John Richards (1773 - 1820).

"A journey from Strelley to Radford via Cossall".

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William Richards       Oliver Richards

This is the story of John Richards, son of Mathew Richards and Mary Richards formerly Sore.

John and Hannah Richards formerly Nighton of Strelley, Cossall and Radford.

1772.  11 MarchIlkeston.
Hannah Nighton was baptised at St. Mary's Parish Church.
Subsequent research in the Ilkeston Parish records revealed Hannah Knighton's baptism on the
11 March 1772, daughter of John and Ann Knighton.  I believe this to be correct because it ties in exactly with her burial records in Radford in 1828 aged 56 years at death.

1773.  17 AugustStrelley.
John Richards was baptised at the Parish Church.  I conject that he was born a few weeks earlier in the parish of Strelley.  Although I can neither prove nor disprove it I believe that he was born in the area around Strelley Park where the pit was located, close to the border with Awsworth and that he lived there with his parents until his marriage.

1798.  P.R.851.  Banns Book for Trowell.
No.199.  Banns between John Richards and Hannah Nighton were called on 22.07.1798. 29.07.1798 and 05.08.1798 at Trowell Parish Church.

1798.  11 AugustTrowell.
This marriage took place at the Parish Church.  Neither of them could sign their name but instead made their mark.  The witnesses were Ann Riley and James Hewitt.  The latter named person was the Parish Clerk.  The marriage was number 194 in the register.

John and Hannah Richards, I discover were married in Trowell Parish Church on the 11 August 1798.  Both were said to be of Trowell parish although we know that John Richards and his family resided in Strelley in 1798.  Their witnesses were Ann Riley and James Hewitt.

Also I gleaned from the Ilkeston Parish records the Riley family were residing there at the same time as the Knighton family.  It could well be that Ann Riley, who was Hannah's witness, came from Ilkeston and may even have been her married sister.
Note: Check Ann Riley.

Remember, a Samuel Richards married an Elizabeth Riley.

I have made giant strides in tracing this lovely family, although the going has been hard but the evidence gained through trawling various documents has been most rewarding and confirms that a thorough orderly method of research can be advantageous.

I believe that John Richards, Hannah's husband may have been a Collier and moved around from village to village with his job.

Let's develop their story back in John Richards native village of Strelley.  There, John and Hannah Richards nee Knighton were blessed with five children:

1799.  9 MayStrelley.
A baby girl, whom they named Ann Richards was born to this couple and they baptised her on the 13 July 1799 at Strelley Parish church.
She married George Edson.   Two children traced to this couple, namely:    George Edson bapt. 06.12.1824 and Edwin Edson bapt. 08.04.1827.

1801.  24 JanuaryStrelley.
Another baby for this couple, a boy, whom they named Oliver.  They baptised their baby on the 26 January, most certainly because the baby was not expected to live.  Sadly, their son died and was buried on the 8 February 1801 at Strelley Parish church, where he had been baptised.

1802.  5 JuneStrelley.
Another baby girl for this couple, whom they named Elizabeth.  She was baptised 4 July 1802 at Strelley Parish church.
She married George Holmes of Radford.  Two children traced namely:  George Holmes bapt. 30.06.1822.  He died and a second child was born whom they also named George Holmes.  The latter child was bapt. 09.04.1824 and buried 11.06.1824.

1804.  26 AugustStrelley.
Another baby girl for this couple, whom they named Cassandra.  She was baptised on the 23 September 1804 at Strelley Parish church.

1806.  16 NovemberStrelley.
Another baby for this couple, a boy, whom they named John.  He was baptised on the 21 December 1806 at Strelley Parish church.
He married Sarah Taylor on the 24.12.1826 at Radford P.C.

I discover them living in the village of Cossall adjacent to Strelley.  Here they had two more sons:

1809.  date ????  Cossall.
Another baby boy for this couple, whom they name Oliver.  They baptised him on the 23 May 1809 at Cossall Parish Church.
Subsequently he married Amelia Taylor on the 13th. July 1831 at St. Mary's P.C. , Nottm.   There is evidence from the 1851 Census that he was an agricultural labourer.  Also evidence that Amelia Richards formerly Taylor was also known by the name of Millicent Richards.  Seven children have been traced to this couple, namely: Elizabeth born 1833, Ann born 1835, Cassandra born 1837 and died 3 June 1858, Millicent also known as Amelia born 1842 and buried 21 September 1859 aged 17 years, Reuben born 1845, John born 1847 and Samuel born 1852 and buried 13 Feb. 1853.  I believe he (Oliver Richards) was buried 9 September 1860 at Radford St. Peters P.C.
I have researched and compiled a chapter on this Oliver Richards

1811.  December ?  Cossall.
Another baby boy, their seventh child, whom they named William 

1812.  5 January  Cossall.
They baptised baby William on the 5 January 1812 at Cossall Parish Church.
I have not traced any more children to John and Hannah Richards after 1812, when Hannah would be in her fortieth year and John in his forty first.

1813.  Autumn.  Cossall to Radford.
Possibly they leave Cossall and move to Radford where the family reside thereafter.  It was about this time that people started to move from the country into the towns and cities, a movement which fuelled the Industrial Revolution perhaps.

1813.  Autumn.  Old Radford.
I discover John Richards residing on the North Side of the Old Radford Town this year and can follow him until his death there in October 1820.  He was buried in the Old Radford Churchyard on the 11 October 1820 aged 43 years it stated but we know this to be incorrect because he was in fact 47 years.

Next door to John Richards and his family during this period lived Thomas Lowe and his family.  It was purely by chance that I discovered an Elizabeth Richards in 1818 witnessing the marriage of Joseph Lowe and Amy Else of Radford.

Joseph Lowe turned out to be the son of Thomas and Mary Lowe and after his marriage takes up residence in the same row of houses as his father Thomas Lowe and John RichardsWilliam Fisher and Mary Holmes also witness this wedding in 1818.

Elizabeth Richards could fortunately write her name when she witnessed the marriage of Joseph Lowe and Amy Else.  This was a bonus to her identification.

1813.  Let's pause awhile and remember this year in Radford.

This was the year John and Hannah Richards left Cossall for Radford.  They take up residence next door to Thomas Lowe on the North Side of the Old Town.

Sarah Richards, widow of William Richards the Blacksmith was, from all accounts living with her mother in law Mary Richards in Outgang Lane in the Merriman property.  Both Sarah Richards and Mary Richards received 'poor relief'.  Sarah from Greasley and Mary from StaplefordGreasley was William's previous parish prior to marriage whilst Stapleford was Mary Richards husbands parish prior to his marriage in Strelley.

This was the year when both payments stopped for Sarah and Mary Richards.  At present we can't understand why they stopped.

In 1813 I believe that Grace Richards, the youngest child of Mathew and Mary Richards nee Sore married John Leivers of Greasley.  Certainly her father Mathew Richards died in Strelley in 1800.

Did Mary Richards, Widow go to live with John and Hannah Richards formerly Knighton in 1813?  Did John, her son support her after Grace married?  Is this why the payments stopped?

Around 1814 we are not certain of the date, Sarah Richards nee Merriman son (Edward Richards) returns from the Peninsular War injured and sets up as a Market Gardener eventually.  Is this why Sarah's 'poor relief' stopped because her son Edward could support her or was it stopped because little Mathew was now 5 years old and could earn his pittance down the pit?

His brothers William and Samuel were both down the pit we believe, certainly Samuel (King Pin) Richards was..

I am now positive that I have found the correct marriage for John and Hannah Richards nee Nighton.  They married at Trowell on the 7 August 1798.  Both were illiterate.  Their witnesses appear to be friends rather than relatives.

The clues were that he was illiterate and was of Trowell which is next door to Strelley, in fact with the knowledge that the Richards lived in a particular area of Strelley, possibly the Strelley Park area, it really is next door.

Although they marry in Trowell they set up home in Strelley.

Initially there was difficulty because we could not put them together but now the fact that Hannah Richards takes over in the Poor Rate Books after John's death is convincing evidence.

We have assumed that John Richards moves into the dwelling previously occupied by Richard Richardson on the North Side of the Old Town around the Autumn of 1812.  Although no christian name is mentioned in the Poor Rate Book of 1812, subsequent Books verifies the fact that Richards was John.  His neighbours also confirm that we have the same dwelling house and this is good news.

There is confirmation from the Poor Rate Books that John Richards lived on the North Side of the Old Town from 1812 until 1819.

The fact that the age of John Richards at death is recorded as 43 years whereas if he is the son of Mathew and Mary Richards nee Sore he should be 47 years can be explained by the fact that ages are invariably stated incorrectly in Burial records, so I am paying little attention to the age being slightly wrong.

I pick Hannah Richards up again from the Poor Rate Book May 1822 - January 1823 living in a House with Garden r.v. £1.9s.6d. Poor Rate 1s.2 3/4d.  Her neighbours at this time were William Screeton and James Hodges.

182023 May.
I discover to my delight that a George Holmes married an Elizabeth Richards, both of Radford Parish.  Elizabeth's signature is identical to the signature written on Joseph Lowe's marriage document.  George and Elizabeth's witnesses were Mary and Samuel Holmes and Mary Culley.

Fortunately Mary Holmes had signed her name on Joseph Lowe's marriage document so this also verified that I had the correct family tie up.  Obviously Mary Holmes was the wife of Samuel Holmes and sister in law to George Holmes and Elizabeth Holmes nee Richards.

Subsequently I discovered from the Radford parish records that Mary Culley married Thomas Moult on the 2 October 1820 and their witnesses were both Culley's.
So it seems that Elizabeth Richards was given away by her father on the 23 May 1820 just five months prior to his death.

There was a Census for Radford and I discover to my advantage that there was a Widow Richards living in Ilkeston Road on the south east side of the town.
In her household I discover :
1 male    05 - 10 years.  I conject this could be William  - 9 years.
1 male    10 - 15 years.  I conject this could be Oliver  - 12 years.
1 male    15 - 20 years.  I conject this could be John  - 15 years.
1 female 15 - 20 years.  I conject this could be Cassandra  - 17 years.
1 female 40 - 50 years.  I conject this could be Hannah  - 49 years.

Although this 1820/1821 Census is undated, I can for certain date it from after October 1820 when Hannah's husband John Richards died and not prior.  Ann Richards is missing from the household because quite simply she has married.

18203 April.
There is evidence of her marrying John Edson of Wollaton on this date.  George Holmes witnessed this marriage.  This has to be correct because we found no burial for an Ann Richards in either Strelley, Cossall or Radford up to 1821.

1820.  11 OctoberRadford.
John Richards died in Radford aged 43 years and was buried at St. Peter's Parish Church.  His correct age was in fact 47 years.

182315 March.
The next thrill was when I discovered Cassander Richards marrying John Daykin at St. Mary's Parish Church on this date.  Both said to be of St. Mary's Parish, although we know for certain that Cassanders mother and three brothers were living in Radford in 1823.  The witnesses to her marriage were George Holmes and Elizabeth Dickenson.

How exiting, fantastic, George Holmes had played a blinder!  His signature is identical to his signature on his marriage lines / document to Elizabeth Richards.  Yes he was Cassandra's brother in law, being married to her sister Elizabeth, for sure.  Of course Cassandra's father was dead by the time of her marriage in 1823.  Consequently it seems that George Holmes was the choice, with the decease of her father, to give her away.

What a truly exiting discovery.  A tremendous amount of research has gone into solving these two marriages - it has certainly been a case of going into back doors to gain access into front doors.  If it had not been for the Poor Rate Books/Church Rate Books and Parish Records coupled with a lot of ingenuity, this part of the research could easily have been given up and the truth might have remained hidden.

This exercise also proved that John Richards was in fact married to Hannah Richards - Widow Richards of Ilkeston Road in 1821.  Thanks to their daughter Elizabeth witnessing the marriage of Joseph Lowe, the 'boy next door' in 1818 in North Side of Old Radford and then marrying George Holmes in 1820.  Subsequently George Holmes gave us the final clue when he gave Cassandra, his sister in law, away in 1823.

Thank you George and Elizabeth for marrying all the clues together; I could not have done without you both.

1821 to 1828Old Radford.
Hannah Richards continues to live in Ilkeston Road on the South East side of Old Radford from 1821 until her death in November 1828Hannah is buried along with her dear husband in the churchyard of St. Peter's Parish Church, Radford.  She was aged 56 years at death.

I discovered corroboration of the death of Hannah Richards from the Poor Rate Book 1828/9.  Her name is crossed out and inserted in pencil is the name John.  This was her eldest son of course.  No 'poor rate' was paid for the next few months after her death and we discover a new family living in their old place thereafter.

182624 December.  St. Peters Parish Church.  Old Radford.
There is evidence from the Parish registers that John Richards their eldest surviving son married Sarah Taylor on this date at this church.  Both were illiterate and their witnesses were Diana Stephens and Joseph Hooke. .  It was number 202 in the Register.  Neither John Richards nor his bride Sarah Taylor nor Diana Stephens could sign their name.  All made their marks.

1828.  Radford.
Hannah Richards formerly Nighton, aged 56 years died and was buried in the churchyard at St. Peter's Parish Church.(see later).

1828.  2 November.
Hannah Richards died at this property for sure and was buried on the 2 November 1828.  She died at Ilkeston Road, the Highway Rate Book dated 29.09.1825 to 29.09.1826 gives the location as South East side of Old Town, but the R.V. of £1.9s.6d. remains the same, so I can safely conclude it's the same property in Ilkeston RoadJohn Taylor and James Hodges were her neighbours in 1825/1826.

183113 JulySt. Marys Parish ChurchNottingham.
Oliver Richards for certain married Amelia Taylor on this date at this church.  Their witnesses were Edward Morley and Joseph Parnham, both of whom are unknown to me at the present time.  (although some twenty years later I hear of a Mathew Morley in Kimberley in 1851 with his wife Rebecca.)

183727 FebruarySt. Leodegarious Parish Church.  Basford..
William Richards their youngest son married Sarah Ryales of Basford at this church on this date.  Their witnesses were Henry Lowe and Mary Lucknow.  Unfortunately we cannot relate Henry to Joseph Lowe but if a more thorough search was made, it may connect.  He, Henry might even be the son of Joseph and Amy Lowe, their son would be aged 19 years in 1837William would be aged 25 years at the time of his marriage to Sarah Ryales.

The marriage between William Richards and Sarah Ryales took place on the 27.02.1837. at Basford St. Leodegarious Church.  The witnesses were Henry Lowe and Mary Luknow. both of whom signed their signatures.  William Richards made his mark whilst Sarah Ryales signed her name.  The Curate John Goodacre mis-spelt the name Ryales as Ryalls.  The marriage is number 308 in the register.  At the time of the marriage Sarah Ryales was living at St. Peters Street, Radford.

William Richards / Sarah Richards formerly Ryales.
Children so far traced to this couple:
1. Hannah Richards born 1838 at Radford.
2 George Richards born 1842 at Radford,
3. Amos Richards born 1845 at Radford.
4. William Richards born 1847 at Radford.
5. Edward Richards born 1849 at Radford.
6. Edwin Richards born 26.11.1850 at Radford.  He married Ann Bailey on the 25.02.1879 at Radford St. Peters Church.

At the time that Edwin Richards married Ann Bailey, she was living at 7 Tuns Yard. Radford.

Four children have so far been traced to this latter marriage vis..
Harold Richards, William Richards, Ernest Richards and Ethel Richards who married John Yorke on the 26. 09. 1910, the latter being a direct descendant of Mrs. Fearns.  He at that time was living at Salisbury Street. ??.

So John and Hannah Richards nee Knighton's line is almost at a close now, but not quite.  If we take their childrens families, vis. John and Hannah's grandchildren, a stage further we might yet connect to the line of his brother in Radford, that is to say William Richards the Blacksmith who married Sarah Merriman in 1789.

From the list of burials I found a Cassandra Richards aged 13 months buried in Radford on the 3 June 1838 which means she was born c.May 1837.  I believe that baby Cassandra could be a vital clue to establishing that I have the correct Radford / Cossall connection.  Why ?

1.  An unusual name.
2.  A name relative to the line of John and Hannah Richards formerly Knighton of Strellry/Cossall/Radford.
3.  A suggestion that this little baby had an aunt by the same name, the daughter of Hannah Richards formerly Knighton.
4.  Her baptism now found in Radford identifies her parents for us.

The research shows that she (Cassandra Richards) born 14 May 1837, was the daughter of Oliver Richards and his wife Amelia who were married on the 13 July 1831.   This Amelia Richards was also known as Millicent Richards.  Sadly this child was buried at Radford St. Peters on 3 June 1838,

Additional Info.:
William Richards and Oliver Richards both lived in Church Street, Radford in 1841.
William lived in St.Peters Street. Radford in 1851 whilst Oliver still lived in Church Street in 1851.
John Richards does not appear to be on the 1851 Radford Census.



PR.14 694.   North Side, Old Town.  (Old Radford).
Richard Richardson occupied a House in this area and paid Rates until July 1812, but no payment was made in August 1812.  This indicates that he moved out of the premises and there is clear evidence that John Richards and his wife Hannah Richards formerly Nighton moved in sometime after October 1812.
Note:   This is supported by the fact that this family leave Cossall about this time and start producing children in Radford.

PR. 14 696 .  Radford Rate Book  (May 1813 to Feb. 1814).
North Side Old Town (Old Radford) there was a name Richards no christian name paying 3s. for two payments then it is empty for two payments, then one sum of 16s. was paid.  The Rate was 1s..  Although no christian name is recorded, there is no doubt that this property was occupied John Richards and his wife Hannah Richards formerly Nighton.  This evidence is deduced from subsequent Radford Poor Rate Books.  The name order is Pearson, Thos. Lowe, Richards, Jowett, Brewitt, Castles, Clulow.  The first three men had Rates of 01s. and the latter four Rates were 02s.

PR. 14 697.  Rate Book  (25 April 1814 to Feb. / May 1815).
Rate was 02s. in the £1.
North Side Old Town.  (Old Radford)
Richards, no christian name, but was John Richards and his wife Hannah Richards fprmerly Nighton.  The Rate was 1s.  Living either Side of him was Thos. Lowe 1s. and William Brewitt 2s. then next door but one was George Castles 2s.

PR. 14 698.  Radford Poor Rate Book  (May 1815 to Dec. 1815).
North Side Old Town (Old Radford) there was a John Richards paying a Rate of 1s., 1s..06d., and 6d. making a total of 3 shillings paid.  The belief is that this John Richards was the son of Mathew Richards and his wife Mary Richards formerly Sore.  Living on one side of John Richards were George Pearson, Thos. Lowe, and on the other Side Wm. Brewitt and Geo. Castles.

PR. 14 699.  Radford Rate Book  (07 April 1818 to 13 Jan. 1819).
North Side Old Town.
Page 12.  John Richards living North Side of Old Town (Radford) and paying 6d x 3 Rates.
The Rate was 1s.  The total paid was 1s..06d.  The name order is Thomas Lowe 01s. John Richards 01s. Joseph Lowe 01s.06d. James Bamford 07s.06d. Wm. Brewitt 02s. and Castles 02s.

PR. 14 752.  Poor Rate Book. 1818.  New Radford ??
Note:  This Book needs to be rechecked for more accurate information.
page 12  John Richards.
Note:  This is a poor bit of research by myself and needs rechecking.

PR. 14 700.  Radford Rate Book  (1819 to 1820).
Note:  At the back of this book there is a census of Radford inhabitants, age groups, male / female. etc.

PR.14 701.   Radford Poor Rate Book.   (Apr. 1820 to Feb. 1821).
There is NO mention of any Richards in this book other than Thos. Richards,  House R.V. 01s. paying 06d.   Samuel Richards R.V. 09s. paying 09s.
Note:  Book PR.14 701 has been checked several times to ensure that we have not missed any other Richards --negative.

PR.14 689.  Surveyor of Highways Accounts Books.  Oct.1821 to 22 Oct.1822 .
Disbursement for the Highway .
22.10.1822.  George Holmes  11 1/4d.  (possibly Scrap Hill?)
George Holmes  Blacksmiths Shop 2s..06. 1/2d.
Note:  This is an interesting snippet of information as it infers that George Holmes was a blacksmith although the year was 1822 some 14 years after our William Richards death.  My mention of William Richards refers to my ancestor whom I have given the title ”William the Blacksmith”

PR.14 702.  Old Radford Poor Rate Book.  (May 1822 to Jan.1823).
Ilkeston Road.
Hannah Richards House and Garden R.V. £1.09s.06d.
She made six or seven payments of 01s.02 3/4d.  The location is Ilkeston Road.  It does not record that she was a Widow but we believe she was the Widow of John Richards son of Mathew Richards and his wife Mary Richards formerly .   Her next door neighbours were William Screeton and James Hodges.
Note:  This is the first time that Hannah Richards appears in these Rate Books. (May 1822).

PR. 14 703.  Old Radford Poor Rate Book April 1823 to Nov.1824
Ilkeston Road.
Hannah Richards.  House and Garden.  R.V. £1. 9s. 6d. paying 1s. 2.3/4d. (six payments)

PR.14 677.  Radford Old Town Rate and Composition Book.
(Highways Rate Book).   (Michaelmas 1823 to Michaelmas 1824).
Ilkeston Road.  Page 13.
Hannah Richards - in pencil the entry records "Widow" House, Garden, R.V. £1.09s.06d. Rate 1s..10d.
Her neighbours were Wm. Streeton and James Hodges (Poor)

PR.14 677.  Old Radford Highway Rate Book.  (Michaelmas 1823 to Michaelmas 1824).
Ilkeston Road.  page 13.
Hannah Richards.  Widow.  House and Garden £1.09s.06d.  Composition 1s..10d.

PR.14 670.  Radford Church Rate Book.  (25.03.1823. to 25.03.1824).
Ilkeston Road.
Hannah Richards.  House and Garden  Value £1.09s.06d.  Rate 1s..02 3/4d.  Paid 1s.02 1/2d.
Her next door neighbours were William Streeton and James Hodges.

PR.14 680.   Old Radford Highway Rate Book.  (Michaelmas 1825 to Michaelmas 1826).
South East Side Old Town.  page 24.
Hannah Richards.  House and Garden  Value £1.09s.06d.  * 02s.(see Code). Probably the Rate.?   Her neighbours were John Taylor and James Hodges.

PR.14 704.  Radford Poor Rate Book.  (April 1825 to Jan. 1826).  Rate 10d. in £1. Ilkeston Road.  Her name is on page 41. Hannah Richards.  House and Garden  R.V. £1..09s..06d. paying 1s..02 1/2d. Her neighbours were John Taylor and James Hodges.

PR. 14 705.  Radford Poor Rate Book.  (Jun.1826 to Feb.1827) page 50. Hannah Richards.  House and Garden  R.V. £1..09s..06d.  Rate 1s.. 2 1/2d. She made seven payments of this Rate and one at 02s..05d.  Her neighbours were John Taylor and James Hodges.

PR.14682.  Old Radford Highway RateBook.  (29.09.1826 to 29.09.1827).  Assesment 6d. in the £1.
Ilkeston Road.
Hannah Richards.  House and Garden  Value £1.09s.06d.  Rate 9d.  She paid 9d.

PR.14 671.  Old Radford Church Rate Book.  (25.03.1825,1826, 1827 to 1828).
Hannah Richards.  House and Garden.  Value £1..09s..06d.  Rate 7s.  Her neighbours were John Taylor and Thos. Marsden.

PR.14 706.  Radford Old Town Poor Rate Book.  (12.05.1827 to Jan.1828).
Hannah Richards.  House and Garden.  Value £1.09s.06d.  Rate 1s..02 1/2d.
It looks as if she was next door but one to House / Farm Buildings, Homestead, Crofts, Sandfield Churchfield, Red Field, Forest piece.  Value £51..17s.  frequented by Widow Weston and Hopkin. Note: Recheck this latter information .

PR. 14 683.  Radford Old Town Rate and Composition Book.  30.07.1828.
(Michaelmas 1827 to Michaelmas 1828).
The Rate was 6d. in the £1.  Highway Rate.
Ilkeston Road.   page 23 or 26. Hannah Richards.  House and Garden  R.V. £1.09s.06d.  Rate 9d. The entry also records "Work" *02s.  The entry infers that she did not pay her Rates and in relation to the Comp. Rate, she did work instead of paying this Rate.
page 26.  Neighbours were John Taylor and Thos.Marsden.

PR.14 707.  Old Radford Poor Rate Book.  1828.  Rates 3 May, 30 Aug., 29 Nov. , 6 Dec. 1828.
Nottingham Road.
Hannah Richards crossed out and John Richards inserted.
House and Garden.  Value £1. 9s. 6d.. Rate 1s. 2.1/2d.
No Rate paid.  It says "Poor Widow now dead"
Note:  This entry is good news for us because it confirms the death of Hannah Richards and that she had a son named John Richards.
Refer to photostat copy.
The order of inhabitants was John Whelbrand, Butchers Shop, also a House and Garden, Richards House, then Thos. Marsden House and Garden Value 14s.

PR.15 085.  Old Town [Radford] Poor Rate Book 1829 to 1830.  (18. 04. 1829 to 23. 01. 1830).
Rate 10d. in the £1.  Two Rates for the Poor.
Ilkeston Road.  page 63.
Hannah Richards was no longer there.  She had died.  The name is a blank for her House and Garden.  Value £1.09s.06d.  Rate 01s.02 1/2d.  However the Rate was paid 1s..6 1/2d x 6 and 2/5d x 1.  Perhaps the family remained in the property for a time after Hannah's death.
Note:  I have a note that John Whelband may have moved into Hannah's House.
This entry needs rechecking for accuracy .

PR.14 685.  Old Radford Highway Rate Book.  dated 23.03.1830.
Michaelmas 1829 to Michaelmas 1830.  The Rate was 6d. in the £1.
Note:  Hannah Richards has now left Ilkeston Road.  She had died and John Greaves moved into her House.

Additional research information
Ann RILEY witnessing marriage of John Richards and Hannah Nighton.  Remember the Samuel Richards who married Elizabeth RILEY circa 1748.

A few Daykin BURIALS AT Radford ST. Peters.
James Daykin of Radford buried 11.05.1826.  aged 19 years.
James Daykin of Radford buried 11.05.1826.
Richard Daykin buried 28.03.1830.  aged 01 month.
Catherine Daykin buried 30.12.1832.  aged 63 years.
Ann Daykin of Radford buried 13.01.1833.  aged 21 years.
William Daykin buried 16.05.1836.  aged 53 years.
Elizabeth Daykin buried 16.12.1840.  Aged 03 YEARS.
Elizabeth Daykin buried 07.05.1845.  aged 74 years.
Alexander Daykin buried 20.06.1847.  aged 05 years.
Charles Edson buried 07.09.1851.  aged 03 weeks.
James Knighton buried 15.12.1844.  aged 70 years.

Sarah L. Richards 04.04.1854.  aged 44 years.
Amelia Richards 13.08.1854.  aged 45 years.
Amelia Richards 21.09.1859.  aged 17 years.
Mary Richards 08.10.1859.  aged 67 years.
John Richards 11.10.1820.  aged 43 years.

There is a strong belief that the two Amelia Richards referred to above were in fact also known by the christian name of Millicent as evidenced on the 1851 Census.

John Richards (1773 - 1820).


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