Mark Richards (1845 to 1916).

part one (1845 to 1870).

"Captain of the Rovers"

1845.New Brinsley, Nottinghamshire.
1 FebruaryMark Richards was born, the son of Mathew Richards and his wife Hannah formerly Kerry.  The birth was registered on the 18 February 1845 by his father Mathew Richards, a collier, who made his "mark".  The registration was in the sub-district of Greasley in the Basford Registration District.  At this time the family were living at New Brinsley, Notts.

Mark was Mathew and Hannah Richards' formerly Kerry eleventh child.

At the time of his birth, they had had seven sons and three daughters.  However at least three sons and one daughter had died in infancy.

1846.Willenhall, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire.
12 OctoberAgnes Harvey was born.  Her parents were Thomas Harvey and Sarah Ann Maria Harvey formerly Steward.

15 November 1846.  Her birth was registered on the by her father, a miner, who made his "mark".  At this time the residence of her father was stated to be Pool Hayes, Willenhall.  The birth registration was in the Sub-district of Willenhall in the Registration District of Wolverhampton in the county of StaffordAgnes is mentioned here because in 1871 she became Mark Richards' second wife.

It is worth mentioning here that at the time of the 1881 census, Agnes, who by that time was Agnes Richards, told the Enumerator that she was born at Lane Head.  This location is next door to Willenhall.

1847.New Brinsley, Nottinghamshire.
Another son Edward was born to Mark's parents but sadly he died just eight days old on the 24 April.
1849.New Brinsley, Nottinghamshire.
Another son William was born to Mark's parents, but sadly he too died in infancy only eleven months old, on the 9 April 1849.
1849.New Brinsley, Nottinghamshire.
In May, shortly after baby William's death from Diarrhoea, Mark's mother Hannah, also contracted Diarrhoea, her condition from this terrible disease not improving as the months went by.
1850.New Brinsley, Nottinghamshire.
1 FebruaryMark's unmarried sister Eliza, aged 16 years, gave birth to baby Catherine at New Brinsley.  The identity of the father is not recorded on the Birth certificate and is "unknown".  The birth of this baby made Mark an uncle on his fifth birthday and grandparents of Mathew and Hannah Richards, his parents.

4 February.  Just three days after the birth of Mark's niece Catherine, Mark's mother Hannah sadly died of Diarrhoea after having suffered for the last nine months.  She was aged 45.

5 February.  Her death was registered by her husband, Mathew Richards, (Mark's father), who made his "mark" and stated that he was 'in attendance' at the time of her death at New Brinsley.  Therefore he was not present when she actually died.

9 February 1850Hannah Richards nee Kerry was buried in the churchyard at Greasley Parish Church.  Hannah left behind five sons, two daughters, one grand-daughter and her husband aged forty-two years.

13 May.  Only three months after Mark's mother's death, his father Mathew remarried.  Sarah Shelton formerly Leivers, a widow and a servant was twenty years his senior.

Their marriage took place at Alfreton Parish Church, by Banns.  Both Mathew and Sarah were residing at Codnor Park at this time.  Both made their "marks", as did their two witnesses Vincent Leivers and Lydia SheltonMathew's father was William Richards (deceased), a Blacksmith and Sarah Shelton's father was William Leivers, a Collier.

Sarah thus became Mark's stepmother and brought him up.

Subsequently Vincent Leivers married Mark's sister Eliza on the 4 November 1851 and made Mark a brother-in-law at the age of 6 years!

1850.North Wingfield, Derbyshire.
4 NovemberMark's brother John Richards married Sarah Ann Saxton at North Wingfield Parish Church, Derbyshire, by Banns.  John Richards was a minor and a bachelor, whose occupation was coal miner.  Sarah Ann Saxton was of full age and a spinster.  Both John and Sarah Ann gave North Wingfield as their place of residence at the time of marriage.

Sarah Ann's father was William Saxton, a miner and John's father was Mathew Richards, also a coal miner.  Both John and Sarah Ann made their "marks."  Their witnesses were Eliza Richards, sister of the groom and her future husband Vincent Levas (Leivers), both of whom made their "marks".

1851.New Brinsley, Nottinghamshire.
30 March.  The Census reveals, Mark Richards aged 6 years born in Greasley.  He is living with his father Mathew Richards and step mother Sarah Richards formerly Leivers.  Also living in the same house were his brothers Luke, Mathew and Henry and his sister Eliza and her illegitimate daughter Catharine, who was of course his niece.
1851.Alfreton, Derbyshire.
4 NovemberEliza Richards, Mark's sister married Vincent Liever (Leivers) at Alfreton Parish Church, after Banns.  At that time both were said to be living at Codnor Park.  Their witnesses were John Rolley, who signed his name and Harriett Hope who made her "mark".  At the time of this marriage Eliza Richards was stated to be a 'Minor' and a Spinster whilst her husband Vincent was stated to be of full age.  Their respective father's were recorded as Mathew Richards, a Miner and George Stockdale, a Blacksmith.  Both Vincent and Eliza made their "marks".
1851.Greasley, Nottinghamshire.
5 AprilMark's brother, Mathew Richards, aged 23 years, a Bachelor and a Coal Miner married Mary Ball, aged 19 years, a Spinster at Greasley Parish Church.  Both were of Brinsley, Notts.

The witnesses were Thomas May and Jane Cook, both of whom made their "marks".  The Parish Clerk, John Attenborough also witnessed the marriage and signed his name.  Mathew and his bride Mary also made their "marks".  The marriage was after Banns.  The brides father was Thomas Naylor, a Labourer whilst the grooms father was Mathew Richards, a Coal Miner.

1861.New Brinsley, Nottinghamshire.
7 AprilMark Richards appears on the census, still living with his father Mathew Richards and his step mother Sarah.  He was now 16 years old.  His two brothers Luke and Henry still lived at home and so did his niece Catherine.  His sister Eliza, the mother of Catharine, had of course left home and was married.
1861.Willenhall, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire.
Agnes Harvey appears on the census, aged 15 years, living with her father Thomas Harvey and her mother Sarah A. Harvey.  Two of her brothers, namely Jacob and Emanuel still live at home.  Also in the household on census night was an unmarried visitor named Joseph Baker, aged 24 years.

The Enumerator has recorded the birthplace of Agnes, Jacob and Emanuel as Bloxwich.

Their next door neighbour was Thomas Harvey, his wife Elizabeth and their two children Silas and Thomas.  Research has revealed that this Thomas Harvey was another brother of Agnes, though he is of course much older, being recorded as aged 31 years on this census.

1862.Brinsley District Church, Nottinghamshire.
27 DecemberMark's brother namely Luke Richards, aged 23 years, a bachelor and a Coal Miner of Brinsley married Eliza Hutsby, aged 24 years, a spinster, also of Brinsley.  The marriage was at the District Church, Brinsley after Banns.  Luke signed his name but his bride Eliza made her "mark" as did the two witnesses Henry Richards, brother of the groom and Hannah Redgate.  Their respective father's were stated to be Mathew Richards and William Hutsby, both Coal Miners.
1863.Worksop, Nottinghamshire.
25 May.  At the Parish Church, Agnes Harvey, aged 18 years, a spinster married William Jones aged 20 years, a bachelor and a collier.  Both were said to be residing at Shireoaks, Notts., at the time of their marriage and both signed their names.  The marriage was after Banns.  Their respective fathers were named Thomas Harvey and James Jones, both colliers.  Their witnesses were Thomas Harvey, who signed and Elizabeth Harvey, who made her "mark".  This couple were man and wife, the brother and sister in law of Agnes.
1863.Shireoaks, Nottinghamshire.
They appear on the census at Shireoaks, Nottinghamshire.  This detail of Agnes Harvey's first marriage and the subsequent mention in 1864 of the birth of her daughter Tamar is mentioned here to give background information to AgnesTamar became Mark's step-daughter and was brought up by him.
1864.Shireoaks near Worksop, Nottinghamshire.
The birth of Tamar Jones, the daughter of William and Agnes Jones formerly Harvey is announced.  The actual birth date has not yet been established.
1864.Brinsley, Nottinghamshire.
26 DecemberMark Richards was present and made his "mark" as a witness at the marriage of his brother Henry Richards, aged 22 years, a bachelor and Coal Miner of Brinsley to Elizabeth Swain, aged 18 years, a spinster, also of Brinsley.  The marriage was after Banns.  Both Henry and Elizabeth made their "marks".  The Parish Clerk also witnessed this marriage, which was at Brinsley District Church.  The respective father's were stated to be Mathew Richards and George Swain, both Coal Miner's.
1864.New Brinsley, Nottinghamshire.
Mark's stepmother Sarah Richards died in December, most likely just after Christmas and was buried on the 1 January 1965 in the Churchyard at Brinsley District Church, aged 80 years.
1865.Alfreton, Derbyshire.
7 MayMark Richards, aged 20 years, a bachelor and a Miner of Somercotes married Sarah Barbara Coupe aged 17 years, a spinster also of Somercotes.

The marriage was at Alfreton Parish Church in the Belper Registration District, after Banns.  Both made their "marks".  Their witnesses were Henry Richards, the grooms brother and Catharine Richards, his niece, both of whom made their "marks".  The father of Sarah Barbara Coupe was Henry Coupe, a Coal Miner and the grooms father was of course Mathew Richards, also a Coal Miner.  My conjecture is that she may have been pregnant.

I believe that Sarah Barbara Coupe told a lie about her age and that she was much younger than 17 years!

1866.Worksop, Nottinghamshire.
13 February..  At the Register Office, Worksop, Agnes Jones aged 20 years, a widow married John North, aged 20 years, a bachelor and a Tailor.  Both were stated to be residing at Shireoaks, Worksop.  Both signed their names.  Their witnesses were Joseph Buffrey who signed his name and Elizabeth Shingler, who made her "mark".  The respective father's were stated to be Thomas Harvey, a Coal Miner and John North, a Gardener.

So this marriage certificate reveals that Agnes has been married and widowed.

1867.Bawtry, Nottinghamshire/Yorkshire.
24 JanuaryAgnes North late Jones formerly Harvey gave birth to a baby boy whom they named Emmanuel North.  At that time Agnes and her then husband John North were living at Bawtry in the counties of York and Nottingham.

30 January 1867Agnes registered the birth and according to the copy certificate of Birth registration, she signed her name when so doing.  Father John North is described as a Tailor on this certificate.

It is pertinent to point out at this stage that this latter named John North was born on the 14 December 1846 at Torworth, Nottinghamshire.  His parents were John and Ann North formerly Burrows and mother Ann registered this birth on the 14 January 1847, when she signed her name and stated that her husband and father of baby John North, was a Labourer.  Furthermore their residence was at Torworth, which was in the Sub-district of Clarborough in the East Retford Registration District.

The aforementioned Emmanuel (Manny) North died on the 17 October 1945 at number 3, Baslow Road, Bakewell, Derbyshire and his death was registered on the 19 October 1945, by his niece May Sheppard of 42, Town End, Bolsover, Derbyshire, who is stated to have been in attendance at the death.  On the death certificate Emmanuel was stated to be a General Labourer, formerly of 19, Old Hill, Bolsover.  The cause of death was registered as : (a) Gangrene of foot and leg and (b) Arteriosclerosis.  Certified by C.W.Evans.

1868.Brighouse, Yorkshire.
15 June 1868.  Once again Agnes finds herself a widow but she now has two young children.  Her husband John North died in Brighouse, Yorkshire on this date aged 21 years.  His occupation was recorded as a Tailor.  The cause of his death being Exposure and Bronchitis (Certified).

17 June 1868.  His death was registered by George Greenwood of Brighouse, who signed his name and stated that he was in attendance at the death.

20 June 1868.  A newspaper report in the Halifax Guardian reports his death as follows :
Brighouse.  Death from Exposure.  A few days ago an unfortunate man, named North, a Tailor, went into Brighouse and lodged in Zingo Nick, where he died; death having been caused by exposure and bronchitis.  He was a stranger.

1869.Shireoaks, Worksop, Nottinghamshire.
Although Agnes was now a widow for the second time at the age of twenty two years, it did not take her long to find another man and a lover.  In February 1869, only eight months after the death of her late husband, she found herself pregnant.

25 November 1869Agnes gave birth to an illegitimate baby boy whom she named William North.  This baby was born at 17, Shireoaks, WorksopAgnes registered the birth of her son William on the 18 December 1869 and gave the same address as her residence.  The registration was in the Worksop Sub-district of the Worksop Registration District.

The 1871 Census for 17, The Row, Shireoaks, provides evidence that Agnes gave birth to William at the home of her brother Thomas Harvey and his wife Elizabeth.

There is no name of the child's father recorded on the registration document which confirms that he was illegitimate.

However as will be seen in the next entry baby William North's father has been identified as Mark Richards.

1870.Beighton, Derbyshire.
20 FebruaryMark Richards and Agnes North baptised baby William at Beighton Parish Church, Derbyshire.  This baptism confirms that Mark Richards is the father of the baby.  The baptism entry in Beighton St. Mary's Parish Church register is on page 32 and records baby William's parents name as Mark and Agnes Richards.  The place of abode is stated to be Beighton and the occupation of father Mark is that of a miner.

An entry in the left hand margin at the side of this baptism records: Private.  Consequently we conject that baby William North/Richards may have been ill and not thought likely to survive.  Perhaps the baptism took place at home.  Research has proved that Mark and Agnes were unmarried and both widowed at the time of William's baptism; their subsequent marriage took place on the 12 June 1871 at Bushbury, Staffordshire as can be seen from the subsequent entry for that year.

1870.Beighton, Derbyshire.
7 March.  Baby William North / Richards was buried in the Churchyard at St. Mary's Parish Church, Beighton as an Infant.  His burial is recorded on page 37 of the said Church Parish register.

His name is stated to be William Richards and the place of abode as Beighton.  So our conjecture concerning the private baptism is most likely correct because baby William dies aged fourteen weeks, just two weeks after his baptism.

1870.New Brinsley, Nottinghamshire.
17 AprilMark's father Mathew Richards, dies a widower at the age of 62 years, the cause of death being Pneumonia for two weeks - Certified.  His abode at the time of death was stated to be New Brinsley.

19 April 1870.  His death was registered by Ann Shipley who made her "mark" and was stated on the Death Registration document to have been in attendance at the death.  Mathew's occupation was recorded as Coal Miner.

20 April 1870.  He was buried in the Churchyard at New Brinsley.

Mark Richards (1845 to 1916).

part one (1845 to 1870).

"Captain of the Rovers"


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