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The brick wall!

On the 28 December 1761, Mathew Richards, a sojourner married Mary Sore of the parish of Strelley, Nottinghamshire at Strelley Parish Church.  Shortly afterwards Mathew Richards applied to the parish of Stapleford, Notts. for a settlement certificate which was granted to himself, his wife and future family and in fact Stapleford paid poor law monies to widow Mary when she fell on hard times prior to her death.

Mathew Richards was not born in the parish of Stapleford nor baptised therein, but was stated to be "legally settled" therein.  Where was he born?

1.  Was he baptised in nearby Ilkeston, Derbyshire on 8 July 1733, the son of Samuel Richards and his wife Mary formerly      Chambers?
2.  Was he baptised in Shirland, Derbyshire on the 26 January 1736, son of William Richards and his wife Elizabeth      formerly Hopkinson?
3.  Is he A.N.Other Richards whom I have not yet traced?

Mystery number Two.
On the 3 April 1724, William Richards married Abigail Berkhamshire, both of the parish of South Wingfield, Derbyshire at their parish church.  Three children survived namely William, George and Dorothy.  Sadly Abigail Richards died and was buried in 1731 and was buried at nearby Shirland Parish Church.

William Richards, then a widower with three young children, was given poor relief but on the 7 February 1733 he married Elizabeth Hopkinson at nearby South Normanton Parish Church, Derbyshire.  Both were said to be of Higham in the parish of Shirland.  Two more children were born, namely Francis and Mathew, before Elizabth Richards died in September 1737, leaving William Richards, with five children and a widower for the second time.  His five children were William, George, Dorothy, Francis and the youngest Mathew Richards was aged 18 months at that time.

Where did the family move to?
What became of baby Mathew Richards?

1.  There is evidence that Dorothy Richards died a spinster at nearby Alfreton in 1760 and that her brother George Richards married whilst living in Alfreton, Derbyshire.
2.  To date, I can find no trace of William Richards and his children William, Francis and Mathew.  All the neighbouring parishes have been trawled without success.
Where did they move to?

Mystery number Three.
On the 7 May 1865, Mark Richards, aged 20 years, a Bachelor and a Miner of Somercotes married Sarah Barbara Coupe aged 17 years, a Spinster also of Somercotes.  The marriage was at Alfreton Parish Church, after Banns called.  Both made their "marks".  Their witnesses were Henry Richards, the grooms brother and Catharine Richards, his niece, both of whom made their "marks".

The father of Sarah Barbara Coupe was Henry Coupe, a Coal Miner.  I suspect the bride may have been pregnant!

To date, I cannot find either a civil registration or baptism for a Sarah Barbara Coupe, but have found Barbara Sarah Coup bapt. 11 May 1851 at Pleasley Parish Church, father Henry Coup.  Entry states aged 10 months.  I reckon they are the same person.  If so, she has clearly given a wrong age at marriage, she was under 15 years old.

Mark Richards, the groom remarries in 1870, and was stated to be a widower.  I cannot find a death for Sarah Barbara Richards either in the civil registration indexes or parish registers.

Where did she die and where is she buried?

Richards most wanted


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