Palterton Green

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Palterton Green is a triangular shaped piece of land that lies in the area boundered between Rylah Hill, Low Road and a line about 50 metres west of Main Street.

It is unclear as to whether or not it is still "Common Land".

After some correspondence from myself to the local Scarcliffe Parish Council, they have since early 2003 maintained part of the area by the north side of Rylah Hill around the Two Troughs.  However, they refused to maintain the remainder of Palterton Green because they (the Parish Council) could not afford to spend money on the project.

As at 31 July 2004, I contacted Scarcliffe Parish Council.  They have had another look at this area and have cleaned it up.  They intend to maintain it to a reasonable standard.  This is good news for the village and a credit to the parish council.

A few years back, the land was allegedly "owned" by Bolsover District Council who passed it to Scarcliffe Parish Council, with the intention it should be either given or loaned to the Palterton Residents Association.  However, the latter organisation were unable to meet the high cost of insurance, stated to be around 6,000 and the plan failed.

As at early 2004, it is still not clear as who actually owns the land.  I have not yet established that Palterton Green was registered by Bolsover District Council.

I have recorded herein some of my rough research notes from a few years ago in the late 1990s.

My rough notes:
Trough Issues.

Plot of land NOT entered in the Register of Common Land and neither is it in the Register of Town and Village Greens. It is NOT owned by the (Bolsover District) Council.

It is NOT registered to or by anybody hence nobody has maintained it for many years .

Mr Montandon confiscated the path then Mr. Offen purchased it in good faith.

Land is now Rylah Hill and Main Street, Palterton.

Commons Regulation Act 1965 is the legislation covering this subject.

It (Palterton Green) was added to the register on the 24 July 1997.

24 July 1997.  Community and Public Protection Committee - Delegation sub committee.

26/97.  Registers of Common Land and Towns or Village Greens Regulation Act 1965 - Resolved that the land at Rylah Hill and Main Street be included in the Register of Town and Village greens.

The older parts of Palterton, particularly those overlooking the scarp slope form a development unique in it's siting and has some environmental merit.

Palterton Green


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