taken on the 12 May 1937.

Last minute preparation before the start of the parade. Preparing for the parade

   Mrs Joe Marsden carries her bat

An annual parade in the village during the 1930s. The Carnival parade

   This image shows the carnival parade around the village circa 1935.
   Annie Mosley carries the shield.

Last minute preparations Before the parade.

   Mrs Joe Marsden before the start of the parade.
   The woman next to her has not yet been identified.

Posing, hoping to win a prize Fancy Dress parade

   This image shows four Palterton people in fancy dress, namely:
   L to R: Policeman Mr Wragg, Mrs Machin, Mrs Hardwick and Mr. Smith.
   The year is at present unknown.

A farming family (Turners) in fancy dress Three of the Turner (farming) family in Fancy Dress

   This image, taken at The Elms Farm, around 1935/37, shows
   L to R : 'Beth' Turner dressed as Cardinal Wolseley.  George Turner was a 'man about town',
   Ellen Turner later Ellen Spray purports to be an 'early 1800's lady'.

Another trio hoping to win a prize in the Fancy Dress competition More Fancy Dress

   This image taken at East View on Back Lane, Palterton shows R:
   Walter Churn as a 'Welsher bookie', Tommy Walker as 'John Bull'
   and Mary West as 'the Organ grinder'.

A small part of the bi-annual Flower festival Flower Festival 2000

   This image shows the 'well dressing' at the two old troughs that were used to store some
   water for the animals in yesteryear.  Miners on their long walk down the hill to Glapwell
   and Ramcroft pits often used to fill their water bottles (dudleys) here.

Another image of the procession 12 May 1937 On the march!

   It turned into a wet day on the 12 May 1937, but spirits were not dampened.  Another
   image of the procession taken outside the village school on Back Lane.

Nice face, shame about the legs! Bernard Skelton

   Mr. Bernard Skelton - 12 May 1937.  This image was taken in the school yard at Palterton.  The school toilets (now demolished) can be seen
   in the background.
.            .

Mr Churn and others Mr. Churn
   Mr. Richard Walter Churn in fancy dress taken on 12 May 1937. The tall woman to his right is Alice
   Walker formerly Churn (his daughter) whilst the man to his left is Fred West.  Bernard Skelton at the
   table is dressed as 'Simple Smon, met a pieman'.  Eric Calow is the boy in front.
   The boy to right of pillar behing railings could be a Sowter!

What are we dressed as? Can you guess our Fancy Dress?

   12 May 1937.  Left to right :  Norman Cottrell and Fred Sowter.
   I think Fred was probably dressed as an Indian Brave but Norman, I'm baffled.

Florrie Green in the parade 12 May 1937 Florrie Green as Bed Time
   This image shows Florrie Green dressed as 'Bed Time' in the Fancy Dress parade on the 12 May 1937 -
   the Coronation of King George V1.  Florrie was crippled but her parents ensured she was always part
   of village activities.  The family lived at Heathcote Cottages.  Her father Charlie Green always ensured
   the grassed area around the Troughs was immaculately maintained.

Village children in the Fancy Dress parade. 12 May 1937

   This image shows four village children about to take part in the parade on 12 May 1937.
   The children L to R are Maurice Lodge, Bessie Lodge, the tall girl is Edith Hodgkinson.  End girl
   Mavis Lodge dressed as a Patriotic Pierrette (French pantomime character, itinerant musical entertainer).

Another image from a Palterton Fancy Dress Parade. On the shelf!
   Queen Victoria - Mrs. Robbins and Fred West as a woman 'On the shelf' - 12 May 1937
   L. to R.  May Morrell (peeping), second left her sister June Morrell.  Third girl ??.
   Woman centre wearing spectacles Mrs Ida Townsend nee Boddy   Girl extreme right??

No, not fancy dress, just wash day. Wash day blues.

   L to R. Mary West and Alice Walker plus the unidentified man in the doorway.
   This image was taken at the rear of East View.


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