Extracts from Newspapers re Palterton 1922

1922 Derbyshire Times Snippets  Palterton.

Palterton did not have a football team at that time   (1922 to 1923 season).

Derbyshire Times  Dated 14 October 1922. page 13.
After the rabbitsS. Palterton youths fines at Chesterfield.
Two youths John Egglestone and George Platts of Palterton were summoned at Chesterfield on Saturday for trespassing in the daytime in pursuit of rabbits on land in the occupation of Allen and Orr Ltd. at Sutton.  Melville Hayes said that on 1st. October, he was in Sutton Park , when he saw three dogs beating about a field.  Just afterwards the defendants came up the footpath and as they approached Mr Marsdens farm, they called the dogs to them.  As soon as they got past, they let the dogs go again.  Several rabbits were put up and one was caught.  Witness followed them for about one and a half hours.  Egglestone was fined 1..5s..6d. incl. costs and Platts  1-0-6d.
My note: (Melville Hayes was the gamekeeper).

Derbyshire Times newspaper dated Saturday, 25 November 1922.

The annual meeting of the above was held at the Nags Head on Saturday, over 50 partaking of tea, provided by Host and Hostess A. Bennett, who on the proposition of Mr. W.H. Bradshaw, seconded by Mr. G. Wright, were thanked.  The president, Mr. W. H. Bradshawe, presided and said it was most remarkable how the society had grown during the season, with its twenty members, seeing they had not a penny to begin with.  Now he had before him, two beautiful cups, also three gold medallions and two silver ones.  The cups were the property of the society and the medallions had been given.  This spoke volumes for the sportsmanship of the members and the good work of their energetic secretary Mr. A. Hardy.  The secretary Mr. A. Hardy presented the balance sheet and it showed an income of 149..1s..9d and an expenditure of 148..3s., leaving a balance of 18s..9d.  The President handed the cups, medals and prize money to the succesful members as follows:
Old bird average, challenge cup and gold medal to A.E..Gilberthorpe.
Young bird average, challenge cup and gold medal to T. Featherstone.
Combined average, gold medal to A.E.Gilberthorpe:
silver second old bird average, S. Bowmer:
silver medal second old bird average to A. Riley
and the following prize money and pools:  Lagar and Sidebottom 8..2s.: S. Bowmer 17..0s..3d.: Allsop and Botham 2..5s..3d.: H. Haslam 7s..6d: R. Scarboro 4..6s..3d.: A. Brown 10..4s..3d.:
Cutts and Cutts 6..2s.: A.E.Gilberthorpe 11..15s..6d.; J. Arnott 1..1s.; F. Hill 4..2s..3d.;
J. Frith 7..1s..6d.; E. Jones 2..19s..6d. T. Featherstone 2..2s..6d.; A. Riley 5..14s..3d.

Derbyshire Times.  30 December 1922.
Bolsover, Shuttlewood, Scarcliffe, Palterton and District.
After prolonged negotiations the Palterton Miners Welfare Committee have been successful in obtaining from Earl Bathurst, the lease of about three acres of land for use as a recreation ground.  This land is centrally situated and admirably suitable to the requirements of the village and the Committee are to be congratulated on the introduction of a scheme, which cannot fail to prove a great benefit to the youths of Palterton.

Derbyshire Times.  30 December 1922.
The Palterton Sports Committee are exercising a considerable influence on the social life of the village and should find in their efforts during the past twelve months, a source of encouragement for the future.  The first years activities have yielded a profit of 6, the income being 51..18s..9d. and the expenditure 45..18s..9d.  The Committee have again appointed as their principal officials: Mr E. Robins (Chairman). Mr. W. Churn (Vice Chairman). Mr. G. Wright (Trustee). Mr A. Bennett (Treasurer). Mr J. Thornhill (Secretary). Mr H. W. Fawcett (asst. Sec). Messrs J. Maude and A. E. Manton (Auditors).

Derbyshire Times.  30 December 1922.
An appreciative audience assembled at the Council School, Palterton on Xmas Day for a cantata,  "The Christmas prize and who got it", given by the choir of the Primitive Methodist Church, under the direction of Mr. N. Townsend.  Mrs E. Townsend accompanied and Mrs C. Candlin and Miss Townsend were responsible for the duets.  The speaking parts were admirably taken by Mr C. Candlin (Lawyer Gruff). Mr. T. Joyce (Meddlesome Bragg). Mr A. Marsden (Tommy). Mr A. Slinn (Willie). Miss M. Marsden (Liza ?). Miss F. Slinn (Lottie) and Mr W. Jones, who in the role of Santa Claus, gave great pleasure to the children present. Mr. T. Marsden presided.  The proceeds were for the benefit of the Church Restoration Fund.

Extracts from Newspapers re Palterton 1922

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