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This image shows women from Palterton striding out on the promenade at Clethorpes. A Palterton Primitive Methodist Chapel Day Trip to Cleethorpes.
   This image shows:  L to R.  Mrs Mary Floyde formerly Marsden, Mrs Elsie Townsend (widow) formerly ?? and Mrs. Ivy Walker
   late Alcock formerly Pembleton.  In the background can be seen extreme left (stout lady dressed in black) Sally Frith later wife of
   Joe Pembleton but formerly Thompson.  Next to Sally is Ruth Audis formerly Pembleton wearing hat.  The two boys front right were not part of the the trip!

Image courtesy of Graham Samuel Whitt. Posing on the steps at front door of Hare and Hounds pub.
   This image shows:  L to R.  Joan Dickenson ?, Sam Whitt, Iris White.
   The boy on the knee of Iris White is most likely her younger brother Clifford White.
   or it could be Graham Samuel (Rusty) Whitt, son of Samuel Whitt.

Image courtesy of the late Winifred Audrey Haywood nee Calow. Posing on the small triangular piece of grassed land at the end of Main Street / top of Poulter Wells.
   This image dated c.1925.:  These are Palterton men and a young girl, not yet identified.
   The men are L to R.  Bob Dickinson, next rear white shirt not known, Frank Wale with newspaper, youth with peak cap George Parkes,
   youth with cigarette not yet identified, Alan Gray with dark clothing.  The identity of the girl has not been positively identified.

Image courtesy of the late Winifred Audrey Haywood nee Calow. An early pram.
   This image dated 1910.:  The baby boy is George Rolston Groves Calow born 1909.
   The location is the corner of Orchard Terrace, facing Back Lane, Palterton.
   In later years, George Rolston Groves Calow, was awarded the BEM for bravery (see the Halifax Bomber story).
   He died on the 29 June 1962 and is buried in the churchyard at Scarcliffe Parish Church. (Grave no. NE776).

Image courtesy of the late Winifred Audrey Haywood nee Calow. Village men on a day out.
   This image dated c.1930s.:  The location is unknown.
   The men are L to R.  Peter Hardwick. Second left man Frederick Robins (son of Harriett Robins), tall man in middle is also not known, maybe a
   Young, then Fred Machin, father of Marlene Grainger formerly Machin who has helped identify same.
   Man extreme right is George Rolston Groves Calow. (see previous image above).

This image a man posing in front of an old shed. An old man.
   This old man, not yet positively identified is believed to be named Batty who at one time lived in Scotland Yard.
   The location of the image could be either Scotland Yard or maybe an area between Whartons Houses and Thirteen Row.

This image shows a group of Palterton people, former regular customers at the Nags Head Public House, visting their former licensee at his new licensed premises. An evening out at the new Somerset House Public House, Calow, near Chesterfield.
   The identities of this group are as follows.
   L to R.  George Wragg, his wife Harriett formerly Robbins, May Law formerly Pembleton, woman not yet known, 'Bill' Spafford, licensee,
   Mrs Wholey, Selina Turner and two people not yet identified.


People (page Four)


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