The Richards in Radford

Radford St. Peter Parish Church. Nottingham.

Radford has a little church in disorder dedicated to St. Peter. The village is a little paradise or rather a portion of it in the posession of Mr. Elliott of Nottingham. Upon a small scale he shows the conception of a large and chaste mind, so far as relates to embellishments and landscape. Almost everything you could wish to see in extensive pleasure grounds you see here in miniature, water and various foliage happily blended into groups and temple forms changing it as it were their order at every footstep, where space seems boundless, are here delightful, nothing robs you of pleasure but a lack of extension. This must be delectable to its owner. The lordship is in several hands, and is enclosed, much of which appears in a high state of cultivation. The Antiquities of Nottingham by Robert Thoroton 1790 to 1796. (3 vols. Q 942-52-TH4.)

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The Richards in Radford


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