Extracts from Newspapers re Palterton 1919

Palterton Primitive Methodist Chapel Cricket Team.
Saturday. 6 September 1919.
Bolsover and District Sunday School League.
Final Table.
Palterton Prims.   Played 6.  Won 5.  Lost 1.  Drawn 0.  Pts.10.
Mastin Moor Church.  P6.  W4.  L2.  D0.  Pts. 8.
Bolsover Prims.          P6.  W3.  L3.  D0.  Pts. 6.
Bolsover Congs.         P6.  W0.  L6.  D0.  Pts. 0.

Also, Winners of the HOUGHTON Cup (Knock out). Palterton Prims.

Saturday. 13 September 1919. page 6.
News and Comments from East Derbyshire.
Bolsover, Shuttlewood, Scarcliffe, Palterton and District.
A general meeting of the Palterton Peace Committee was held at the Nags Head Inn on Saturday (6.9.1919).  Mr W. Candlin occupied the Chair and the Sec. Mr H. Bradshaw presented the financial statement, which showed an income of 76..14s..10d. and an expenditure of 68..3s..2d. With the balance in hand of 8..11s..2d. it was decided to purchase a Commemoration Mug for every child under the age of 13 years.

Derbyshire Times dated Saturday, ?? 1919.
Dodging the Rent.  Palterton "Flitter" Prosecuted.
The wife of a soldier who had received an allowance for rent from the colliery at which her husband was employed before enlistment, having got into arrears for rent, removed elsewhere.  For doing so, the woman Martha Ann Granby, was summoned at Chesterfield on Saturday (22.9.1919) by her landlady Hannah Dickens, the charge being "fraudulently removing goods from Palterton to Bolton to avoid distress for 31..18s..6d. arrears of rent due 17 Feb. (1919).  Complainant explained that the defendant left the house without giving any notice.  She had goods worth 25.  She asked for double rent as she had five tenants go off in that way in a fortnight and had lost over 17.  This was a soldiers wife who had a separation allowance and her rent money allowed from the colliery, but she had not kept up her payments.  When her husband joined up in 1914 they owed no rent the arrears had been run up since.  An order was made for the payment of 1..18s..6d. - the arrears due.

Extracts from Newspapers re Palterton 1919

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