Extracts from Derbyshire Times newspaper re Palterton 1924

Derbyshire Times.  dated Saturday, 10 May 1924.
J. Machin mentioned as batting for Palterton Prims.
There is an account which is headed Machin Merry.
J. Machin undefeated scored 37 not out, C. Hole (10). W. Lee 5 wkts. for 2 runs, and H. Booth
2 wkts. for 5 runs, and F. Mitchell 1wkt. for 16 runs.
C. Candlin mentioned as the Palterton stumper.

Cresswell and District Sunday School Junior League.  Final Table.
Palterton Prims.  P16.  W10.  D1.  L5.  For 38  Ag. 34.  Pts. 21.
Palterton Prims. finished 4th. in the League that season.

Derbyshire Times.  dated Saturday, 17 May 1924.  page 12.  Col.3.
Famous Old Rat Catcher - John Gaunt of Ambergate. (read the original report)

Police Brevities.
Palterton.  For being drunk in charge of a horse and trap at Palterton, Georgr Henry Gaunt was at Chesterfield on Saturday, fined 20 shillings.

Derbyshire Times.  dated Saturday, 24 May 1924.
Chesterfield and District Minor League.  Division B.
Cuthorpe 58    Palterton 65.
Palterton just beat Cuthorpe.
There is an article about the game.   Players for Palterton mentioned were F. Mitchell (24) and
J. Machent (16). Bowlers were T. Churm 4 for 21 and F. Mitchell 3 for 11.

Chesterfield and District Sunday School League.
Palterton Prims. 9 Sheepbridge U. M. 47.
All Out For Nine.
Sheepbridge U.M. journeyed to Palterton on Saturday (17 May 1924) to meet the Prims.  Batting first the visitors were dismissed for 47.   C. Coggins (10), H. Staton (9.n.o.) and P. Staton (7).  On the Prims. coming in to bat, the veritable collapse followed against some smart bowling and fielding by the U.M. - a total of 9 being all the Prims. could muster.  P. Staton taking 7 wickets for 4 runs and T. Metcalf 1 wkt. for 5 runs, the remaining batsmen being run out.
It is a coincidence that for three consecutive seasons, Sheepbridge U.M. have dismissed opponents cheaply in their initial match, 9, 6 and 9, being the respective scores against them.

Derbyshire Times. dated Saturday, 31 May 1924.
Upset Palterton Officer, then asked "What is lighting up time?" .
When a man named George William Ellis answered a summons at Chesterfield on Saturday for riding a bicycle without a light at Palterton, it was stated that the Constable was knocked down in stopping the man.  When he picked himself up, added the officer, the defendant exclaimed "What's lighting up time?" (laughter).  A penalty of 10 shillings was imposed whilst the defendant was fined 15 shillings on a further summons of being drunk and disorderly.

Derbyshire Times.  dated Saturday, 31 May 1924.
Palterton Prims.  35    Speedwell Mission  20. There is a short account of the match.
J. T. Marsden (14) and H. Booth Jnr. (8) and G. Pether (7 n.o.) being the chief scorers.  Six Speedwell wickets were down for 8 runs ....
For Palterton H. Robins took 6 wickets for 4 runs, H. Heath 3 for 10 and A. Marsden 1 wkt. for 4 runs.

Derbyshire Times.  dated Saturday, 7 June 1924.
Police Brevities.
Summoned at Chesterfield on Saturday for riding on a cart without reins Jno. Jas. Moody had
5 shillings to pay.

Speedwell Mission 61  Palterton Prims. 44.
Smart Bowling at Staveley.
(There is a report of this game).

Derbyshire Times.   dated Saturday, 14 June 1924.
Police Brevities.
Palterton.  John William Rose proceeded against at Chesterfield on Saturday in respect of four head of cattle found straying on the Highway at Palterton was fined 10 shillings.

Chesterfield Hospital Admissions.
The following patients were admitted to the Chesterfield Royal Hospital during the week suffering from injuries accidentally received.  (Then follows a list)  William Durham, (9), Donwood Cottage, Palterton dislocated elbow at home. (my note: should this be Darwood?)

The Storm in Derdyshire - Damage by lightning.
During the heavy thunderstorm which broke over Chesterfield and the whole of the northern part of the County on Wednesday morning (11 June 1924) considerable damage was done by lightning.  Torrential rain fell during the storm, the heaviest fall being in the dinner hour causing a great deal of inconvenience to business people.

Palterton Prims. had two cricket teams, playing in the following Leagues,
Chesterfield and District Minor League.   Division B.
Chesterfield and District Sunday School League.

Extracts from Derbyshire Times newspaper re Palterton 1924

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