Medieval village of Palterton

SMR number : 12373 - DR6017
Site name :Palterton, Shrunken Medieval village
Record Type : Monument
National Grid Ref. : SK473684
Type and date : Shrunken Village Medieval - 1066 AD to 1539 AD
National Monuments Record : SK 46 NE 69
NAR PRN Number : 424620069


SK473684 Palterton, Shrunken Village.  Platforms and earthworks of the shrunken hamlet of Palterton.  Occur in permanent pasture that has not been ploughed for at least 63 years. (2001)

Hamlet of Paltretune in Scarcliffe is mentioned in the Domesday Book.  Also mentioned in the will of Wilfric Spot of 1002/1004.

This site refers to the physical remains of the shrunken medieval village of Palterton.

Many medieval villages experienced reductions in their populations through the impact of pandemics, such as the plague or through the shifting demand for far labour and the growth of towns.

In some cases the areas of former settlement have preserved the sites of former houses (house platforms), field earthworks and lanes.

The Black Death that reached Derbyshire in May 1349, appears to have affected most settlements, including Palterton.

The Plague recurred in 1362.  At Palterton, no tenant survived and the land remained uncultivated for twenty five years.

Medieval village of Palterton


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