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Palterton Homing Society was formed in 1908, the brainchild for its formation being that of Jacob Richards.   I believe he was the first secretary of this society and remained in that position until late 1920, early 1921.

I am reasonably certain there would have been no pigeon racing during the 1914 to 1918 World War 1.   However, it was certainly in existence in June 1918.  The Derbyshire Times newspaper records details of the Societies racing results on a regular basis.

At that time (1918), the main prizewinners were Chappell & Richards, Frith & Wragg, T. Lindley, A. Riley, Ward & Maud, T.Featherstone, Edwards, Chapman, Kettle & Gilberthorpe, A.Chapman, J.Hunt, Simpson & Bennett, T.Lindley, W.H.Booth, J.T.Browne,   At that time, the main prizewinners were F.Hill, A.E.Gilberthorpe, Albert Riley, E.H.Jones, A. Brown, J.Frith, T.Featherstone,

This is an image of the front of a medal awarded to T.Featherstone for for OBA (Old Bird Average) in Palterton 1925.  He had won the Young Bird Average a few years earlier

In the following snippets relating to Palterton Homing Society, the name Richards relates to Jacob Richards (my grandfather) and his brother in law James Chappell (husband of Agnes formerly Richards).  The name H. Haslam relates to Herbert Haslam (brother of my mother).

1918.  Saturday, 1 June.  Derbyshire Times.  page 5.
Racing Pigeons.  Palterton Homing Society.
Kingham Old Birds race on Saturday.  Distance ??? miles.  8 members sent 38 birds.
T. Lindley 1162 wins 3d 6d and 1/- pools and J. Richards special.
Riley 1145.  T. Featherstone 1137.  Ward & Maud 1095.
Chappell & Richards 1092.  H. Haslam 1077.  Frith & Wrath 1074.

1918.  Saturday 8 June  Derbyshire Times  page 5.
Racing Pigeons.  Palterton Homing Society.
Swindon Old Birds race on Saturday.  Distance 117 miles.  8 members sent 41 birds.
Chappell & Richards 932 wins.  M.J.Chapman special.
Frith & Wragg 926.6.  3d. 6d and 1/- pools.
Chappell & Richards 926.3.  H. Haslam 923.  Ward & Maud 888.  Edwards 887. Riley 879.  Featherstone 777.

1918.  Saturday 3 August  Derbyshire Times.
Racing Pigeons.  Palterton Homing Society.
The Leamington Young Birds race took place on Saturday.  Distance 64 miles.  ** members sent 103 birds.  Result: Riley ? wins 3d. pool.  then other names.  Chapman 989.9 wins 6d. pool. Chappell & Richards 985.  H. Haslam 982.

1918.  Saturday 17 August.  Derbyshire Times.
Racing Pigeons.  Palterton Homing Society.
For the Swindon Young Birds race on Saturday.  Distance 117 miles.  14 members sent 66 birds.
Result: Kettle & Gilberthorpe 1096. wins 1d. 3d. and 6d. pools & W.H.Booths 5/- special.  J.T.Browne 1095.
Kettle & Gilberthorpe 1094.  A.Tinsley 1088.  A. Chapman 1087. J.T.Featherstone 1084.  Ward & Maud 1074.
Chappell & Richards 1069 - 1/- pool.  Simpson & Bennett 1068.  Riley 1067.  Gascoyne & Stephenson 1067.  Frith & Wrath 1065.  J. Hunt 1054.  T. Lindley 1039.

1918.  Saturday 17 August.  Derbyshire Times.
Bolsover, Shuttlewood, Scarcliffe, Palterton and District.
The long established Bolsover custom of memorialising the departed on Feast Sunday was observed at Bolsover Parish Church after Evensong on Sunday.  The vicar, the Rev. D. Akrill-Jones, officiated and Mrs G. Holmes read out the names of 100 persons who had been laid to rest in the Churchyard during the past year.

1918.  Saturday 24 August.  Derbyshire Times.
Racing Pigeons.  Palterton Homing Society. For the Salisbury Young Birds race on Saturday.  Distance 150 miles.  13 members sent 65 birds.
Result: J.T.Brown 964. wins 1d. 3d. 6d. pools and H. Haslam 2/6d special.  then other winners
Chappell & Richards 884.

For the Kingham race on Saturday.  14 members sent 91 birds.  Result - A. Chapman 670.  then other winners...  Chappell & Richards 661. wins 1d. 3d. 6d. and 1/- pools.

This is a copy of a 1994 certificate issued to F.S.Riley & Son, for 4th. place in a pigeon race of 311 miles 32 yards from Fraserburgh to Fred Rileys' pigeon loft in Platerton.

During late 1920 and early 1921, a scandal occurred within this society, the secretary appearing at Derbyshire Assize Court charged with 'conversion of monies'.  An update of this story in due course.

DERBYSHIRE Times newspaper dated Saturday, 25 November 1922.
The annual meeting of the above was held at the Nags Head on Saturday,(18 November 1922) over 50 partaking of tea, provided by Host and Hostess A. Bennett, who on the proposition of Mr. W.H. Bradshaw, seconded by Mr. G. Wright, were thanked.

The president, Mr. W. H. Bradshawe, presided and said it was most remarkable how the society had grown during the season, with its twenty members, seeing they had not a penny to begin with.  Now he had before him, two beautiful cups, also three gold medallions and two silver ones.  The cups were the property of the society and the medallions had been given.  This spoke volumes for the sportsmanship of the members and the good work of their energetic secretary Mr. A. Hardy

The secretary Mr. A. Hardy presented the balance sheet and it showed an income of 149..1s..9d and an expenditure of 148..3s., leaving a balance of 18s..9d.

The President handed the cups, medals and prize money to the succesful members as follows:
Old bird average, challenge cup and gold medal to A.E..Gilberthorpe.
Young bird average, Challenge cup and gold medal to T. Featherstone.
Combined average, gold medal to A.E.Gilberthorpe:
silver second old bird average, S. Bowmer:
silver medal second old bird average to A. Riley
and the following prize money and pools:  Lagar and Sidebottom 8..2s.:  S. Bowmer 17..0s..3d.: Allsop and Botham 2..5s..3d.:  H. Haslam 7s..6d:  R. Scarboro 4..6s..3d.: A. Brown 10..4s..3d.: Cutts and Cutts 6..2s.: A.E.Gilberthorpe 11..15s..6d.;  J. Arnott 1..1s.;  F. Hill 4..2s..3d.;  J. Frith 7..1s..6d.;  E. Jones 2..19s..6d.  T. Featherstone 2..2s..6d.;  A. Riley 5..14s..3d.

This is a copy of a 1981 certificate issued to the F.S.Riley & Son, winners of the longest pigeon race - 526 miles 371 yards - to Fred Rileys' pigeon loft.

Royal Pigeon Racing Association Official Measurer.
1.  Twenty birds per crate for land races.
2.  Societies must use paper only in crates for all Federation Races and cleaned out before each race.
3.  Remember birds are liberated to reach Chesterfield by 2.p.m.  In case of HOLD-OVER in Inland Races, birds will be liberated to reach Chesterfield by 9.30. a.m. when possible.
4.  Labels (properly filled in) should be put on a string, fastening the drop lid.
5.  Only RPRA seals to be used on crates.

The last pigeon flyer in Palterton was the late Mr. Fred Riley, (deceased 2013) though with no club in Palterton, he had to be a member of clubs in other villages in order to fly his birds.  Sadly, Fred no longer flies his birds but he had a tremendous knowledge of the hobby and his stories were lovely to listen to.

This image is the back of medal pictured above awarded to T.Featherstone for for OBA (Old Bird Average) 
in Palterton 1925.

Acknowlegement to Mr. Barry Featherstone grandson of T.Featherstone for images 1 and 4 the medal.

Palterton Homing Society


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