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There were in fact two Hare and Hounds public houses.  The earliest one was on the east side of Main Street, about twenty yards from the Mission Church.  It was formerly a house, converted to a "pub" and subsequently around 1949 converted back to a private dwelling.  It has since been demolished.

The old Hare and Hounds pub c1905/10. The licensee Hannah Wilcockson formerly Froggatt b.1861 is posing with a woman, holding a dog, who is most likely to be Clara Fletcher b.1871 at Baslow, her General Domestic Servant.

At one time, these premises had an extension built onto the south side of the original building.  The image below shows a licensee standing in the doorway of the new extension.  I believe the extension would have been built because of the increase in trade brought about by the influx of miners to the village.

A winters day view south showing the old Hare and Hounds pub on the left. The wording can just be seen on the large sign.
From around the 1934/5, the licensee was Selina and Anthony 'Tant' White. They remained at these premises until closure around 1949, when they moved to the new 'Hare and Hounds' pub.

During 1949, a second Hare and Hounds 'pub' was built on Main Street at the junction where the road separates, one section going towards Scarcliffe, the other towards Glapwell.

This latter building was a single storey and was initially referred to as the prefabricated (prefab) pub by the locals.

A winters day showing the new Hare and Hounds pub, though it is likely that at the time this image was taken, the name would have changed.

During 1949, a second Hare and Hounds 'pub' was built on Main Street at the junction where the road separates, one section going towards Scarcliffe, the other towards Glapwell.

This latter building was a single storey and was initially referred to as the prefabricated (prefab) pub by the locals.

This image shows the Opening Ceremony at the new Hare and Hounds pub.

Subsequently the new 'pub' changed its' name a couple of times.  It became the 'Queen of Hearts' and then the 'Harlequin' but the new premises were never as popular and well frequented as the old 'Hare and Hounds'.

The new premises was never as popular at the old Hare and Hounds pub.  Times and peoples habits changed.  The local mining industry closed.  Subsequeently, the premises closed and were demolished.  Nowadays some new houses have been built on the site.

This image shows Anthony 'Tant' White behind the bar at the new Hare and Hounds pub on 'Opening Day'. The man from the Brewery is pulling the beer.

This page will be updated because at the present time I have mislaid my proven documentation concerning the Opening Ceremony.  It is my intention to list the licensees of both the old and new Hare and Hounds as well as the date of closure of the latter premises.

The new Hare and Hounds pub is open and the customers enjoy their first pint of beer, with sandwiches, of course! They are: Woman standing believed to be a Mrs Joe Brown from New Houghton. Seated L to R: Arthur Wragg. Graham (Chippy) Turner. Mary Holt nee Machin. Selina Wragg nee Turner (wife of Arthur and sister of Chippy), Edward (Ned) Holt (Mary's husband) and possibly Mr. Joe Brown (husband of woman standing).

Finally, another image of the old Hare and Hounds building as a private house.  Subsequently, this stone building was demolished, the stone being used to build a new property in the Heath area.  A small bungalow was built on the site of the old pub.

The old Hare and Hounds pub as a private dwelling.

1841  1841 Kelly's Directory of Derbyshire. Mentions several village trades people including :
Joseph Cree - Hare and Hounds, Palterton .
also refers to Scarcliffe with Palterton and states Scarcliffe is a remote village dependent on agriculture comprising with the hamlet of Palterton, 3772 acres and 582 inhabitants; it is well watered by the River Poulter, which rises in the south of the parish;  also the spring called Owlesditch, remakable for it's greater abundance in the summer than winter.

1841  The census reveals that Joseph Cree and his brother John Cree were living in Palterton along with Joseph's wife, Sarah.  Joseph was a cordwainer (shoemaker) and John a Tailer.(sic) (it actually looks more like an "S" than a "T").   Two other people reside with them, one is a Hannah Paramore whilst the last name is unreadable / non transcibable.
Census Ref: HO.107. Piece 196. Book 1. Folio 3 page 1. (Mansfield Union).
Joseph and John Cree were the sons of Anne Cree who had moved to Bolsover.   Sarah Cree was nee ????

1846  Joseph Cree was victualler, Hare and Hounds, shopkeeper and shoemaker.
Source: 1846 Bagshaw's Trade Directory.

1851.  1851 census information- to be continued.

1857.  Mary Cree. Licensee of the Hare and Hounds also a shopkeeper. 
Source:   Trade Directory - 1857 F. White. History, Gazeteer Derby and Sheffield. page 770..

1861.  Edwin Haywood, aged 34 years, a Tailor and Beerhouse Keeper, born Bolsover, Derbyshire.
Living with him was his wife Mary Haywood, aged 41 years, a shopkeeper, born Staveley and his father in law William Froggatt, a widower, aged 64 years employed as an Ag. Lab. born Barlboro., Derbys.  Also living with them were John Cree aged 12 years and his brother Herbert Cree aged 7 years, both born Palterton.  Ann Allen aged 69 years born Whittington, Derbyshire was a visitor.  They had a lodger named Richard Taylor an Ag. Lab. aged 30 years.
Source:   1861 Census for Palterton (Nottinghamshire).

1871.  William Froggatt, Beerhouse Keeper and Farm Labourer, aged 51 years, born Barlboro.   Living with him was wife Martha Froggatt aged 40 years, a shopkeeper, born Langwith, Derbys.  Also his unmarried son William Froggatt, a farm labourer aged 25 years, born Palterton and his unmarried daughter Hannah Froggatt aged 10, a scholar, born Houghton, Derbys.
Source:   1871 Census for Palterton (Nottinghamshire).

next para supplied by Mike Spathaky
This is William Froggatt Jr. (b. 1819) the son of William Froggatt Sr. mentioned earlier (b. 1794).  Mary Haywood, formerly Cree, née Robinson, died in 1868, leaving her three sons, John, Joseph and Herbert Cree as orphans.

1872.  Edwin Haywood was still listed in White's Directory as keeping a beerhouse in Palterton and also as a tailor (directories are sometimes a year or so out of date).

1881.  William Froggatt, Publican, aged 66 years, a widower born Barlboro.  Living with him was his unmarried son John Froggatt, aged 36, born Palterton and his unmarried daughter Hannah Froggatt aged 20 born Houghton, Derbys. and his 3 year old grandaughter Mary Martin born Palterton.
Source:   1881 Census for Palterton (Nottinghamshire). 

1881.  William Froggatt, Beer Retailer Hare and Hounds. .
Source : 1881 Kellys Trade Dorectory.

1891.  William Froggatt, Beerhouse Keeper, aged 70 years, a widower born Barlboro.
Source:   1891 Census for Palterton (Nottinghamshire).
He died 5 June 1891 shortly after the census.   Hannah Froggatt was a waitress and domestic servant born Houghton.  She took over as the Licensee.

1895.  Mrs Sarah Froggatt, Beer Retailer. 
Source:  1895 Kellys Trade Directory.

1901.  Hannah Froggatt, a single woman aged 40 years born Houghton, Derbyshire was the Publican .  .
Source:  1901 Census for Palterton (Nottinghamshire).

1908.  Mrs Hannah Wilcockson, Beer Retailer - Hare and Hounds not mentioned!
Source:  1908. Kellys Trade Directory.

1911.  Ernest Wilcockson aged 34 years who had married Hannah Froggatt was the Beerhouse Keeper. 
Source:  1911 Census for Palterton (Nottinghamshire).

1912.  Mrs Hannah Wilcockson , Beer Retailer (Public House not named). Also see Kellys p260 Private dwellings??
Source:  1912. Kellys Trade Directory.

1916.  Mrs Hannah Wilcockson , Beer Retailer
Source:  1916. Kellys Trade Directory.

1928.  Gilbert Starr, Beer Retailer.
Source:  1928. Kellys Trade Directory.

1932.  Joseph William White, Beer Retailer. 
Source:  1928. Kellys Trade Directory.

1936.  Joseph William White, Beer Retailer. 
Source:  1936. Kellys Trade Directory.

1941.  Anthony White, .  Hare and Hounds
Source:  1941. Kellys Trade Directory.

To verify most of these dates relating to Kellys Trade Directories and Licenced Premises, please refer to the chapter named Trade Directories.

At present (2016), I cannot find any mention of the Hare and Hounds Inn in Palterton prior to the 1841 Kelly's Trade Directory of Derbyshire
The actual name Hare and Hounds is not always named on the several census entries referred to in this chapter nor is it always named in the several Trade Directories mentioned in this chapter.

There are several Kellys Trade Directories on this web site under the general heading of Trade Directories located within Book - on the shelf.

Please note : The following additional information relating to the CREE family has been provided by Mike Spathaky on the 21 March 2016.  It does not form part of my research but may well prove helpful to researchers of Cree family history.

Several of the licensees (aforementioned ) were all related to John Cree through his father-in-law William Froggatt Sr.

1850. Joseph Cree and others wee named in the Tithe Apportionment Act as occupying "Houses and Gardens.".

1851. Joseph and Sarah Cree had four daughters and had moved to Bolsover where Joseph was licensee of the Swan Inn. Sarah died in 1851 and Joe remarried.  His's younger brother John Cree, the tailor, had married Mary Robinson in 1846 and they lived in Palterton.  In 1851 they had three sons aged 2, 1 and 1 month.  Also living with them was Edwin Haywood a journeyman tailor.  We presume they were living in the Hare and Hounds but it is not named in the census.

Although named Mary Robinson at her marriage, her father was William Froggatt.  (Mary being illegitimate took her mother's surname.)

John Cree, the tailor, died in 1854, leaving Mary with five sons aged from 5 years to less than a week old.

In 1858 Mary Cree married her late husband's journeyman tailor Edwin Haywood.

1860. Mary is named again as the licensee of the Hare and Hounds in Harrison's Directory.

Note that everyone apart from the lodger was related.  William Froggatt was the father of Mary Haywood formerly Cree (née Robinson). John and Herbert Cree were two of Mary's sons and so were William Froggatt's grandsons . Anne Allen née Spray was a daughter of John and Mary Spray of Palterton and was mother of Mary's late husband John Cree.  Thus she was also a grandparent of the Cree boys.  Anne had married as her second husband,  Isaac Allen at Scarcliffe in 1827.  Another son of Mary Haywood, Joseph Cree aged 11 was living with an aunt nearby.  A family legend passed down to his descendants tells that he ran away from home as he didn't like living in a pub!  (See The Crees of Bolsover at page 5 Legends of Three Brothers.)  The remaining two of Mary's five sons had died as infants.

My great-grandfather Hebert Cree was born at the (old) Hare and Hounds on Main Street.  I only found this out in 1989 or 1990 when I started to delve into my family history.

It's my mother who was the Cree.  She was born Kathleen Cree in Sheffield in 1918 . Her father was Sid Cree, originally from Chesterfield, and his parents were Ann Handby daughter of Joe Handby the wheelwright and carpenter of Bolsover and Herbert Cree a tailor born in 1854 in Palterton.  Their ancestry further back is described in my Cree One-Name Study Website on page

All the licensees of the Hare and Hounds were related to the Cree family who had been in Bolsover since 1643.  The first connection between the Crees and Palterton was when John Cree (son of James Cree and Mary Fearn of Sutton-cum Duckmanton) married Anne Spray at Scarcliffe parish church 1812.  Anne was a daughter of John and Mary Spray.  John (or his son John Spray) was licensee of the Carpenters Arms in Palterton.

John and Anne Cree moved to Beeley for a while where they had two sons Joseph (b. 1813) and John (b. 1815) before John Cree senior died. Anne came back to Palterton for she married Isaac Allen there in 1827.  He is shown on the 1832 Scarcliffe Poor Rate as have a cottage and garden there.  Later, in 1841, we find them in Arnold, Notts. .



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