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Mrs Ruth Audis, aged 90. Mrs. Ruth Audis formerly Pembleton
   Sadly 'Ruth' died 14 September 2010, aged 98 years and was second oldest resident in the village.
   The photo was taken September 2002.  She has been a great help with this project, especially
   in helping to identify people.  Her photo is also hereon, when she was a little girl.

This image is about 85 years old Ruth and Selina Pembleton

   Our image shows Ruth Pembleton (later to be Mrs. Ruth Audis) as a youngster.
   Her parents are shown as image 3.  She is on the left accompanied by her sister
   Selina, later Mrs. Selina White, licensee of the Hare and Hounds pub.

Joe and Eliza Pembleton, parents of Ruth The Pembletons
   This image is Joseph Pembleton born 1867 at Palterton and his wife Eliza,
   formerly Fretwell born 1867 at Rowthorne, Glapwell. (Paternal grandparents of Ruth)

Sam Spray and wife Sam Spray. Born c.1874.
   This image is dated about 1920.
   It shows Samuel 'Sam' Benjamin Spray with his wife outside their home.
   They lived in a house overlooking the valley to the west.
   'Sam' was a coal carter and smallholder.

Charlie Spray, a Carrier Charles Spray and Eliza.
   This image is of Charles (Charlie) Spray born c.1835 and his friend Eliza.
   The image must be circa 1905.  The location of the image is at the north end of East View
   and Back Lane just up Sprays Yard.  East View houses are in the background.

Mark and Hannah Fenton? The Fenton family.
   This form of transport was common in the village to those who could afford it.
   Image is dated c.1910 and shows the Fenton family.  Individuals not yet identified.

Joseph Grimes born c.1864 Sutton Scarsdale. The Grimes family.
   This image was taken at the east side of the old Highfield Farm and shows Joseph Grimes, farmer
   probably with his children, Joseph and Eunice M.  The two farm dogs are posing.  This old farmhouse was rebuilt in 1972.

Richard Walter Churn Richard Walter Churn
   Richard Walter Churn, born c.1867 at Seyincote, Gloucestor.  Aged 16, he joined the army (2nd Worcester Regt.)
   and served in India for 7 years.  His wife Sarah Jane (image 9).  He came to Palterton prior to 1892.
   He was a miner at Glapwell Colliery for 30 years, retiring in 1922 on ill health.  This image was taken at the rear of 2, East View.
   Extreme background can be seen the bedroom window of my old home at number 1, Ten Row.
   The couple celebrated their Golden Wedding on Boxing Day 1942. 

This is Mary Jane Churn, wife of Richard Walter Churn at image 8 Mary Jane Churn.
   Mary Jane Churn formerly Shaw was born 1874 at Cannock, Staffordshire.  According to records she was christened Sarah Jane Shaw.  She came to Bolsover at an early age
   with her family (between 1877 and 1881) and first lived at the 'Nunnery,' a row of houses near the Shuttlewood crossroads.  I presume they came because of the mines.
   She remained at Bolsover until her marriage in 1892 at St. Leonards Church, Scarcliffe.  She and her husband (image 8) lived at 2, Ivy Cottages, also known as East View.
   She had a younger sister Alice-Amelia Shaw (born 1884).  Her parents were Francis and Mary-Ann Shaw the latter derived from Bloxwich.  Francis's parents were
   William Shaw who was living at Cheslyn Hay in 1861 and Jane.  William was born in 1801.

Mary Ellen Jones formerly Dickinson. Mary Ellen Jones formerly Dickinson.

   This image was taken "on the front" of Main Street, above the orchard of Highfield Farm,
   during the war years 1939 to 45.  I am indebted to her daughter Shirley
   (now Shirley Shone) for this image and permission to use it on this site.

A posing quartet Four likely lads!

   This quartet of likely lads are Back Row L to R : Tom Walker and Horace Mosley.
   Front Row L to R : George Williams.  Eric Elliott of Scarcliffe.  I am indebted to the late Mrs Jean Offen
   (formerly Jean Walker) for this image.

The Churn family Richard Walter and Mary Jane Churn
   This image is of Richard Walter Churn b.1867 (see image 8) and his wife Mary Jane b.1874 (image 9)
   I believe this image was taken around the year 1900, when Richard would have been aged 33 years.
   Richard Walter Churn was an active member of the Palterton community and more is to be discovered
   about him

Five men but no dog! Five Palterton men relaxing.

   This image shows five men but the location of the image is not known, though it may be on Main Street,
   opposite the location of the former West View.  Back Row L to R ; Walter Churn, Fred West other man not yet
   identified.  Front Row L to R. Len Walker in light coloured suit, next to Bernard Skelton at front right.

A family picnic - Sid. Wilson and family Sid. Wilson and family.

   This rural image shows village life in the 1920's.  Syd. Wilson, a farm labourer with his wife
   Annie (formerly Audis) and daughter.  Clearly Annie has taken their daughter to the field where
   Sid is working, so they could lunch together.  Often, the days were long working in the fields.

Sid Wilson cutting the corn Sid. Wilson and family.

   This rural image shows Sid. Wilson, a farm labourer employed by Tommy Turner at The Elms Farm.
   He is cutting the corn.  Note two working horses are pulling the machinery.

A Dickinson couple James Dickinson and wife Alice.

   This image is of James 'Jim' Dickinson and his wife Alice.  Jim was born c1880 at Palterton.  The couple
   lived most of their married life at the top house in Transvaal Terrace.  Jim was the road sweeper and ditch
   digger.  He was excellent at his job and a highly respected person in the village.

A Dickinson photo Mother and son

   This image is of Ivy Mosley formerly Dickinson and her son Brian Mosley.
   Ivy was the daughter of James Dickinson and his wife Alice who are shown
   above in the previous image.       

Wilf Mosley in khaki uniform A Palterton soldier

   This is Wilf Mosley, husband and father of the couple in the previous image.

Not yet identified where this image was taken but for sure it was a holiday resort A group of Palterton friends on holiday.

   Back Row: George Rowland, Harold Sheppard and his cousin Ron Sheppard.
   Front Row: Maurice Rowland and person not yet identified.


Palterton People (page one)


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