Palterton - Ramcroft Colliery, a brief history

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In all there were four seams, the Top Hard, High Hazles, First Waterloo and Second Waterloo.  The Top Hard seam was approximately six feet thick.
1916 to 1929. Staveley Coal and Iron Company.
1929 to 1939. Closed, but pumping done by Hardwick Colliery Co.
1939 to 1946. Hardwick Colliery Co.
1946 to 1968. National Coal Board.

Ramcroft Plate

1846:Bagshawes' Derbyshire Directory of 1846 states Oldcotes (Owlcotes) was mining excellent coal.
1916:Two shafts sunk to the Top Hard seam by the Doncaster Collieries Ltd.                                                               
1917.A new lodge of the Derbyshire Miners Association was inaugurated at a meeting of the men of Ramcroft Colliery, held in the Nags Head Inn, Palterton on Saturday, 26 August.  Mr Frank Hall, Treasurer of the Association was the main speaker.

A miners safety lamp There was a large attendance of local Ramcroft Colliery miners.

They listened intently as Mr. Hall outlined the aims and objectives
of the Association.

At the close of his address, officials elected were as follows:

President - Mr. Joseph Bostock.

Treasurer - Mr G Bostock.

Committee - Messrs H Barton & C Flint.

Secretary - Mr E Layton.

1928:Hardwick Colliery Co. Ltd. purchased the disused Owlcotes Colliery Co. Ltd. from the Manvers Estate, together with the coal underlying the whole of the Owlcotes property.

1929:Ramcroft Colliery closed down and under the terms of the Devonshire lease, was acquired by the Hardwick Colliery Co. Ltd. at a breakdown value in order to work all the seams below the Top Hard that were leased to them.
1935:The new coke ovens at nearby Holmewood were completed and it was decided to lay a six inch diameter main from Ramcroft Colliery to a pumping station at nearby Stainsby, so that water could be pumped to the Holmewood Coke Ovens for quenching purposes instead of running to waste.  Pipe laid in one month from commencement, entirely by hand, a distance of one and three quarter miles.
Five pit sinkers at Ramcroft Colliery c.1916
1939:About this date, it was decided to open up the First Waterloo seam by means of two drifts from the Top Hard seam.  To provide initial capital, Holmewood and Williamthorpe hotels, owned by Hardwick Colliery Co. Ltd. were sold to Hardys Kimberley Brewery Co. Ltd.  The project was highly successful being profitable within six months of its' development.
1942:The first hydraulic pit props were initially tried at Ramcroft in this year, superceeding the old timber and rigid steel props.
1954:Pit head baths were officially opened at 11 a.m. 18 September by Mr Rex Ringham, chairman of East Midlands Division of the National Coal Board.  First used on 14 September.
1967:15 June.  Coal ceased turning at Ramcroft Colliery.                                                              .
1968:22 March.  Salvage operations were completed.                                                              .

Palterton - Ramcroft Colliery, a brief history


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