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This rare image is c.1910 Mary Ludlam outside her shop
   This image shows Mary Ludlam outside her grocers shop that was located at the entrance to Scotland
overlooking the west valley.  Mary was born c.1853 at Brampton, Derbyshire.  Her husband
   Samuel, born c.1845 at Wingerworth, was the grocer.  They were at this shop in 1901.  Note the
   adverts. and goods in the shop window. (Ackn. Ray Cowley). 

This image is circa 1910 The Hare and Hounds pub.
   Another rare image showing the Hare and Hounds public house c.1905 to 1910.  The licensee
   Hannah Wilcockson formerly Froggat, born c.1861 at Palterton, can be seen in the doorway.
   The younger woman holding the dog is probably Clara Fletcher, her General Domestic
   servant.  Clara was born c.1871 at Baslow.  (Ackn. Ray Cowley)

This image is circa 1940 Three mischievers!

   Identity of these three youngsters is known but is being confirmed.

Posing in the woodland. Caught out!

   This image shows Mrs Sarah "Lizzie" Riley formerly Floyd on the left and
   Mrs May Johnson, wife of Joe Johnson.  Her maiden name is not known.

Posing. A threesome in front of the old P.O.

   Identity of two of these people is known but the third one not known (November 2006).
   Ludlam's shop is behind the threesome and behind that a rare glimpse of Scotland Yard.
   The man in the centre is Charlie Ben. Sheppard with his wife.  The youth on left is not known.

Ackn. Ray Cowley Flossie Flecknell nee Ludlam
   This image shows Florence Flecknall formerly Ludlam sitting on the stone steps of the village grocers /
   Post Office located at the corner of Main Street and Scotland Yard.  Florence Ludlam was born c.1890
   at Brampton, near Chesterfield, daughter of Samuel and Mary Ludlam.  She was a spinster when this image
   was taken.  She married William Flecknell later in life.  At that time he too was an elderly man.

Copyright S. Shone. Jim and Alice Dickenson

   James Dickenson and his wife lived all of their married at the top house in Transvaal Terrace.
   Jim was the ditch digger and road sweeper.  He was skilled in both jobs.
   They were the grandparents of Shirley Jones.

Ackn. Ray Cowley Joyce Flecknell b.31.12.1919
   This image shows Joyce Flecknell sitting on the stone steps of the village grocers/Post Office located at
   the corner of Main Street and Scotland Yard.  Joyce Flecknell was born at Palterton, daughter of William
   Henry and Annie Flecknell (formerly Ludlam).  Her mothers older sister (Flossie) married her (Joyce's)
   paternal grandfather.  Note the sign and the contents of the shop window.

Ackn. Ray Cowley An unknown woman
   This image of a woman standing outside the village grocers / Post Office at the entrance to Scotland Yard.
   It is a Ludlam image probably taken at the same time as other Ludlam images on this page.  Having shown
   this image (2003) around the senior citizens in the village and not being identified, I conject she was a
   a Ludlam visitor.  Note the goods in the window.

Ackn. Ray Cowley William Flecknell
   William Flecknell standing on Main Street opposite the village grocers / Post Office with the west valley
   behind him.  The trees in the background were at the south end of Sprays Orchard.  William Flecknell
   as a middle aged man married Flossie (Florence) Ludlam.  His son William Henry Flecknell of New
   Bolsover married Annie Ludlam.

Ackn. Ray Cowley A Ludlam wedding
   This is believed to be the wedding of Joseph Wakefield and Ethel Gertrude 'Trudy' Flecknell in 1915.
   This wedding was at the Parish Church, Bolsover.  'Trudy' was the daughter of Harry Flecknell, a former
   Colliery Foreman, who was living at Palterton Post Office at the time of his death in 1945. It is believed he
   inherited the Post Office from his Uncle.  Ack. and info. supplied by Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson.

Ackn. Ray Cowley Florence "Flossie" Ludlams wedding.
   This 1949 wedding at St. Leonards Parish Church, Scarcliffe between "Flossie" Flecknell and her second
   husband Mr. ? Lumb.  The identity of the bald headed man is not known.  The child with his grandparents
   is Martin Wall b.1946.  The grandparents are Annie Flecknell nee Ludlam and her husband
   William Henry Flecknell.  Annie and Flossie were sisters.

Ackn. Ray Cowley Ethel Ludlam & ??.

   This image shows Ethel Ludlam on left with ??? on her knee.
   On the right is ??? with ?????? on her knee.
   More text goes here.

Ackn. Jeff. Turner The Potato Pickers
   L to R - Front standing: Hilda Annie Jones nee Jones,  Flo. Turner nee Gee,  Doll Wragg nee Ward,
   Christine Mc Connologue nee Gould,  Mrs. Green and Muriel Todd nee Hope.
   Seated (back) L to R: Brenda Smith nee Riley,  Pearl Mason nee Wragg,  Freda Smith late Riley and
   Hannah Henstock nee Fenton.

Ackn. Fred. Riley, son of Albert R. Riley Albert Richard Riley

   This image shows Albert Richard Riley in his garden, at the rear of number 90 Main Street, Palterton,
   this being the last house before the open field leading to Bolsover, on the Public footpath.
   He was a very keen and succesful pigeon flyer, winning may prizes.


People (page Three)


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