Extracts from Newspapers re Palterton 1916 to 1917

Derbyshire Times newspaper.
1917. 1 September. page 6. Col.1. Bolsover, Shuttlewood, Scarcliffe, Palterton and District.
A new lodge of the Derbyshire Miners Assn. was inaugurated at a meeting of the men of Ramcroft Colliery, held in the Nags Head Inn, Palterton on Saturday, 26 Aug.1917.  Mr Frank Hall, Treasurer of the Assn. was the principal speaker, and at the close of the address, officials were elected as follows: President - Mr Jos. Bostock. Treasurer - Mr G. Bostock. Sec. Mr. E. Layton. Committee - Messrs H. Barton and C. Flint.

Private J. Edwards.
News has reached Palterton that Private J. Edwards, Sherwood Foresters has arrived in hospital at Keighley from France, where he was wounded in the right arm on 21 September (1917).   Private Edwards was formerly employed as a serviceman at the Glapwell Colliery and his home is at Thirteen Row, Palterton.  His wife is at present saying with friends in the neighbourhood of Keighley in order to be near her husband during his convalescence.
Source: Derbyshire Times.  Saturday, 20 October 1917.  p4)
Note :  This man is not mentioned on the Palterton War Memorial because he survived the war.

Pte. Cecil Allett of Oakham
Mr. J. Allett of 14 Gee-Street (?), has this week been notified of the death of his son Pte. Cecil Allett.  The sad news was conveyed in a letter by Sergt. W. Bell that Pte. Allett was killed during an attack on September 25th., whilst an attempt was being made to capture a strongly - held village from the enemy.  Pte. Allett was doing excellent work by bombing the enemy out of his trench.  He showed the greatest coolness and bravery, and while carrying out his work he was shot in the head by a sniper and died almost instantly.  The writer concludes that Pte. Allett was a good soldier and would be greatly missed.  Pte. Allett, who was 26 years of age had been employed in and about Oakham for a number of years.  He was formerly with the Territorials, and after the outbreak of war presented himself for enlistment, but was rejected.  Anxious to serve he underwent an operation at Leicester Infirmary, and was then accepted. After a bried leave, he went abroad in May.
Source: Grantham Journal dated 18 November 1916.
Note : This man and his brother Bertie Harold Allett are remembered on the Palterton War Memorial.

Extracts from Newspapers re Palterton 1916 to 1917

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