Extracts from Newspapers re Palterton 1920

Derbyshire Times dated Saturday 14 February 1920.
Her Friends Bicycle.  Palterton girls indiscretion.
Mary Orwin, a respectably dressed young girl, was charged at Chesterfield on Saturday with stealing a cycle, value fifty shillings the property of Amy Benton, threshing machine hand, Palterton on 27 January.  On that date a man named Morris left the bicycle at the shop of Mr Pitkin, Bolsover and said that a young woman from Palterton would call for it.   The defendant called and understanding that the machine belonged to her, allowed her to take it away.  On January 30th. Miss Benton called and asked for the cycle. Miss Benton explained that she and the defendant worked together on a thrashing machine and defendant was present when Morris borrowed the cycle and made the arrangement about leaving it with Mr. Pitkin.  A Police Constable stated that when he saw the defendant in possession of the cycle, she said that she had no intention of disposing of it, but meant to take it back.   Defendant said that Miss Benton told her that they would go to Bolsover together for the cycle and that she (defendant) .......   The Chairman Mr Johnson Pearson said that the Magistrates were of the opinion there was no intention to steal the machine but they thought the defendant had been very indiscreet in taking it without the permission of the owner, the case would be dismissed on the payment of costs..

Derbyshire Times dated Saturday 14 February 1920. continued.....
Whilst P.C. Symonds was taking a man in custody to Bolsover, he came across a man named Mart, a labourer of Palterton, lying drunk by the roadside.  With the assistance of the other prisoner he took Mart along with him.  At Chesterfield on Tuesday Mart was charged with being drunk and incapable at Broken Cross, Hillstown and remanded until today, Saturday.

Derbyshire Times dated Saturday 14 February 1920.  continued.....
East Derbyshire Senior League.  Division 2.
Whitwell D. S.  P 14.  W 11.  L 1.  D2.  For 47  Ag. 15.  Pts. 24.
Palterton.          P 16.  W 11.  L4.  D 1.  For 36  Ag. 24.  Pts. 23.
Played on Saturday.  Clowne Juniors 7  Palterton 1.
Eleven goals in two matches.  The feature of the game between Clowne Juniors and Palterton was the display of D. Edwards one of the home forwards who scored no fewer than six goals.  The previous week he netted five. Simmonds got through once and Palterton managed to reduce the lead by one.  Despite the crop of penalties it was a fine achievement on the part of the Juniors who are well in the running for the championship.

Derbyshire Times dated Saturday, 21 February 1920.  page 9.
One of the most deplorable cases that has come before the Chesterfield County Bench was dealt with on Saturday when William Stocks, Miner, Hare and Hounds Yard, Palterton, was charged with neglecting his four children aged respectively 13, 10, 8 and 3 years.

Derbyshire Times dated Saturday 6 November 1920.
"MARKET MERRY"  What Led to Palterton Assault.
Four young miners, stated to be out on strike, meeting with a special constable at Palterton, a request for cigarettes and subsequent scenes of violence, were the features of a series of nine cases at Chesterfield on Saturday.

Frank Flint of Palterton, a sinker employed at Glapwell Colliery, who is also a special constable, summoned Thomas Woodward, George Carlin and George Walter Smith of New Houghton; and Sam Alberry of Stanfree for assault.  The same four were similarly summoned by Henry Flint and Betsy Flint, father and mother of the first complainant.

Another man, James Dickenson, who resides near to the Flints, summoned Woodward, Smith and Alberry, also for assault, whilst a further summons was preferred against Carlin by Henry Flint for damage to a window and zinc bath at his house to the amount of 1..12s... 6d.

Cross-summonses, also alleging assault were brought by Woodward and Smith against Dickenson and Henry Flint; by Alberry against Henry and Frank Flint and Dickenson; and by Carlin against Frank Flint; all summonses relating to the same date - October 20th.

Mr. B. Mather represented the Flints and Dickenson, whose case was that whilst Frank Flint was talking to Dickenson, the four defendants came up, one asking for a cigarette.   AsFlint was in the act of getting one, another of the defendants also asked for a cigarette in a way which Flint told them they had not right to ask.   A remark was then in the party, when one eventually exclaimed to Flint: "You are one of them are you?" meaning a special constable.

It was alleged that though complainant did not take advantage of his position as a special constable, or give any provocation, some of the defendants set upon him.  He defended himself as best he could, then got away and went into his house, where a short time afterwards a bath was thrown through the window.  Henry Flint went outside in consequence, when he was assaulted by one of the men whom he submitted was behind a water butt.  Dickenson came on the scene and was assaulted, as also was Mrs Flint.

In answer to Mr. R.A.Young of Nottingham, defending, Frank Flint denied that he was flaunting his power, and threatened to lock the peop's up, or that he assaulted Alberry.  It was, however, contended by Mr. Young that the "whole trouble was instituted by the gratuotous knocking down of Alberry by Frank Flint, and that he was the man, who put the match to the powder."  Defendants denied striking at Mrs Flint, whilst Carlin also submitted that he was not concealed behing the water butt.

Called independently by the Bench, P.C. Symonds said Henry Flint bore a number of weals on his body.  Dickenson had two black eyes, a lump on his head, while his legs and knees were also blue and swollen.  Frank Flint and his mother, Mrs Flint also complained of having been knocked about.  Witness spoke of having seen defendant about half an hour before time of the occurrence, when he described them as being "market merry".  He also produced a portion of broom stale which was alleged to have been used by some of defendants .

For assaulting Henry Flint, the defendants Woodward, Carlin, Smith and Alberry were fined 60s. each: for assaulting Dickenson, the men Woodward, Smith and Alberry were fined a further 30s. each; the whole four were again fined 20s. each for assaulting Betsy Flint; ordered to pay costs in the case of Frank Flint; whilst Cralin was ordered to pay the damage of 1..12s..6d. and costs in regard to the window and bath.  All the cross summonses were dismissed.

Mr. Young: These men are on strike, perhaps your Worships will give reasonable facilities regarding time to pay.  The Chairman, (Sir Ernest Shentall) - The police will make arrangements with them.

Derbyshire Times dated Saturday, 28 February 1920. Sports pages.
East Derbyshire Senior League.  Division 2.
Whitwell D. S.  P15.  W12.  L1.  D2.  For 54.  Ag. 15.  Pts. 26.
Palterton.          P16.  W11.  L4.  D1.  For 36.  Ag. 24.  Pts. 23.

Derbyshire Times dated Saturday, 6 March 1920.  Sports pages.
East Derbyshire Senior League.  Division 2.
Whitwell D. S.  P16.  W13.  L l.  D2.  For 54.  Ag. 16.  Pts. 28.
Palterton.          P16.  W11.  L4.  D1.  For 36.  Ag. 24.  Pts. 23.

Derbyshire Times dated Saturday, 6 March 1920. continued....
The New Houghton Club.
The application to strike the New Houghton Working Mens club off the register again came before the Chesterfield County Magistrates on Saturday.  Mr A.J.Hopkins said there was a chance of an amicable settlement being arrived at and he asked that a further adjournment of one month be granted.  This request was acceded to.

Derbyshire Times dated Saturday, 20 March 1920. page 7. Sports pages
An attack, it is alleged, was made upon Referee J. Marper by the Palterton spectators at the close of the match with Whitwell D.S. in the East Derbyshire Senior League at Palterton on Saturday.  Referee Marper is well known in the district as an official of ripe judgement who tempers firmness with tact and in a wider sphere he is frequently seen on the line at English League matches.  At Palterton, he held the game well in hand, but Elliott disagreeing with one of his offside decisions, used, it is stated, most insulting language towards him, and he was given his "marching orders".  Later R. Floyd, the right half, for ungentlemanly conduct and bad language was ordered off the field, but refused to go, and Referee Marper had no alternative but to stop the game six minutes off time when Whitwell were leading 3-1.

The spectators booed and it is alleged, as he was leaving the field, the referee was pelted with mud and sods and the jug which contained the coffee was even hurled at him, but fortunately missed it's mark.  Afterwards he received a kick at the back of the ankle, which brought him to the ground. Chrys Tyers the Whitwell captain, displaying commendable sportsmanship, went up to the referee, picked him up and assisted by other members of the team, carried the referee to the teams headquarters, where his injuries were attended to, and later in the evening he was able to proceed home.  It is significant that only a small percentage of the referees chosen to officiate at Palterton fulfil their engagements.

Derbyshire Times dated Saturday, 3 April 1920. Police Brevities. page 8..  Bolsover.
Jake Richards had 10 shillings to pay for riding a cycle without rear light in the Market Place, Bolsover.
My note:.  This is not Jacob Richards c. 1880. at Radcliffe, Lancs., but it is the son of George Richards, killed 1918 in WW1, who was the brother of said Jacob Richards.)

Derbyshire Times dated Saturday, 3 April 1920..  continued.. New Houghton.
For using objectionable language in Rotherham Road, New Houghton, Richard Haslam had 10 shillings to pay at Chesterfield on Saturday..  My note:.  This is grandfather on my maternal side).

Derbyshire Times dated Saturday, 10 April 1920..  page 9.
An unusual case, interfering with the conduct of a religious service was heard at Chesterfield on Saturday, when five men - ARTHUR PEMBERTON, FRED SMITH, JAMES LAVIN, FRED GILL and THOMAS GOODALL - were all summoned for shouting within 50 yards of a Mission Church at Palterton after being requested to cease on March 21st..  The Rev. S. BISS, vicar of Scarcliffe, said he went to Palterton Mission to take a children's service, and when he got near the door he saw 10 or 11 men standing near the Mission Room..  Before he got to them he heard bad language being used..  At 2.45 p.m. he took the service and every time there was a silence in the Mission Church he could hear a heated argument going on amongst the defendants..  At last witness took off his surplice and went outside to the men asking them to go further away, as they were distracting the service..  One man exclaimed, "Shut the door," and when witness asked him his name he replied, "JOE BECKETT," at which the men all laughed..  Witness found it was no good talking to the men, so he returned to the Church and sent one of the boys for a Constable..  The Chairman (Major P. HUNLOKE) told the men they ought to try not to annoy people in such a way..  They might not have done it intentionally, but they should try and make things as pleasant as they could for everyone..  Mr. G. A. EASTWOOD (a magistrate):.  It is very unpleasant for Mr BISS to have to bring anyone here..  SMITH and LAVIN did not appear and all the defendants were ordered to pay costs.

Derbyshire Times dated Saturday, 26 June 1920..  page 6.

Derbyshire Times dated Saturday, 4 September 1920.
Bolsover and District Sunday League.
Palterton Prims..  P13..  W4..  D1..  L8..  Pts. 9..  Palterton Prims. are 6th. in the League.

Derbyshire Times dated Saturday, 11 September 1920.
Palterton Prims. were 5th. in league.  P l.  W1.  DO.  LO.  For 2.  Ag. 0.  Pts. 2.

Derbyshire Times dated Saturday, 11 September 1920. continued...
Palterton Prims. a new organisation commenced their programme on Saturday with a visit to New Houghton Res. and gained a smart victory by winning 2 - 0.  The home forward line commenced in great style and kept the visitors on the defence for the greater portion of the first half.  After about 20 minutes play Palterton were awarded a penalty for hands. J. Frith the home right back took the spot kick but shot weekly outside.  Palterton were soon rewarded by a goal which bounced over the visiting goalies head.  After the interval the visiting forwards were seen to greater advantage in midfield but failed in front of goal and eventually the home forwards swept down in line and from about 15 yards out N. Townsend scored again.  From this point to the end the visitors tried hard to score but met a stubborn defence in which Frith, Turner and Jepson, the home custodian, played a great game.  The new club is running two teams, one in the 2nd. Division of the Houghton League and the other for Boys Under 18 in the Bolsover and District Sunday School League.

Derbyshire Times dated Saturday, 18 September 1920. page 2.
Ernest Richard Parkin, Doe Lea pleaded guilty at Chesterfield on Saturday to a charge of loitering in the yard of the Hare and Hounds Hotel, Palterton, for the purpose of receiving bets on Sept. 8th. (1920).
George Wale, Main Street, Palterton charged with frequenting the premises for the purpose of "wagering" on the same date, also pleaded guilty.  District Inspector Spencer said Parkin was arrested in the yard of the public house where he was found receiving Bets.  That was a serious matter and he asked the Bench to inflict the full penalty.  The defendant went about the district with a motor cycle to collect bets.  P.C. Symonds stated that he saw Parkin go into the Hotel yard and later saw a number of men go in, amongst them Wale.  Witness and P.S. Humphries took a book from Parkin before he was able to complete the entry of a transaction with Wale.  In the book were the names of a number of horses running that day, and in Parkin's possession was money totalling 30..6s. of which 23. was in Treasury notes.  When charged Parkin replied, "You have caught me 'bare,' but I haven't got all that money today".  P.S. Humphries gave corroborative evidence and said defendant was a well known bookmaker.  There had been complaints of Palterton women betting on horses with him.

Parkin pleaded for leniency, stating that he worked five or six days a week and had a wife and six children.  That day was a particularly busy one.  On other days he had taken as little as 13 shillings.  He had never received bets from women and would give bookmaking up.  Parkin was fined 6 and costs and Wale was fined ? shillings and costs.

Derbyshire Times. dated Saturday. 18 September 1920.cont.  Sports Page.
New Houghton and District League.  Section B.
Palterton Prims. 1  Doe Lea 1.
Palterton Prims. entertained Doe Lea Mission on the Bathurst Park ground before a fair number of spectators and divided the points in an even game.  The visitors won the toss and playing with the wind had a greater share of the play in the first half.  They succeeded in opening their account after 20 minutes play and held on up to the interval.  Palterton with the wind had more of the play.  After about 10 mins. of the second half the visitors right back was penalised for a foul and J. Frith, who was entrusted with the spot kick - scored after the goalie had once cleared.  From this point the game was of a ding dong character and soon the visitors were awarded a penalty.  A. White took the kick but failed to get past the keeper.  Jepson the home goalie gave a fine exhibition.  Frith and Turner, the home backs defended in great style and J. Elliott, the outside left was also prominent.
Score:  Palterton 1  Doe Lea 1.
League Table.
New Houghton Labour.  P3.  W3.  DO.  LO.  For 14.  Ag. 6.  Pts. 6.
Palterton Prims.       P2.  W1.  D1.  LO.  For 3.  Ag. 1.  Pts. 3.
NOTE :  Palterton Prims. were 4th. in the League.

Derbyshire Times. dated Saturday. 25 September 1920.
East Derbyshire Junior League.  Division 1.
Palterton were next to bottom of the league which had 9 teams.

East Derbyshire Junior League.  Division 2.
Palterton were third in this league.
P2.  W2.  DO.  LO.  For 8.  Ag. 5.  Pts. 4
Result.  Palterton 6.  New Whittington 4.

Executive Meeting.
Palterton were allowed 3 shillings expenses against Poolsbrook and the latter fined 5 shillings for failing to turn up at Palterton on August 28.  (1920).
Palterton also allowed 3s..6d. printing expenses against Whitwell St. Lawrence who were fined 5 shillings for breaking a fixture on September 11th.  (1920).

Derbyshire Times. dated Saturday. 2 October 1920.  East Derbyshire Junior League.  Division 1.
Palterton v Whitwell St. Lawrence.  Matches today.  (Result 3 - 4).

Thrilling Rescue Scenes.  Rescued men give their experiences.
Two miners entombed for 96 hours in Tupton district of the pit in a space 15 yards long, 10 feet wide and 6 feet high.  There is a lengthy account of their ordeal and rescue.

Extracts from Newspapers re Palterton 1920

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