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1874Norton Common, Staffordshire11 February.
Eli Richards was born  the son of Mark and Agnes Richards.  His birth was registered by his mother Agnes in the sub-district of Cannock in the Cannock Registration District, Staffs. on 9 March 1874Mark Richards, the father was still a coal miner and the family were living at Norton Common, Norton, Staffordshire.

1874Norton Canes, Staffordshire12 March.
Eli Richards was baptised at the Primitive Methodist Church, Norton Canes, Staffordshire and the record of the baptism is to be found at entry number 210 in the aforementioned Church register.  A copy of this register is to be found in the Local Studies Centre, Walsall under reference 318/44.  At the time of Eli's baptism the place of abode for the family was stated to be Norton Canes.  This baptism entry corroborates Eli's birth date as 11.02.1874.

An image of Eli Richards born 11 Feb. 1874 and his wife Mary formerly Charlesworth.

1874.  Brinsley, Nottinghamshire.25 June.
The records for Brinsley Colliery, which were in the possession of the late Ron Storer, a local historian, reveal a Mark Richards, aged 29 years, married working as a Dayman underground at the colliery.  Hence we conclude the family including Eli Richards were living in the village.

1876.  Worksop, Nottinghamshire.18 October.
The family were living in Crown Terrace, Worksop.  Father Mark was still a coal miner.  On this date another son was born to Mark and Agnes Richards whom they named George Richards, a brother for Eli Richards.

1880.  Radcliffe, Lancashire.14 July.
Another son was born and they named him Jacob Richards.  He was obviously named after Agnes's brother Jacob Harvey, a witness to this couples marriage.  At that time the family were living at 24, Mather Street, Radcliffe and remained there until after the 1881 census.  Another brother for brother for Eli Richards.

1881.  Radcliffe, Lancashire.3 April 1881
The census dated reveals that Mark and Agnes Richards and their three children namely Eli aged 7 years, George aged 4 years and Jacob aged 8 months were living at 24, Mather Street, Radcliffe.

1881.  Norton Common, Brownhills, Staffordshire.14 March.
A sister for Eli Richards named Cecilia.  Her father Mark Richards had returned to being a coal miner and he made his mark when registering baby Cecilia's birth on the 24 April 1882 in the sub-district of Cannock in the Registation District of Cannock.

1885.  Norton. Staffordshire.4 October.
Another brother for Eli Richards whom his parents name Mathew Henry which are good old Richards names from at least 150 years past.  Father Mark Richards again made his "mark" when registering his new son on the 27 November 1885 again in the sub-district of Cannock in the Registration District of Cannock.  The family's place of abode was recorded as Norton whereas previously their abode was stated to be Norton Common.  They may or may not have moved house.

1886.  Norton Canes, Brownhills, Staffordshire.31 July.
Mark Richards is recorded in the Electoral Rolls for the Norton Canes Polling District.  He is stated to be occupying a dwelling house at Norton East, Norton Canes.   However, according to the Electoral Rolls this is the last year that he was entitled to vote in Norton Canes until 1891.  Certainly he is not recorded in the years 1887, 1888, 1889 and 1890.

An image of Eli Richards born 11 February 1874 believed to be with his children and grandchildren. Clarence (Charlie) is believed to be boy on left front row. This image is circa 1934.

1898Shuttington, Staffordshire1 August.
Eli Richards, aged 25 years, a bachelor and a miner married Mary Charlesworth, aged 24 years and a spinster at St. Mathew's Parish Church, Shuttington, in the Tamworth Registration District.  The respective fathers were Mark Richards, a miner and George Charlesworth, a servant.  Both bride and groom signed their names and both were stated to be residing at Shuttington at the time of their marriage.  The witnesses were Emanuel North, who was of course Eli's half brother and Eli's married sister Cecilia S. Ward, both of whom signed their names.

1899.  Alvecote, Warwickshire.  8 September 1899.
Eli and his wife Mary had a baby girl whom they named Annie Agnes Richards.  This baby girl was born at 22 Alvecote in the parish of Shuttington.  The birth was registered on the 10 October 1899 by her mother Mary Richards formerly Charlesworth who stated that she lived at 22 Alvecote, Shuttington and that her husband Eli, the father was a coal miner.

The house number 22 was in a row of houses facing and by the side of the main railway line.
Alvecote Colliery was nearby on the other side of the railway line.

19016/8 AprilPeggs Green, Thringstone, Leicestershire.
The census records Eli Richards, his wife Mary and daughter Annie A. Richards, aged 1 year lived nearby.  Their address stated as "near New Inn".  His parents and brothers lived close by.

190119 JunePeggs Green, Thringstone, Leicestershire.
Eli and his wife Mary Richards formerly Charlesworth have a baby son whom they name Eli Richards.  This was another grandchild for Mark and Agnes Richards.

This baby Eli was born at Peggs Green a small hamlet in the Thringstone R.D. and his birth was registered by his mother Mary Richards on the 17 July 1901, who stated that she was the mother and that her place of residence was Peggs Green, Thringstone.

Furthermore, she stated that her husband Eli Richards was the father and that he was a Coal Miner.  This birth registration was in the Ashby de la Zouch Registration District in the sub-district of Whitwick.  My conjecture is that father Eli Richards most probably worked at Whitwick Colliery.

An image of Eli Richards born 19 June 1901 and his son Clarence (Charlie).

1901Palterton,  Derbyshire.
Sometime after July and before December, I conject this Richards family moved to Palterton from Peggs Green.  There is evidence that Jacob Richards, the brother of Eli was in the village in December, when he married at nearby Scarcliffe Parish Church.

Although I cannot provide documentary evidence to prove it, I conject the male Richards were all working at nearby Glapwell Colliery and would walk to and from the pit via Rylah Hill.

1904Palterton,  Derbyshire.
The Electoral Rolls for the Scarcliffe Polling District and the hamlet of Palterton (31.12.1903 to 1.1.1905) in respect of Occupation Voters reveal family names as follows:  Jacob Richards, Eli Richards and Mark Richards.

By studying these Electoral Rolls for 1904, we have corroboration that Mark Richards and at least two of his son's namely Eli and Jacob Richards were residing in Palterton at this time.  As far as the research has revealed this is the first time that either of these three Richards appear.

1905Palterton,  Derbyshire.
Eli and his wife Mary Richards had a baby girl whom they named Tamar Richards

17 March 1905.  This baby Tamar was baptised at St. Leonards Parish Church, Scarcliffe.

The Electoral Rolls (1905) reveal that Eli Richards was occupying a dwelling house and still residing in the hamlet of Palterton.  However there is no mention of either his father Mark Richards or his brother Mathew Henry ("Harry").  Nevertheless, all these Richards families were living in Palterton.

An image of Tamar Richards born 1905. She married Sydney Warren and died 13 January 1990.

1906 - 1912Palterton,  Derbyshire.
Eli Richards born 11 Feb. 1874 appears on the Electoral Rolls, each year until 1913.  I conject that he together with his wife and children left Palterton sometime between 1912 and 1913 and moved to Nuneaton where Eli's married sister Cecilia was residing.  I conject they moved to the Chapel End district.

1912.  31 January  Palterton,  Derbyshire.
Mary Richards wife of Eli gave birth to twins, one of whom died, probably at birth.  The survivor, a baby boy, they named Frederick Richards.  This baby "Fred" Richards was baptised at St. Leonards Parish Church, Scarcliffe.

"Fred" Richards served in the army during the 1939-45 war, his regiments being the Royal Army Medical Corps and R.A.S.C.  He died on the 20 December 1983 aged 71 years at Nuneaton.

An image of Fred. Richards born 31 Jan. 1912 and died 20 December 1983.

1949.  16 November  Chapel End, Nuneaton,  Warwickshire.
Eli Richards died at 70 Coleshill Road, Chapel End.  He was stated to be aged 75 years and a retired coal miner surface worker.  The cause of death was (a) cardiac failure (b)cardiac vascular degeneration.  His death was certified by E. Whitehill. MRCS.  His son F. Richards of 68 Colehill Road, Chapel End, Nuneaton registered the death on the 16 November 1949.

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Eli Richards (1880 to 1945)

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