The village farms in Palterton

For hundreds of years, Palterton has been a farming community with its ancilliary trades.  Even when miners started to arrive in the village in the 1880s to work at nearby Glapwell and Bolsover collieries, farming continued to be part of village life.

There were at least 13 farms in the village, but gradually since around the 1970s, farms have closed until today (2008), there is only one farm (Highfield) in the village and one farm at Stockley and one at Rylah.  In addition there is one small holding on land that was formerly Hill Top House Farm.

The purpose of this page is to provide a brief history of each of the old village farms, so that their memories will be preserved for future generations.

My research relating to these farms is on going.

The village farms were as follows: Carr Farm also known as Carr House Farm, The Elms Farm, Armstrongs' Farm not named but located in Scotland Yard, Highfield Farm also known as High Field Farm, Hall Farm, Lilac Farm, Bastin Park Farm, Middle Farm, Elm Tree Farm and Hill Top Farm also known as Hill Top House FarmRylah Farm and Stockley Farm are both located down Rylah Hill.  The latter is still a working farm but sadly Rylah Farm has ceased farming.

For more information on these farms, please refer to their respective pages.

For images of Farming in Palterton, please refer to Volume X1.

The village farms in Palterton


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