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The records of Palterton Primitive Methodist Church in the Bolsover Primitive Methodist Circuit.

1891.  The chapel was built and opened that year.  Trust estate was Freehold.  The trust deed was conexional.  No school premises or cottages were attached.  The deed was enrolled in Chancery and held by Mr S Johnson and kept at Palterton.  The total debt when finished was 71.

1893.  31 December.  The debt for year ending this date was 71.  It was insured for 87..10s.

1892.  December.  It was valued at 150.

1915.  December.  At a meeting of the Trustees, it was resolved to appoint new trustees.  With this in mind it was resolved that ? Marsden, J. Marsden, N. Townsend, J. Vann, H. Parsons, T. Hunt, J. Woods and J. Goucher be asked to stand and that Rev. W. Brown be asked to see the same with Mr. C. Stubbins as an old trustee.

1916.  8 January.  At the next Trustees meeting, with the Rev. W. Brown in the Chair, all the persons asked to stand as Trustees were willing, with the exception of N. Townsend. Also, the following appointments were made:  Secretary - Mr. J. Goucher.  Treasurer and Choirmaster Mr. T. Marsden.  Mr. J. Woods represent the Trustees at Quarterly meetings.  Mr. N. Townsend be Chapel steward.  Miss Jones be organist and that she be thanked for her past services and hoping she will continue.

1916.  31 May.  The Trustees resolved to apply to the Chapel Aid Society for a loan of 55, so they could pay off the mortgage on the Chapel.  Furthermore they agreed to pay 3 per annum off the principal with 4.25 % interest.

1916.  19 October.  They were granted this loan because at the Trustees meeting on that date, (Rev. W. T. Cole in the Chair) item 23 records, "That we note the money, 55 from the Chapel Aid Society, was received by the Circuit Minister, Rev. W. T. Cole, on the 5 October 1916 and that we were able to pay Mrs. H. Parsons of 1, Inkersall Road, Staveley Town, the amount due to her at the end of the year for interest 9 October 1916 ......". At the same meeting it was resolved that Miss Marsden be caretaker with pay of 1..12s. per annum.

1920.  4 February.  The caretakers salary was increased by 10 shillings per annum at the Trustees Yearly meeting held on that date.

1924.  October.  There are no further meetings recorded until this time, when the Trustees again met and discussed an offer from the Sheepbridge Coal and Iron Company expressing the desire to purchase coal under the Chapel at Palterton.  They resolved to accept the offer of 10 on condition the company make good any "subsidence damage".

1926.  20 January.  At the Trustees Yearly meeting held this date, the officials are recorded as follows:  Mr. N. Townsend be Secretary, Mr. T. Marsden - Treasurer, Mrs. E. Townsend - Organist with Mr. A. Marsden assistant organist.  Mr Jacob Richards was Chapel steward. (This is my grandfather and the first mention that I have found in the records of his name and involvement in the Chapel).

1926.  This was the year of the General Strike and miners were on strike.  This had serious economic and financial implications for the village.

1926.  11 September.  A Special Meeting of the Trustees was called and was presided by the Reverend E. Metcalf.  It was resolved "that we accept with regret the resignation of Mr. T. Marsden and that Mr Jacob Richards be Treasurer".

The entries do not record the reasons for Marsdens' resignation but there must have been a good reason because it caused quite a stir in the village.  I have a copy of documentary evidence of a wife writing to her soldier husband recording "that Jake Richards had kicked Tom Marsden off the Chapel Committee".

This was not strictly accurate, Jacob "Jake" Richards had in fact been elected by the trustees.

1927.  16 January.  The minutes of the Trustees Yearly meeting held this date record that Mr. J. Richards was both Treasurer and Chapel steward and that the following do act as the Chapel Committee, Mr Jacob Richards, Mrs. Joyce, Mrs Norman Townsend, Mrs Elsie Townsend, Mr Robert Marsden, Mr Charles Candlin and Mrs. Elsie Townsend snr.  Mr Norman Townsend was both Secretary and Society steward whilst Mrs Elsie Townsend was the organist.

1929.  16 January.  At the annual meeting of the Trust this date, the Reverend W. G. Fielder occupied the chair.  It was resolved "that all officials be re-elected with the exception that Mr Jacob Richards be secretary for the Trust and Mr Norman Townsend be treasurer.

1930.  15 January.  The minutes of the Annual General meeting of the Trust held this date, are in the handwriting of my grandfather, Mr Jacob Richards.  He records the following information. "That officials be elected as follows:

110.  N. Townsend.   Treasurer.
111.  Mr Jacob Richards   Secretary.
114.  Mr Jacob Richards   Chapel steward.
116.  Mr Jacob Richards   Rep. to Quarterly meetings.
112.  Mrs. E. Townsend   Organist.
113.  Mr C. Candlin   Assistant Organist.
115.  Mrs. Floyd   Caretaker.
Also, it was proposed and seconded that Jacob Richards be assistant Society steward.

1931  14 January.  The annual meeting was held on this date with the Rev. W. G. Fielder.  The officials remained the same with the exception of Mr. A. Marsden who replaced Mr. Charlie Candlin as assistant organist.

121. The following officers were elected:
Jacob Richards - Secretary.  Norman Townsend - Treasurer.  Mrs. E. Townsend - Organist.  Mr. A. Marsden - Asst. Organist.  Jacob Richards re-elected to Qtr. meetings.  Mrs C. Floyde - Caretaker.

1932.  There is no record of an annual meeting and next year grandfather Mr Jacob Richards is no longer "on the committee"

193312 January.  There is an item in the minutes of the annual general meeting of this date that records "That with regret we record the passing of Brother John Thomas Marsden, who was a Trustee of this Church for many years.  We place on record our appreciation of his work and extend to his widow, to the members of his family, our sincerest sympathy".

19381 December. Trustees Meeting held this date.  Chairman Rev. E.C.Hudson.
151. It was agreed that a tablet be erected to the memory of the late Mr Mark Richards.

This latter entry is a reference to my uncle Mark Richards who was tragically killed in the Markham Pit Disaster of 1938.  He had been a Sunday school teacher at the chapel for several years.

1955  July.  This tablet (plaque) came into the possession of the author via the Derbyshire National Union of Mineworkers H.Q. at Saltergate, Chesterfield.

1940  18 January.  It was resolved at the annual meeting, "that we start a book fund for new hymnals and Mr Jacob Richards be in charge".  Furthermore, that all officials be re-elected for the ensuing year and Mr Jacob Richards be secretary for the Missionary Fund.

It was moved and seconded that "we make a charge of 15 shillings (15/-) for the loan of Chapel and utensils, 7/6 (7 shillings and sixpence) for the loan of pots, table, tea urn. 5/- (5 shillings) for the loan of pots, 1/- (one shilling) for the loan of the urn, 10/- (ten shilling) for loan of pots, tables, tea urn and table cloths. 6/- (six shillings) for the loan of tables.

194412 January  Amongst officials recorded in the minutes of the annual meeting of the Trustees held this date, is that of Mr Jacob Richards as a Chapel steward.  Mrs. Floyde was still the caretaker.  Mrs Elsie Townsend and Mr Norman Townsend were secretary and treasurer.  (172)

1946  16 January. .The minutes of the Annual meeting of the Trust record that two minutes silence be held as a token of respect to the late Mr Jacob Richards.

1947  29 January  The Reverend J. W. Richardson presided at the annual general meeting held this date when it was moved and seconded "that we again pay 10/- (ten shillings) to the S.M.W and O Fund and three shillings to the Chapel Committee.

19487 January.  Mrs. J. Dunham is recorded as the caretaker.

194824 March.  The Trustees Meeting resolved that "we accept Mr. Marchants tender for renovating and decorating and that he be asked to renovate the pulpit and forms.  That the Sunday School pay 20 towards expenses etc."

195117 January.  There was a two minutes silence at the Annual Meeting held this date as a mark of respect for the late Mr. C. Stubbins, who was a trustee of this Church for many years.

195213 January.  There was a two minutes silence for Mrs. S. Jones, who was a member of the Church for many years.

195427 January  At the Annual Meeting the following names were added to the list of Trustees, namely : Mr. R. (Bob) Marsden, Mr. C. (Charlie) Candlin, Mr. C. (Cyril) Fisher, Mr. B. Fenton, Mrs N. Townsend, Mrs E. Townsend, Mrs J. Dunham.

19558 December.  At a Special Meeting of the Trustees of the Palterton Methodist Chapel held at Palterton Chapel in the Bolsover Circuit, duly convened according to the model deed, the Reverend James Simpson, the Superintendent Minister was in the Chair.

The following five trustees had died, namely: John Charles Stubbins, Thomas Marsden, John A. Peach, John Woods and Thomas Hunt.  The following trustees ceasing to be trustees for the reasons stated: Joseph Marsden, John Vann and Henry Parsons desire to be discharged.
(my note: Joe Marsden had been gassed in the 1914-18 war and I always knew him as being simple minded, his nick name being "Fourpenny Joe").

It was resolved "it is expedient to appoint new trustees, some still willing to continue.  Norman Townsend, Nathan Vann, James Goucher and the following being members of this Methodist Church having been nominated.

It was resolved the following be appointed : Ian Smith, Ida Townsend, Cyril Edgar Fisher, Robert Edward Marsden, Ethel Fenton, Charles Candlin, Elsie Townsend, Cyril Tufnel Peach, Fred Dodsworth (deceased) John Benjamin Mc Kay (deceased), Doris Gascoyne, Wm. George Wagstaffe, Henry Steele Batty and George Arthur Gee.  The occupations and addresses of each trustee is recorded.

19597 January.  The Annual Meeting moved "that with regret we place on record the passing of Dr. J. B. Mc Kay, who was a trustee of this Church, a silent tribute was paid to his memory"

1962  27 September.  A similar tribute was paid to Doris Gascoyne, a trustee of this Church at the annual meeting held this date.

Trustees Meetings of Palterton Primitive Methodist Chapel.
Matlock R.O. Ref. D.3908/1/2.
196717 October.  First entry this date.

197021 May.  At a special meeting of the Trustees of Palterton Methodist Chapel held at Palterton Methodist Chapel, the Rev. Francis A. Payne presided.  Present were N. Townsend, I. Townsend, R.H.Marsden, C. Candlin, E. Townsend, C.T.Peach, I. Smith, W.G.Wagstaffe, H.S. Batty.

The Rev. F.A. Payne stated that this special meeting had been called to discuss and consider the closure of the chapel and the sale of the chapel and land.  The Rev. Payne also stated that the closure of Palterton Chapel had been recommended by the District Redevelopment Commission and by the Circuit Quarterly meeting (March 1970) because of the withdrawal of a minister from the circuit (September 1970) and the very small attendance's at Palterton on Sundays.

After consideration it was resolved by 9 - 0 that :

(1) Trustees ask permission from Connexional Mission Committee to discontinue services at Palterton Methodist Chapel.

(2) Trustees ask permission from General Chapel Committee to sell Palterton Methodist Chapel and land.

(3) Trustees make outline planning permission to develop site for residential development.

(4) Trustees ask W.T.Parker, Estate agents to value land and property and sell by private treaty.

The Trustees agreed that proceeds of sale of and land be invested through Board of Trustees for Methodist Church purposes for Circuit Advance Fund. (see Standing Order 241a Minutes of Conference 1968. p.63.)

Rev. Payne stated that he had already received enquiries from possible purchasers.

28 June 1970.  Trustees agreed that Public Services be discontinued at Palterton after this date.

The Trustees agreed that 3 memorial tablets in Palterton Chapel go to Scarcliffe Methodist Chapel if Scarcliffe Society agreed.

One of these tablets was in memory of my uncle Mark Richards, who had been killed in the 1938 Markham Colliery disaster and who was a Sunday School teacher at Palterton Primitive Methodist Chapel.  This plaque was subsequently recovered from a builders skip and placed in the National Union of Mineworkers offices at Saltergate, .  It is now in my possession).

197014 October.  Minutes of Annual Meeting at 7 p.m. this date in Wesley Manse, Hilltop, Bolsover.

Rev. K. C. Forrister in the Chair.  Following five Trustees present.  Mrs. E. Townsend (Sec.), Mr. R. H. Marsden (Treasurer) Mr. Candlin, Mr Gee, Mr. Wagstaffe.  Apologies from Mr. Peach and Ian Smith.

Balance in hand 62..1s..11d.  Planning permission granted.  Agents Valuation 700.  Several interested parties and agreed we accept best offer over valuation.  The meeting was over at 7. 45 p.m.

Subsequently, the little Primitive Methodist Chapel, made of corrugated steel on the outside, lined inside with wood and full of memories over seventy one years was demolished.  Memories cherished by generations of Palterton children.  Fortunately, the chapel crockery found good homes amongst the villagers, so the memory lives on.

1970.  The premises closed and were sold.
(Reference: Matlock R.O. Ref: D.3919/2/2. - an excellent book)

Palterton Primitive Methodist Chapel Secretary's Book.  1929 to 1970.
Matlock R.O. Ref. D.3908/1/1. (December 1915 to October 1966).
Matlock R.O. Ref. D.3908/1/2. (October 1967 to October 1970).

1930.  The first page starts this year, but is then crossed out and page two starts at .  The page is divided down the middle.  Income on the left and outgoings on the right.

The finances commence with 7..2s..5 1/2d.  The total income in 1929 was 36..10s..2 1/2d, whilst the profit for the year was 10..18s..2d.  The caretaker was paid 1..10s. per annum, the money being paid quarterly.

1931.  The caretakers wage went up to 11 shillings per quarter.

1932.  The Chapel made a donation of 17 shillings to the Bentley Colliery disaster.

1933.  There is an item under income - Cobweb Social 1..7s..9d. During the same year, the Chapel funds paid out 1..2s..8d. to the Gas Company for new piping.

193710 March 1937, a new pulpit bible was purchased for 1s..6d.

1937.  13 November.  M. Richards made a donation of 2 shillings to the Chapel.

1937.  29 December.  A. Saxton paid 10 shillings for the loan of the Chapel.  These latter two entries refer to my uncle Mark Richards and my uncle Albert Saxton, who married Annie Richards, the sister of Mark Richards.  I believe the loan of the Chapel was to celebrate the marriage of Albert and Annie.

1938.  18 June.  Mrs. Hand paid 10 shillings for the "loan of the Church and utensils".

1939.  Three items are interesting.  On the 25 July the Chapel recovered 17s..3d. from the Jazz Band.  On the 30 August, W. Barfoot was paid 5..16s..7d. for the path, whilst on the 11 September, there was a payment made of 1..4s..3d. for blackout purposes.  The second World War had just started and clearly the Committee were ensuring that no gas lights were visible during evening services.

1941.  21 November.  My father Arthur Richards paid 2s..6d. for the loan of pots.

This year saw the commencement of the Chapel paying quarterly "War Risk Insurance" whilst on the 18 June, 10 shillings was paid to the Scarcliffe Society and three days later a payment of one shilling was paid for the repair of the bible.

The main expenditure each year was for gas to light and heat the Chapel.

1943  24 August.  M. Richards was paid 1 for repairs to the Chapel.  This is my uncle Mathew Richards, my father's brother and the brother of Mark Richards.

1944.  2 February.  There was a first payment of 10s. made to the S. M. W and O fund and then a payment of 10 shillings annually was made.

1944.  14 September.  pound; 3 was paid to Cooke and Richards for "laying of path", whilst J. S. Wilkinson was paid 27..4s..2d for "material for path".  J. W. Thacker supplied the cement and was paid 7s..6d.

1945.  January.  The Women's Institute made a gift of 1..5s. for the use of the Chapel.  Later that year, on the 24 September, Mrs Tuckwood paid 15 shillings for the use of the Chapel for a wedding.  The custom was to pay 10 shillings for the Chapel and 5 shillings for the caretaker.

1946.  The Women's Institute continue to hire the Chapel for meetings and pay 1..18s..6d rent.  Later that year, Mrs Audis hired the Chapel for 10 shillings "Pots etc."

1947.  24 May 1947.  Organ repairs cost 2..0s..6d.

1948.  6 November 1948.  A sum of 37..17s..7 1/2d. was paid for painting and decorating the Chapel.

1949.  It was becoming more prevalent for villagers to pay for the hire of the Chapel pots.

1951.  Mrs Agnes Chappell made her last donation of 10 shillings.  She had been making a similar donation for several years.  She died about this time and this was the reason why no more donations were made.

1954.  The gas fittings were removed and electricity installed costing 12..10s.  A new baptism book was purchased costing 4s..9d.

1956.  12 January.  The last payment of 10 shillings to the S. M. W and O Fund was made.

1957.  December.  The Sunday School platform was sold for 10.

1969.  4 January.  Nothing unusual appears in the accounts until this date, when a new door mat was purchased for 12 shillings.

1970.  Finally, the accounts reveal an income of 75..9s..10d, which included the sale of seating for 3. and tables for 1..10s. The expenditure was 13..7s..11d plus insurance of 3..2s. leaving a balance of 58..19s..11d. (Reference: Matlock R.O. Ref: D.3908/2/1.)

Primitive Methodist Bolsover Station.

Minutes of Sunday School conferences, dated 21 November 1929> to 4 July 1940.

Conference held at Bolsover on 21 November 1925. Rev. E. Metcalf presiding. Palterton P.M. Chapel were represented by J. H. Betney.
Item 6. On report re J. Frith of Palterton Primitive Methodist Football Club, suspended for using foul language on the field of play, we request the officials of Palterton Sunday School to give us particulars of same and suggest if they wish such players, it would be advisable to drop the word "Primitive" from the club's name.

Conference held at Bolsover on 19 November 1927.
J. Richards to be a visitor to Langwith for next quarter for Sunday School.

Also, on following dates 18 Fe. 1928, 24 Nov. 1928, 16 Feb. 1929 and 17 May 1930.

7 Dec. 1938 Mr Richards next quarter C.E. at Bolsover. 1 Mar. 1939 preach Sunday School next quarter at Bolsover.

31 May 1939 J. Richards preach Band of Hope at Langwith and C. E. at Shuttlewood.

Aug. 1939 J. Richards preach Band of Hope at Shuttlewood. Likewise 8 March 1940 and 5 July 1940.  This is the date of last entry.

At a Sunday School conference held at Palterton on the 19 May 1928, the Rev. E. Metcalf presiding, item 6 stated.
"Attention drawn to widespread habit of people using bad language in the presence of children, the latter repeating same and it was resolved .............."
Matlock R.O. Ref. : D.3919/4/2.

Palterton Mision Room 1868.
Conveyance by Earl Bathurst to the Vicar of Scarcliffe of the site for a school at Palterton 29 May 1860.
Design for Chapel School at Palterton by Edwin Mullins December 1870, plan, 3 elevations and section.
This item relates to the building of the stone Mission Chapel located on Main Street which is Scarcliffe church mission.

Primitive Methodist Chapel


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