The present History of Palterton (1900 - 2003)

A view of Main Street c.1910

Palterton today is different from the village of
yesteryear.  During the last one hundred and twenty
years many changes have taken place.  Like most
villages it has passed through social and economic
experiences that has changed the village forever.

Today, there is no village shop, no post office, no
blacksmith, no village pub though the old Miners
Welfare serves alcohol.

Whereas there used to be nine farms, now there is one and a smallholding.

It is still a lovely quiet rural village but part of Main Street leading to Rylah Hill has become a
'rat run' for motorists leading to the M1 motorway.

Many of the old houses and buildings survive and
there are now some some new bungalows built in
a tasteful style, that enhance the village.

One of the old farms, The Elms farm has been
redeveloped as luxury dwellings, that may have
enhanced the village but the new dwellings are
out of the financial reach of most villagers.

Hence, more newcomers have joined the village.

Rear view of The Elms farm c.1980

Elm Tree Farm has also closed and been redeveloped.  The old farmhouse has beeen modernised
and the old stone barn converted into a dwelling.

The Rock Corner site, that affords unrivalled views across the valley, was part of this development
and is now the site of one of the new detached properties.

There is no employment within the village except on Highfield farm.  People have to travel to nearby
towns of Bolsover, Chesterfield, Mansfield, Nottingham and Sheffield for work.

Current view (Dec. 2000) of the Infants school, Back Lane.

The village school continues to be a happy, lovely place for
the village infants to start their education. Such is its'
popularity, an extension has been built to cater
for the demand for places.

The present History of Palterton (1900 - 2003)


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