Nether House

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Nether House was located down Rylah Hill about 400 yards/metres from Rock Corner on the left hand side of Rylah Hill.  Access to the property was via a cart track that runs directly off Rylah Hill.  The property was derelict in 1945 and at that time was part of land rented by farmer Mr. Fred Holmes of Lilac Farm.

When I first started researching Nether House my first thoughts were that it was a house in the small area known as Riley - Rylah as it is now named.  I thought it was the house that was up a short cart track that was almost opposite Rylah Farm.  This house that I am referring to subsequently became known as Rylah House and definitely not Nether House.

1861.  Census. At that time, an important person in the district was William Burkitt a widower aged 54 years born at Bothamsall, Nottinghamshire was living at Ryhlah.  He was stated to be a Farm Bailiff.  His son Thomas aged 17 years born at Palterton lived with him as did his two unmarried daughters Elizabeth, 27 years and Ellen 20 years.

I conject that William Burkitt and his family occupied the property Nether House but did not own it.

1881.  Census.
William Burkitt a widower aged 74 years born Bothamsall, Nottinghamshire was still living at Rylah (Nether House - my words).  He was stated to be a farmer of 4 acres and a Rate collector.  He employed one labourer who did not live at the farm.  His grandaughter Eliza E. Burkitt aged 12 years born at Manchester was with him on census night.  He was an occupier but may not have owned his property.

1891.  Census.
William Burkitt a widower aged 85 years born Bothamsall, Nottinghamshire was still living at Rylah (Nether House - my words).  He was stated to be a shepherd.  Living with him was his grandson Joseph Sowter and his wife Ellen and two children.

1901.  Census. John Hiram Riley and his family occupied Nether House at the time of this census.    It is just co-incidence that a Riley family lived in a hamlet named Riley, though later the hamlet was named Rylah.  The said Riley family subsequently moved up into Palterton village.  John Hiram Riley was a miner and would have worked at nearby Glapwell Colliery.
Census Ref:  RG13 / piece 3133, Folio 51 page 3.  Mansfield Regn. District.

Name Status M / F Age Marr. or S Birth year Occupation Born
Riley, John Hiram Head M 41 Marr. 1860 Coal miner Denby, Notts.
Riley, Elizabeth Wife F 37 Marr. 1864 - Hucknall Huthwaite
Riley, Albert Son M 15 S 1886 - B. Winning, Derbys.
Riley, William Son M 14 S 1887 - B. Winnings, Derbys.
Riley, Caroline E. Dau. F 11 S 1890 - Palterton, Derbys.
Riley, John G. Son M 7 S 1894 - Palterton, Derbys.
Riley, Harriett Susi Dau. F 1 S 1900 - Palterton, Derbys.

1911.  The Sowter family occupied Nether House at the time of this census.  We can pinpoint the location of Nether House by following the route of the Enumerator, who was recording properties from Stockley to Riley and onto Palterton.  Joseph Sowter the head of the household stated that Nether House was in Palterton.

1912, 1913 and 1914.  The Electoral Rolls reveal that John Sowter occupied a dwelling house which we know from the census was Nether House

Subsequently the Sowter family moved up to another property in Palterton village.

1960.  The house was demolished around the 1960s and nothing remains at the site to remind people of the house.


This chapter is still being constructed as and when new information is forthcoming..

Nether House


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