Extracts from Newspapers re Palterton 1890 to 1895

Derby Daily Telegraph Tuesday, 2 September 1890

OPENING of a New Railway.
The Midland Railway Company have again extended their system bythe opening of the Doe Lea extension for passenger traffic on Monday morning.  About two miles of railway from the junction with the Seymour line was constructed over 20 years ago.  No further lengthening of the line took place until 1884, from which time the work has been in the hands Messrs. Tomlinson, contractors, of Derby.  The new line is about eight miles long, and connects the Clowne with the Teversal branch, thus forming another route from Chesterfield to Mansfield.  There are three stations, neatly built of brick, viz. Bolsover (at the foot of the Castle), Palterton and Sutton, and Rowthorne and Hardwick.  There is a tunnel of nearly a mile beyond Glapwell, to which place the line runs along a beautiful valley, and gives increased facilities for visiting Bolsover Castle and ruins, and also Halls, Glapwell and Sutton Hall, the home of the Arkwrights'; but the main receipts will probably be derived from the adjacent collieries, See., amongst which are the Staveley Company's extensive pits, No. 1 aud No. 2, which work the coal on the Sutton estate, and Glapwell Colliery, belonging to the Sheepbridge Co. (Limited).  A large colliery plant is also being put down by the Bolsover Colliery Co., near the station, besides which there are the Firestone Works of the Bathurst Co., near Palterton.  About 400 houses are be put up for workmen Poolsbrook (for Markham) and Bolsover.  The branch consists of single line of rails, will be worked on the tablet system.  A service of trains (three each way) is running between Mansfield and Chesterfield, the change being made at Staveley Station.

Derbyshire Times and Chesterfield Herald.  dated 1890

32 Lots of Valuable Freehold Building Land
by Messrs. BYRON & RANGELEY, at the " Cavendish Hotel," Bolsover, On MONDAY, June 9th, 1890, af 6 o'clock in the evening prompt, subject to conditions of sale to be then produced, all that FIELD of LAND, heretofore known as "Flash Close," situate at Palterton, in the Parish of Scarcliffe, adjoining the highway leading from Bolsover' to Glapwell, which has been set out for sale in 32 convenient Lots, for building purposes, four of the lots have frontages to the Highway and the remaining lots to a new street of 30 feet in width which will be made through the land.  The minerals which are at least 400 yards from the surface are reserved.  Plans and further particulars may obtained of the Rev. T. C. Hills, The Vicarage, Bolsover, of Mr. J. T. Shardlow or Mr. Henry Hole, Somercotes, Mr. Spencer, The Cavendish Hotel, Bolsover, or of the Auctioneers, 5, Low Pavement, Chesterfield ;  J. G.WILSON, 1807 _ Solicitor, Alfreton. WHEAT PLACE,

Derbyshire Times and Chesterfield Herald, Saturday 30 July 1892.
Nearly 500 of the workmen, their wives and friends paid a visit to Llandudno on Saturday, last in thorough holiday weather, and if the first train from the Glapwell new station may be taken as an augury of its future success the M R Co. will be repaid for their latest development of the Doe Lea Branch.  A special train had been chartered and long before the time of departure, 2 a.m. some 300 people had assembled on the Glapwell Platform.  These were augmented by contingents from Palterton, Bolsover, and other intermediate places toChesterfield.  In the composition of the train every possible comfort was provided, and though the journies to and fro are very long, the monotony was relieved with singing and music of various descriptions. On arrival at Llandudno (8 a.m.) breakfast was the first order of the day, after which many took advantage of a sea trip to Bangor, Beaumaris and Menai Bridge.  To those who preferred "dry land" great Orme's head was an attraction but no matter where one went Glapwell work people were in evidence.  The return journey commenced at 6.50 p.m., and the party arrived at Glapwell at Mid-night.  It is admitted on all sides that this year's trip was more enjoyable than all it's predecessors, and Mr Smith, the colliery cashier who made the arrangements was warmly thanked for the excellent manner in which they had been consummated.

Derbyshire Times and Chesterfield Herald.  Saturday, 4 February 1893 page 7.
At Palterton on Tuesday, Mr. Wm. Joseph Shacklock aged 57 years, a prominent agriculturist, went with his man to attend to some sheep or turnips, near the village.  As he did not return to the house, his son went in search of him, and found him suspended by a cord attached to a beam in the straw chamber, dead.  For some time, Mr. Shacklock had not been well, and was under medical treatment.  He leaves a son and six daughters.

Derbyshire Times and Chesterfield Herald.  Saturday, 4 February 1893 page 5 of 8.
On Thursday, Mr.C.G.Busby held an inquest at the Nag's Head Inn Palterton, on the body of Wm. Joseph Shacklock, farmer, who committed suicide by hanging himself in an outhouse on his farm on the 31st. ult -  The evidence went to show the deceased had been low spirited for some time.   He went to attend to some sheep on the morning in question, and as he did not return in a reasonable time a search was made, and he was found suspended by the neck in a barn.  Life was extinct.  A verdict of "Committed suicide whilst temporarily insane" was returned.

Derbyshire Times and Chesterfield Herald.  Wednesday, 19 April 1893.

By Messrs. Jno. H. Bradwell & Son.

Rylah, Palterton, Derbyshire and Warsop, Nottinghamshire.

Land, Minerals and Houses.

MESSRS. JNO. H. BRADWELL & SON have received instructions from the
Trustees of the WILL of Thomas Bowett, deceased
to SELL BY AUCTION on THURSDAY, April 27th., 1893
at the Swan Hotel, Mansfield, 13 Lots of Valuable STANDING TIMBER.

LOT I is close to RYLAH HOUSE, Palterton.  Catalogues are now ready, - Apply to the Auctioneers, Nottingham
Sale at 4 o'clock in the afternoon prompt, under the Common Form Conditions of the Nottinghamshire Incorporated Law Society and the special conditions to be then produced,the undermentioned properties, in the following or such other Lots as may be decided at the time of sale.


A MOIETY, or equal undivided half part of and in a Freehold Estate of well watered GRASSLAND, with HOMESTEAD, situate at Rylah, near Palterton, in the parish of Scarcliffe, in the County of Derby., consisting of the following particulars:-

No. on
Parish plan
Description Quantity
A. R. P.
206 Long Lands Bottom 3. 3. 15.
207PT. Long Lands 1. 1. 0.
208PT. Great and Little Wheatley Fields 6. 3. 10.
209. Whitaker Croft 3.0.8.
211. Garden 0.0.3.
212. Orchard 0.1.24.
213. House, Outbuildings and Garden 0.0.17.
214. Long Croft 3.1.16.
215. Garden 0.0.37.
218. Rylah Meadow and Whitaker Croft -.2.0.
219. Rylah Meadow 3.3.11
226. Clayton Meadow 4.3.29.
- Total Acreage 32.1.19
And also one Moiety of the Valuable and readily marketable Seams of COAL under such lands and under 1r.35p. of the Midland Railway adjoining thereto.

LOT 2.

THE ENTIRITY of a Freehold Property of MEADOW LAND, situate adjoining Lot 1, and lying, for the most part, between the Midland Railway and the Doe Lea River, at Rylah, comprising the following Closes :

No. on
Parish plan
Description Quantity
A. R. P.
205 Rylah Meadow 6.2.26.
205A. Meadow 3.0.30.
220PTs. Wheatley Field Meadow 0.2.28.
221. Plantation 0.0.15.
-. Total Acreage 10.2.19.
And also the entirity of the minerals thereunder, about three 3 roods of the adjoining Railway and Occupation Roads.
The greater part of the Timber on Lots 1 and will be reserved and sold by the Auctioneers immediately after this sale.

Extracts from Newspapers re Palterton 1890 to 1895

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