The Miners Welfare in Palterton

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The Miners Welfare Fund catered for the social well being, recreation and living conditions of workers in and about coal mines.
1923.It made funds of 225 available for the purchase of 3 acres of land or thereabouts, now or recently in occupation of Mr. Thomas Turner, farmer in Palterton.   He farmed 'The Elms' farm.

Copy of original plan dated: 21/9/1923
This land was part of a large field boundered by Back Lane, Steel's Lane and the main Palterton to Bolsover road.  The field was split into two parts.  It was owned by the Bathurst Estate.

1923.Indenture dated 21 September.  Rt. Hon. Seymour Henry Earl of Bathurst (vendor).  The Honourable Allen Benjamin Bathurst of Cirencester, a Colonel in H.M. Army, Frederick William Cripps, Esq. Waterton House, Cirencester, Cuthbert Leicester Warren of Tabley House, Knutsford (Trustees), William Birkenhead Mather Jackson of Glapwell Hill a mining Engineer, Thomas Edward Haslam of Cromford Road, Chesterfield, Co. Sec., William Henry Bradshaw of Palterton a Weighman and Joseph Thornhill, miner of Palterton - herein called the Purchasers.

Conditions were imposed as part of the sale, namely:

Erect a good and suitable fence not less than 4 ft. 6 inches along a line marked on plan to prevent cattle and sheep from straying onto adjoining land.  Keep and repair existing fences, hedges in good condition.  Not to be used for any other purpose other than recreation only under the control of Palterton Miners Welfare Committee

Copy of original indenture dated: 21/9/1923.
Between the purchase date and c.1930, the land was used solely as a sports ground, the main sports being football and cricket.  Local children played their games on the field.

1927.25 Feb.  Appointment of Mark Wale as a Trustee to join with Jackson, Haslam, Thornhill and Bradshaw the latter Bradshaw wishing to retire as a trusteee.

1929. The Committee decided to build a Miners Welfare Hall.  Their specification being 25 ft. wide x 60 ft. long and 9 ft. from floor inside to eaves.  Brick foundations.  Built in 10 ft. bays.  Whole of outside to be covered in flat asbestos sheet.  Roof to be covered in corrugated asbestos, all supplied by an approved firm.

Timber to be of best quality well seasoned Baltic redwood from Danzic, Riga or other approved port.

Joinery woodwork equal to best quality Leningrad redwood free from sap, shakes, large or loose knots, wany edges and thoroughly well seasoned.  Pitch pine selected from large logs and free from resinbeds.  Floor to be one inch T & G grooved boards with all nails punched in.

Inside walls 5/8 inch V & tongue / groove match board. outer bricks to be hard, well burnt, lime and chips free, true in shape, uniform in size and purchased from an approved brickyard.

1929.29 November.  Cyril T. Whitehead, Baums Lane Joinery Works, Mansfield submitted a tender for 300 for proposed Miners Welfare Hall, Palterton - "the gable ends to be formed in such a manner as same can be taken out and building extended and gable ends refixed".

1930.19 May.  G. Haslam, Heating and Ventilation Engineer of Hardstoft, Pilsley submitted estimate of 46..18s..6d. to supply and fix No. 3 Junior Robin Hood boiler capable of heating 400 sq. ft. of radiation complete with smoke pipe.  Also provide and fix 2 rows of 3 inch cast iron radiator pipes fixed around the room together with all joints fixings etc.

1930.7 July.  Mr. Tom Rose, Whartons Cottages, Palterton, secretary submitted plans and specification for a proposed pavilion at Palterton Miners Welfare, the cost being 400 to District Miners Welfare Fund, Regents Buildings, London Road, Derby. asking them to fund it.

1930.Fire Policy.  Atlas Assurance Company Ltd.  Policy number S.10082688. Birmingham branch.  On the building of the clubhouse, new Boiler House and boiler furniture.   Building is lighted and heated by gas - Fire Insurance and War damage to value of 400, household furniture effects 110, Robin Hood boiler etc. 75.  Total value insured = 585.  Annual premium 1..9s..3d. dated 11.11.1930 to 25.12.1931.

1930.21 November.  G.E.Heslington. Bleak House. Glapwell submitted plans for specification and building of Palterton Miners Welfare Hall cost 5..5 shillings.

1930.12 November.  W. Hughes Hallam. Cotton Street. Bolsover, submitted invoice and was paid 18..3s for supplying water, plumbing, toilets and heating.

1936.8 January.  J.W.Thacker was paid 4 to provide and fix see saws.  He was the village shopkeeper and a builder.

1936.31 July.  J.W.Thacker was paid 35 for supplying one piano and stool as per contract.

1936.23 May.  J.W.Thacker was paid 157..10 shillings for a 20 ft. extension, heating, shop bar (50 sq. ft.), electric extension, ranty planks, paint and creosote.  Estimates had been submitted 18.10.1935 for each item.

1936.25 May.  Letter from District Miners Welfare Committee signed by William Saunders, secretary acknowledging receipt of tenders and agreeing payment.

1936.29 May.  Letter from secretary of The Sheepbridge Coal and Iron Co. Ltd. agreeing to a further grant of 77.10s. and stating total amount granted by District Committee to be 293..12..0d.

1936.2 June.  Similar letter received from sec. of District Miners Welfare Committee having examined receipt and vouchers for the 77.10s. are returned. (Tom Rose of Stone Row was still secretary).

1937.30 January.  J.W.Thacker was paid 12 for rebuilding W.C. and Urinal.  Also 10 for conversion of W.C. to Council specification.

1939.5 January.  Ammendment to insurance policy.  Atlas disclaiming liability for "any consequence direct or indirect of war, invasion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power."

1941.5 September.  Atlas Insurance premium now 1..10s. Building etc. now valued at 500.  Item 2 household furniture etc. now includes 3 billiard tables and value insured = 320, boiler now 80.

1951.North Derbyshire Area Welfare Committee approve placing of requisition for new glasses etc. with Messrs Gaskell and Chambers Sheffield.   Estimated cost 53..9shillings.

1958. 6 May.  Motor mower (Dennis) insurance taken out for 230.

1962.18 October.  Agreement 22988 signed between Trustees and Management of Palterton Miners Welfare and East Midlands Electricty Board for the placing of an electricity power line on two stays and two pole legs - 17 feet above the surface of the ground at each corner far east end of recreation ground.

1962.Insurance cover and premiums increased, suggesting more altertaions had been completed.

1963.23 July.  Lowery Holiday de luxe Organ installed at a cost of 495 guineas by Woffinden and Bond, Mansfield.

1965.25 December.  Insurance greatly increased and premiums increased 12..2s..9d

1966.20 September.  Proposed lease of land to Scarcliffe Parish Council by National Coal Board for Palterton Miners Welfare scheme allowing access to land for eleven years, with option to renew for twenty one years.  This was for a new childrens play area far south east of recreation ground.

1966.August.  Plans and agreements to make alterations inside the premises.  The bar area, some linoleum flooring, mirror in artistes dressing room and some seating figure in the plans.

1966.October.  Burglar alarm protection security plans to increase protection.

2000.Premises are now named Palterton Welfare.  I cannot find the date of the name change.

The Miners Welfare in Palterton


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