Farming in Palterton

Harvesting in Palterton. Harvest Time.
   The main priority was to farm the surrounding fields and in medieval times the land was divided between
   hay meadow, common pasture, woodland, ploughland and small units such as orchards and paddocks.
   There were also small pieces of land attached to the peasant huts where small livestock and vegetables
   could be raised.  The identity of the farm workers is not known.

Hard work in the fields. The Field haystack.

   This image shows a haystack being built by a Palterton farmer in one of his fields, because space in his
   farmyard was in short supply.  The identity of persons on this image is not known.

Wording on image Agricultural Labourer.

   This image shows an Agricultural Labourer on a machine that was used for cutting both hay and cereals.
   This machine cut, binded the hay (wheat, barley, oats) into sheafs (bundles) and then discarded it to
   the side, where other farm workers would put them into 'stooks' to dry out.

Stopping for a pose! Collecting the hay.

   This image shows a small cart pulled by a horse being used to transport the hay / cereals from the field to
   another location, that may have been in the same field.  Image shows Jeff. Turner (farmers son) in front
   of the wheel and unknown worker in the field.  This is an image relating to 'The Elms farm'.

Another image connected to The Elms Farm. Almost home!

   Another image taken on 'The Elms Farm.  The two children are Jeff (on horseback) and Fred Turner,
   farmers sons.  The 'driver' is George Rimmington.

Dark clouds on the horizon. Another Palterton harvest image.

   An image of harvest time in Palterton (cutting the wheat).  Identity of the agricultural labourers
   is unknown.

A teenager ploughing Ploughing the old fashioned way.

   This image shows an agricultural labourer, a nephew of the farmer, ploughing the field with an old
   fashioned plough drawn by two shire horses.  This image is dated during the 1920's and shows
   Arthur Carter, a farm teenager at work.

A smaller cart - only one horse. Harvesting the wheat.

   Another image of a small cart pulled by a horse, being used to transport wheat from the field(s) to another
   location.  The sheaves can be seen, stacked in stooks, ready for the agricultural labourers to load onto
   the cart.

The workers Potato Picking Time

   Our image shows L to R : Mr 'Bill' Boddy, Mr Derek Riley and Mr 'Jeff' Turner (farmers son).  It was
   taken during the potato picking harvest and is dated circa 1955.  Note, a tractor has replaced the
   horse, but still a small cart.

A farm worker at the Elms Farm Working on the Elms Farm

   This image relates to an unknown (at present) farm worker on this farm.  It dates back to pre 1914.

Potato setting? Ploughing the Palterton fields

   Our image shows early 20th. century ploughing.  It was hard work.  A careful study of the image
   indicates this is a scene where potato setting may be taking place.

Another change in farm machinery Combining Winter Trials Barley 1961

   This image taken on 26 July 1961 at Mr. Tommy Turner's ('The Elms') farm, shows Mr. Arthur Turner
   steering, Mr. Derek Riley (elevator) and Mr. Sam Spray.  They are testing a combine harvester.

A view from the hard seat Harvest Time

   This image of an unknown Palterton farm labourer (agricultural labourer?) was taken at harvest time on
   the cutting / binding machine that may have represented progress at the time.  This image is circa 1930s.

Mr. Arthur Carter of Palterton. An early farm tractor.
   This image shows Mr. Arthur Carter of Palterton on an early tractor.  The image is actually taken in
   the farmyard at Shacklocks farm on Back Lane, Glapwell.  Mr Shacklock was formerly a farmer at
   Lilac Farm before moving to farm at Back Lane, Glapwell.  This image courtesy of his daughter
   Mary Goodwin formerly Shacklock.

A farmers pride and joy! Yes, I know it's a cow!

   This image shows one of the cows on The Elms Farm and was a heavy yielder of milk.  The farmer
   thought so highly of it, that he photographed it.

A picnic in the fields Two heart breakers!

   This image shows two young ladies in the harvest fields.  They are not dressed for work so are they doing a bit of posing?
   They are the two Carter girls, Ada is standing with Bertha seated.


Farming in Palterton


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