Mathew Richards (1765 to 1840)

"The Speculator"

This file has been created to collate all the information gathered concerning Mathew Richards who married Amey (Amy) Calladine.  I have named this Mathew as "the Speculator."

Mathew Richards was the son of a family of eight children born to Mathew Richards and his wife Mary Richards nee Sore of Strelley.  He was born on the 27th. July 1765 and baptised at Strelley Parish Church on the 2nd. August 1765.  He became a Collier and subsequently a Publican, carrying on both occupations at the same time for a long period.  Many people of this period carried on dual economies as a means of survival.

According to evidence gathered to date he was the second child born to his parents, the eldest being William Richards whom subsequently has now been given the title "William the Blacksmith".

He fell in love with Amy Calladine, a native of Ilkeston and he married her on Xmas Day 1786, at St. Mary's Parish Church, Ilkeston when he was 21 years old.  Mathew Richards lived with his parents and family in Strelley at the time of his wedding, being their first child to leave the nest.  Richard Whitehead and Benjamin Wheatley witnessed their marriage.

It seems that Mathew and Amy lived for a short time in Strelley when they first married, but this is purely conjecture, because they baptised their first child Mark Richards at Strelley Church on the 3rd. September 1787.

This boy Mark was undoubtedly named after Mathew's brother who died seven years previously at the age of thirteen.  It is possible that Mathew worked at Strelley Pit prior to his marriage and may have remained at that Pit for a short time after.  Unfortunately at present it has not yet been ascertained where he moved to from Strelley because quite simply the baptisms of his five other known children have not yet been discovered.

To date six children have been traced to this couple namely :

1.  Mark Richards bapt. 3 September 1787 at Strelley and died on the 2 March 1873.
He married Ann Mather.  He died at Ilkeston and is buried at Awsworth.

2.  Amy Richards bapt. not traced married Adcock Barton on the 24 July 1822 at Nuthall Parish Church.

3.  Catharine Richards bapt. not traced, married Aaron Leivers Barton on the 9 February 1818 at Nuthall Parish Church.

4.  Elizabeth Richards bapt. not traced married Thomas Whysall on the 25 December 1817 at Nuthall Parish Church.

5.  John Richards given the title "John the Rogue" bapt. cica 1796.

6.  Mary Richards bapt. not traced married Joseph Fisher on the 25 December 1812 at Nuthall Parish Church

The evidence of these childrens existence and parentage has been obtained from their fathers "WILL" a copy of which is produced below.  The death of Mathew Richards occurred on the 21 February 1840 and he was buried on the 25 February 1840 in the Churchyard at Awsworth.

Meanwhile his wife Amy Richards formerley Calladine was buried on the 22 May 1833 in the Churchyard at Awsworth.

To date with the exception of the first born child none of the other childrens baptism's has yet been located.  They appear to have lived in the Parish of Nuthall for some time and whilst at present we can neither prove nor disprove it, I believe they most likely lived in Awsworth which is adjoining Strelley where there is positive proof of a Richards habitation.

There is a void in his journey from 1787 to 1809, a period of twenty two years to unearth.

In 1809, Wollaton comes to light when his first born leaves home to marry Ann Mather a native of Beeston, albeit at the time of this marriage she lived in Wollaton.  The marriage document states that Mark Richards is also of Wollaton (13th.February 1809) which may yet prove to be 'the missing link' if this evidence is true!  Their witnesses were not relatives, being John Husband, Catharine Smith and the Parish Clerk James Hewitt.

It is obvious from subsequent evidence of 1809 that Mark Richards worked at Wollaton Pit prior to his marriage and remained there until 1826, because he and Ann his wife baptise eight of their ten children at Wollaton.  The two other children were baptised at Trowell between 1828 and 1831, which reveals a move for Mark and Ann to Trowell and a change of Pit for Mark perhaps.

Going back to the year 1809, if the evidence is true, one would assume that Mark Richards lived at home with his parents Mathew and Amy Richards in Wollaton.  Therefore, can we conject that Mathew also worked at the Wollaton Pit in 1809 and prior.  Perhaps a thorough search of the Wollaton Parish records for baptism's and deaths may give us additional evidence.  The burial records may prove that Mathew and Amy have lived at Wollaton prior to 1809.  I feel that their family tree is incomplete as far as our research has revealed for example there is no Mathew, no Samuel and no William, but perhaps it was only girls that were produced.  Even so it is strange that John was not named Mathew, so I have a hunch that we have to find a Mathew buried in either Wollaton or Awsworth, failing that possibly Nuthall.  The reason that Nuthall comes into consideration is as follows.

Our next link with Mathew and Amy's chain is 1810.  This is the year we discover him as an Alehouse Keeper in Nuthall Parish.  There is some doubt as to the exact location of the premises in this Parish, but I am convinced that it was the Jolly Colliers at Awsworth.  There is direct documentary evidence from the Justices Licence records at Nottingham RO. to the prove that he had an Alehouse Licence in the Parish of Nuthall in 1810.  It is confusing because it does not record the location of the premises.  It is more confusing when in 1812, under the heading Sureties Names in the same documentation, it records Mathew Richards of Nuthall not Awsworth as standing surety for Joseph Kirkland an Alehouse Keeper of ........  Likewise in both 1813 and 1817 when Mathew Richards is still recorded as an Alehouse Keeper of Nuthall, under the heading sureties it records William Sprey of Awsworth not Nuthall.  Why Awsworth, why did they not record Nuthall meaning the Parish?  Nevertheless although I can neither prove nor disprove it, I remain convinced that as far as Mathew Richards is concerned the records relate to his Parish not village and furthermore that he was of Awsworth. 

Perhaps there is some documentary support evidence for my argument when only TWO licensed unnamed premises appear in the documentation from 1810 onwards for Nuthall Parish until 1832 when the documentation ceases.  However from the year 1822 the TWO premises are named as the Goats Head and the Jolly Colliers.  From Trade Directories of 1832 we can prove that the Goats Head was in Nuthall village near to the Parish Church and the Jolly Colliers was at Awsworth near the canal.

In view of the minute doubt existing I believe that the whereabouts of Mathew and Amy Richards from at least 1810 to 1832 be accepted that they were at the Jolly Colliers in Awsworth but at the same time bear it in mind that perhaps we have stumbled across a hidden clue with this documentary evidence and that perhaps they were in Nuthall village at some other Licensed premises.

In 1812 there is corroborated documentary evidence to the fact that Mathew Richards was an Alehouse Keeper at the Jolly Colliers and clearly one can accept that his wife Amy was with him at these premises.  The 1832 Trade Directory confirms that he is still at the Jolly Colliers.  Additionally we know that he was the Licensee at these premises from 1822 until 1840.

Reverting back to the year 1812, the year that their daughter Mary Richards marries Joseph Fisher and is the second child to leave the nest.  Her Parish was said to be Nuthall.  We then have the same confusion as to her village that has been reasoned out in the previous paragraphs.  I remain convinced that she was of Awsworth in the Parish of Nuthall, but again the minutest doubt was it the village of Nuthall.  I think not.!  During the period 1812 to 1825 the marriages of Mathew and Amy Richards children take place and each child is stated to be of the Parish of Nuthall on the marriage entry in the Parish register.  Undoubtedly from 1822 Awsworth for sure and in my opinion from 1810 at leaSt.

In 1822 their daughter Amy Richards marries by Licence at Nuthall Parish Church (23.07.1822) to Adcock Barton, a Baker by Trade.  This marriage Licence revealed Mathew Richards, her father as a Collier.  No mention of him being a Publican / Licensed Victualler is made but the Alehouse Keepers Licences reveal that in 1821 and 1822 he was a Publican.  This then gives documentary evidence that he has a Dual Economy.

On the 20th. September 1822, the Alehouse Keepers Licences reveal him as the Licensee at the Jolly Colliers at Awsworth, two months after his daughter Amy's wedding.  There is no evidence to support any tenancy change midway through the year in the records.

It will be interesting to ascertain who actually owned the Jolly Colliers prior to 1846 when we discovered documentary evidence from the Tithe Award details that it was Lord Middleton.

There is documentary evidence from the Land Tax records for Nuthall and Awsworth to the effect that Mathew Richards paid 11s.9d. on Real Estate from 1814 to 1832.  The query is did this relate to the Jolly Colliers Alehouse.  We discover that Henry, Earl of Stamford was the owner of ...??Land and John Mitchell occupied on 03.05.1813.

By the 09.05.1814.  the Land or dwelling or pub changed ownership, the new owner now being Lord Grey and the new occupier was Mathew Richards, paying 11s.9d. which continued until 1832.  This is the year that the Land Tax Records source end.  (I believe this relates to Land only).

We can't find Mathew Richards paying Land Tax in Greasley from 1816 to 1832, because quite simply he did not own any during this period.

Likewise we cannot find Mark Richards paying Land Tax in Greasley from 1816 onwards.

Land Tax for Nuthall 1786 to 25.05.1832 inclusive.
Trawled in relation to any Richards but more specifically Mathew Richards - (The Speculator - my words).
From at least 1810 there is evidence that Mathew Richards and his wife Amy nee Calladine were the Licensees of the
Jolly Colliers at Awsworth in the Parish of Nuthall.  Yet there is no record of him paying or being assessed for Land Tax until 1814.

From 1786 until 1813 inclusive there is no mention of any Richards.

Date Proprietor Tenant Tax on Real Estate My comment
09.05.1814 Lord Grey Mathew Richards 11s..09d. -
08.05.1815 Lord Grey Mathew Richards 11s..09d. -
13.05.1816 Lord Grey Mathew Richards 11s..09d. -
**.**.1817 Lord Grey Mathew Richards 11s..09d. Year ending 26.03.1818
14.06.1818 Lord Grey Mathew Richards 11s..09d. -
**.**.1819 Lord Grey Mathew Richards 11s..09d. Year ending 25.03.1820
**.**.1819 William Richards Himself
i.e.William Richards
06 1/2d.
Six & halfpenny
Year ending 25.03.1820
From that year on (1819) both Mathew Richards and William Richards appear paying the same Tax respectively until
25.05.1832. The yearly dates as recorded are Year Endings, 25.03.1821, 25.03.1822, 25.03.1823,  25.03.1824,  25.03.1825,  25.03.1826,  17.05.1827,  14.05.1827,  18.05.1828,  12.05.1829,  11.05.1830,  26.05.1831 and 25.05.1832.

Edward Kirkland was the Collector of Taxes for the latter years but I forgot to note who collected from 1814.

Note:-  The above information regarding Land Tax is on microfische at the County Record Office, Nottingham on the open shelves.

Let us now examine the Electoral Rolls for Greasley and Nuthall from 1838 to 1867.

Year Name Abode Property
1838 to 1840 Mathew Richards Awsworth Freehold HouseS at Kimberley
1838 to 1840 John Richards Kimberley Freehold House at Kimberley
1838 to 1840 Joseph Green Kimberley Occupier of House & Land 50 p.a.
Joseph Green is mentioned here because Jonathan Leivers owned this property but Green qualified for a vote because he paid 50 per annum rent.
Year Name Abode Property
1840 to 1842 Mark Richards Awsworth Freehold HouseS at Kimberley
1840 to 1842 John Richards Kimberley Freehold House at Kimberley
1840 to 1842 Joseph Green Kimberley 50 p.a. Rent Qualification
My note:  Mathew Richards had died.  Property now in ownership of Mark Richards
My note:  John Richards had inherited more property from the "WILL" of his father Mathew Richards.

We then jump to the 1850s.   Electoral Rolls for the parish of Greasley.

Year Name Abode Property
1851 to 1853 Mark Richards Awsworth Freehold House at Kimberley
1853 to 1856 Mark Richards Awsworth Freehold House at Kimberley
1856 to 1859 Mark Richards Awsworth Freehold House at Kimberley
1856 to 1859 Henry Richards Awsworth Freehold House & Land at Awsworth
1860 to 1861 Mark Richards Awsworth Freehold House at Kimberley
1861 to 1863 Mark Richards Awsworth Freehold House at Kimberley
1863 to 1867 Mark Richards Awsworth Freehold House at Kimberley
1863 to 1867 John Richards Kimberley Freehold HouseS at Chalk Row
In 1846 John Richards (named by me as John "The Rogue" Richards) was the OWNER of the Nelson Inn where John Stirland and Another lived.

My note:  It looks as if most of his (Mark Richards) Freehold property had been sold.  Henry Richards was the grandson of Mathew Richards.

Electoral Rolls for the parish of Nuthall.

Year Name Abode Property
1860 to 1861 Henry Richards Awsworth Freehold House & Land at Awsworth
1860 to 1861 John Richards Awsworth Occupier House & Land at Awsworth
1861 to 1863 Henry Richards Awsworth Freehold House & Land at Awsworth
1861 to 1863 John Richards Awsworth Occupier House & Land at Awsworth
1863 to 1867 Henry Richards Awsworth Freehold House & Land at Awsworth
1863 to 1867 John Richards Awsworth Occupier House & Land at Awsworth
It is now obvious that Henry and John Richards are the sons of Mark and Ann Richards nee Mather and grandsons of Mathew and Amy Richards nee Calladine.


The Property Deeds for Edinboro Row will reveal all but first they have to be discovered. (PART OF A BLOCK OF TEXT)

Mathew Richards died in February 1840 and was buried in the Awsworth Churchyard with his wife Amy on the 25th. February 1840.  His age would be 74, although his burial record states 77 years.  Clearly this is incorrect because the Strelley Parish Register reveals his actual birth date as the 27th. July 1765 and baptised at Strelley Parish Church on the 2nd. August 1765, the son of Mathew and Mary Richards formerly Sore.

The "WILL" of Mathew Richards is dated the 13.02.1839. and was proved on the 24.05.1841.  He died on the 21.02.1840.  (should be 1841 - my words).

First the date of his burial was checked.  the entry in the Parish Register indicates buried at Awsworth 25th. February 1840, aged 77 years.

We discover that the Vicar of the time made an error by missing out the year 1841.  There were many burials for 1839 but only one in October 1840.  the next page begins in February 1840 with Mathew Richards which should have been 1841.  This fits the date of his "WILL".  His burial date was definitely the 25th. February 1840.

He bequeathed money to his daughter Amy wife of Adcock Barton       - 20.
He bequeathed money to his daughter Elizabeth wife of Thomas Wysall - 20.
He bequeathed money to his daughter Catharine wife of Aaron Barton  - 20.

His property situate at Kimberley to Mary Fisher, Widow, his daughter in the occupation of :
Henry Raynor --------- bequeathed to Thomas Fisher, my grandson.
James Meakin -------- bequeathed to Jane Ann Barton, dau.. of Adcock Barton.
Jonathan Carrington -- bequeathed to Henry Richards son of Mark Richards.
John Richards -------- bequeathed to Mary Barton, dau.. of Aaron Barton.

After the death of Mary Fisher nee Richards the property was to go to Mathew's Grandchildren.

NOTE:- This latter property.  John Richards was the occupier in 1839 with Andrew Hodgkinson's name crossed out denoting the previous occupant of this property.

Two houses occupied by:-
Joseph Chambers.
Andrew Hodgkinson + Land now in MY (Mathew Richards) occupation 1839 at Red Hill Mark Richards - my son.

Two more messuages at Kimberley occupied by :
George Hodgkinson and Mark Richards.

To John Richards - my son -- remaining part or parcel of Red Hill Close.

Armed with the list of occupiers in 1839 we then consulted the 1841 Census.  This exercise was most valuable because it told us a great deal about the people who lived there.

1841 Census for Kimberley: Parish of Nuthall. RG. HO.107/857. Piece 857. Book 5/31. Page 9
Basford Regn. District.  Sub-District Greasley.  Edinborough Row, Kimberley,Greasley.
This is the way the Enumerator walked:
All that part of the Hamlet to Greasley called :
Kimberley Flatt.  Kimberley Alley and to Trough Lane, lying east of the Turnpike Road from Eastwood to Nottingham.

My note:  Definition of a Flatt. i.e. Kimberley Flat(t) - a strip in an open field or a piece of level ground.  Kimberley Flatt is known today as Browns Flatt.

We discover the properties in this order:  just after Cliff View,   then Edinburgh Row,  then Kimberley Alley,  then Kimberley Flatts.

Consequently Edinburgh Row is where the properties have been located and identified.  Eight cottages in a block and Mathew Richards  (The Speculator - my words) OWNED the whole row.

Name Status M or S Age Occupn. Where born
Joseph Chambers. Head M 51 Ag. Lab. Y
Sarah Chambers. - M 50 - Y
Matilda Chambers. - S 15 Three storey in height Y
Sarah Chambers. - S 15 - Y
Joseph Chambers. - S 10 - Y
Emilor Chambers. - S 03 - Y
Oliver Severn. - - 30 Cotton FWK Y
Mary Ann Severn. - - 20 - Y
Next door lived:
It is my intention to complete the next seven household in the near future.  However below is my research concerning these properties in 1841.

Eight cottages all in one block in Edinburgh Row, Kimberley.  Two cottages to the side at right angles and parallel to the road.  It is interesting to note that the Head of the Households are in three occupations only viz.:  Coal Miners, Agr.Labs. and FWK. in the Cotton industry.

There were three Hodgkinson families living in the Row.  Obviously father George and his two sons.

Mary Fisher - independent was the daughter of Mathew and Amy Richards nee Calladine.

She was the widow of Joseph Fisher and there is evidence that she had at least six children.  Mary Richards had married Joseph Fisher on the 25th.December 1812 at St. Patrick's Parish Church, Nuthall.

Who might Edward Stear be?  Perhaps the 1851 Census will reveal him ?  IGI is negative but he was born in Shardlow.

William and Catherine Robinson nee Fisher lived next door to Mary Fisher.

Of course Catherine was the daughter of Mary Fisher nee Richards so she was living next door to her widowed mother.  Also it follows that she was the grandchild of Mathew and Amy Richards nee Calladine.

Andrew Hodgkinson must have moved in and out of the houses in Edinboro Row because the "WILL" of Mathew Richards clearly states that he lived in the house prior to John Richards (the son of Mathew Richards the testator).  In fact he still lived in Edinburgh Row in 1841 next door to Joseph Chambers.

John Richards had moved out by 1841 and lived at Kimberley FlattS just down the road.  He was now a Publican living with his son Henry Wilcockson Richards.  His two Barton nieces were staying with him on Census day.  He had two female servants who live in - Milicent Radford and Ruth Farnsworth.  There was also a Three month old baby Mary Radford.  Clearly Milicent Radford'S daughter.

Subsequent research has revealed that John Richards was the father of this illegitimate baby Mary Radford and that later he married the mother Millicent Radford.  The baby later used the name Mary Richards Radford.  The premises where this family were living was the "Nelson Inn".  We have a chapter about John Richards in this book!

Henceforth this John Richards will also be known by the name "John the Rogue" on account of him being the father of two illegitimate children with Millicent Radford, whom he subsequently married.

Just after Edinboro Row is Kimberley Alley, which is in between Edinboro Row and Kimberley Flatt(s).  Here in 1841 lived Edward and Amy Richards with their children Alice, William, Drusilla, Thomas, Emilor and Elizabeth.  The latter may have been their grandchild - ralationships are not given on the 1841 Census.

However according to the 1851 Census all were born in Kimberley and Edward Richards was an Agricultural Labourer.

Here in Kimberley Alley in 1841 lived Edward Richards and his wife Sarah together with their two little girls both born in Watnall.  This Edward was a Bricklayer and was the son of Edward and Amy Richards and was living closeby his parents.

Comment:- I cannot relate this family to my research at present.

On the next road after Kimberley Alley we come to Kimberley Flatt(s)

In 1841, Samuel Merriman Richards and his wife Elizabeth formerly Longdale lived in Kimberley FlattS with their children Levi, Sarah, Ann and Henry.

According to the 1841 Census, Richard Richards was a Coal Miner living with his wife and family and lodging with the Purdy family.

The 1851 Census confirms this fact and records that he was born in Wollaton.  Research has confirmed that he was the son of Mark Richards and his wife Ann nee Mather and it follows that he was the grandson of Mathew and Amy Richards.

Evidence from the Census reveals that Richard Richards and his wife had at least six children and that the family had moved around quite a bit.

The Wollaton Parish Church register reveals that Richard Richards was baptised on the 9th. April 1820.  His wife Mary nee Purdy was from Newthorpe.

To date the following children have been traced to this couple : Ann, Elizabeth, James, Amy, Mathew and Edwin.

Continuing as at 13 September 2010.

Mathew Richards (1765 to 1840)

"The Speculator"


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