Bastin Park Farm

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Bastin Park Farm was located on Main Street next door in a southerly direction to Lilac Farm.  Although named as a farm it was never more than a smallholding where the several occupiers kept a few animals and rented a small acreage of land.

There is unsubstantiated evidence that the farm house started out as a two roomed ground floor dwelling.  Subsequently it was enlarged to a two up, two down dwelling with another room on the east gable end that was probably a wash house.  Later, it was made into a three up, three down dwelling house with outbuildings.  This evidence has been gleaned from studying the architecture of the building and anecdotal evidence from the present owner who has carefully restored the house.

1857History, Gazetteer and Directory of Derbyshire & Sheffield
Palterton is on page 770.  Wm. Harrison - Threshing Machine proprietor.  Mary Cree - Hare and Hounds and Mary Cree, a shopkeeper.

1861.  12 April.
The census reveals Mary Mottershaw, a widow aged 78 years, a farmer of 3 acres occupied the farm.  She was Head of the Household.  Her son William Harrison aged 42 years a farmer of 9 acres lived with her as did her daughter Hannah Harrison aged 35 years, a Carrier born at Barlborough and great nephew Joseph Cree aged 11 years, a scholar born Palterton lived with them.

Both Mary Mottershaw and her son William Harrison were stated to have been born at Bolsover.  (Census Ref: RG.9/2424).  The Enumerator was William Birkitt.  This small farm may have been known as Mathew House.

1871.  7 April.
The census reveals William Harrison aged 51 years, a farmer and machinist born at Barlborough occupied the farm.  He farmed ?? acres. (this is my typo!).  It looks as if his mother Mary Mottershaw may have died.

1879.  19 November.
William Harrison aged 61 years of Palterton buried at Scarcliffe Parish church.

1881.  9 April.
The census reveals Hannah Harrison, head of the household was aged 50 years and was born at Barlbro.  She was stated to be a Dairy Woman and an Ag. Lab.  Her son William Harrison, aged 19 years, an unmarried Ag. Lab. born at Palterton lived with her.  It looks as if her brother also named William Harrison may have died.  (Census Ref: RG.11/3312).  The Enumerator was George Askew.

1891.  April.
The census reveals that Hannah Harrison occupied the farm.  She was aged 63 years, a widow born at Barlboro, Derbyshire.  Her son William Harrison also lived with her as did William H. Hanbury, a National Schoolmaster.

1901.  1 January.
Hannah Harrison of Palterton buried at Scarcliffe Parish church.

1901.  April.
The census reveals William Harrison, married aged 39 years, a farmer on his own account born in Palterton.  He is living with his wife Harriett Harrison aged 32 years also born in Palterton.  Their two sons Walter George Claxton, aged 5 years and Cecil J. Claxton aged 3 years both born at Birkenhead, live with them.  The family are stated to live in a cottage.  (Census Ref: RG.13/3133).  The Enumertor was Thomas Shaw.

1923.  13 April.
Earl Bathurst leased mineral rights in Palterton to The Sheepbridge Coal and Iron Company Ltd.  This was a lease of the Top Hard coal seam that lies beneath Palterton and some nearby villages.

1926.  16 October.
Earl Bathurst sold part of his Estate in the the parish of Scarcliffe.  This may have included Bastin Park Farm that appears to have been bought by the Chatsworth Estates Company.  (Check if this was not 1945).

1943.  21 September.
Earl Bathurst died and Bastin Park Farm was part of his estate that was bequeathed to Allen Benjamin Bathurst, Frederick William Beresford Cripps, Hon. Violet Emily Mildred Bathurst and Hon. William Ralph Seymour Bathurst.

1945.  23 October.
The Bathurst family sold the farm to the Chatsworth Estates Company.  (Check if this was not 1926).

On this conveyance sale and each of the following conveyances, it was a "messuage or dwelling house and outbuildings erected" that was being conveyed.

1949.  3 August.
The Chatsworth Estates Company sold the farm to William Harrison who was living at the farm and rented it as a tenant.

1950.  8 May.
William Harrison sold the farm to Cecil John Claxton, a miner for 250.  Claxton secured a mortgage from the Halifax Building Society and loaned 217..8s..10d.  He paid a deposit of 32..11s..2d.

From that time, the farm ceased to be a farm and its use changed to that of a private dwelling house.  The size of the plot was 0.918 of an acre.

1978.  21 July.
A small area of the plot adjoing Back Lane was sold to a builder for 7,500.

1983.  26 September.  Cecil John Claxton died.

1984.  The present owner purchased the property and has carefully and tastefully restored the property to a very attractive dwelling house.

Bastin Park Farm


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