Rylah Farm

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Ryhlah was in earlier years often referred to as Riley.

Rylah Farm was located down Rylah Hill.  It is no longer a working farm having ceased to be so in 1980.

At the present time (March 2012) my earliest documented evidence of that property (Rylah House) is in the next document referred to, albeit I have studied the 1841 census and will be recording info. in due course.

1847.  29 March.  This entry does not relate to Riley / Rylah Farm but instead relates to the short lane (cart track) opposite the farm, where Rylah House was located though at that time Rylah House was not so named.  Nevertheless, I have included this snippet of information because Thomas Greaves who owned Riley / Rylah Farm also owned the land that was being conveyed in the document.

A release of a right of way over a Homestead and Croft situate at Riley in the parish of Scarcliffe in the County of Derby.  This was a 'Conveyance of Real Property' between Thomas Greaves, Farmer of Old Coates in the parish of Heath (Derbyshire) on the one part and John Bowett, Farmer of Bothamstall and Thomas Bowett, Farmer of Warsop (both parishes in Nottinghamshire), on the second part.

To summarise the conveyance document, the two Bowetts owned Whitaker Croft (number 22 on the 1849 Tithe Award) and Riley Meadow (Number 112) and paid the sum of ten shillings of lawful English money to gain a legal right of way to these fields.

There are two more snippets of information in this Conveyance in that it states that Ryley Meadow was purchased by Thomas Greaves from the Devisees of the late Samuel Beeley.  Also, the two Bowetts had purchased their property at Riley from the Right Honourable Henry George Earl Bathurst.

A plan showing part of Riley/Rylah as copied from the Tithe Map of 1849/50. Rylah Farm is the three tiny black squares. Part of the farm is the two tiny black squares in the nearby Croft

1849Tithe Award revealed that Thomas Greaves owned and Edward Brown occupied a House, yard and premises.  They owned and occupied several other plots including an old barn, stable, orchard and croft marked number 27 on the plan.  This referred to property about 100 metres towards Palterton on the "s" bend.  Although the occupier was stated to be Edward Brown, I believe it is an error and should read Bownes.

The below named Edward Bownes also appears on this Tithe Award at Rylah and is stated to be an owner and occupier of his property.

Edward Bownes marriage to Rebecca Jepson was reg at Mansfield in 1840.

A image of Riley/Rylah Farm showing the west side of the farm house. Persons standing with their backs to this part of the farm house would be looking towards Stockley and Heath.

1851.  7 April.  The census Enumerator George Kirk, a farmer recorded one farm at Ryley.  This is the farm that is known as Riley / Rylah Farm.  It was occupied by Edward Bownes and his family.

He was the head of the household, married, aged 38 years and a farmer of 74 acres employing 2 labourers.  He was born at Crich, Derbyshire.  His wife was Rebecca Bownes aged 37 and was born at Mansfield, Notts.  They had five children, the three oldest born at Mansfield, the two youngest at Ryley.  I conject they had moved from Mansfield to Riley after the birth of one child in 1847 and before the birth of another in 1849 at Palterton.

Two farm servants and one female house servant lived with the Bownes at the time of this census.  Also, there were 24 males and 19 females recorded in Riley.

Edward Bownes remained at that farm (Riley/Rylah) until 1855/1856 appearing on the Electoral Rolls until that time.

Rebecca Bownes, the wife of Edward Bownes, died between 1851 and 1854.  She does not appear to have been buried at Scarcliffe Parish Church.

1855.  20 November 1855.  Edward Bownes married Mary Nuttall spinster at Heath, not the School Masters (Nuttall) family.   Edward described as widower of Scarcliff.   They had two children together.  Later on after Mary died, Mary`s sister Elizabeth went as housekeeper to the family.  In 1871 Edward Bownes was the Landlord of the William 1V public house on Sutton Road, MansfieldMary Bownes formerly Nuttall 1812 to 1880 was buried at Heath on 27 Aug 1880, described as of Mansfield.  Edward Bownes died at Crich at the home of his daughter Elizabeth Ann Harrison formerly Nuttall.

1861.  Census.  Reuben Taylor, Head of the household, aged 31 years and a farmer of 75 acres and his family was living at Riley / Rylah Farm.  The clue seems to be the fact that he farmed 75 acres.  This was almost the same (74) acreage as appears on the 1849 Tithe Map and in fact all of those 75 acres (plus a few more) were attached to the farm when it closed in the 1980s.

I conject that Reuben Taylor, who was born at nearby Stainsby, was the occupier but did not own the farm.

His wife was stated to be Ann Taylor, aged 27 years and was born at Greasley, Nottinghamshire.  Their two children and two servants lived with them.

At that time, an important person in the district was William Burkitt a widower aged 54 years born at Bothamsall, Nottinghamshire was living at Ryhlah.  He was stated to be a Farm Bailiff.  His son Thomas aged 17 years born at Palterton lived with him as did his two unmarried daughters Elizabeth, 27 years and Ellen 20 years.

I conject that William Burkitt and his family occupied Nether House but did not own it.  Nether House was about 800 meters higher up the hill towards Palterton.

At the time of that census, the Enumerator recorded another farm premises at RylahElizabeth Johnson an 84 year old widow and a farmer of 20 acres occupied it.

The latter named Elizabeth Johnson appears on the 1851 census as a 74 year old farmer of 18 acres at Stockley.  I conject she is still at the same farm and the Enumerator has made an error as to the location.

The census Enumertor recorded 9 males and 13 females living in Rylah at that time (1861).

1881.  Census.
William Burkitt a widower aged 74 years born Bothamsall, Nottinghamshire was still living at Rylah (Nether House - my words).  He was stated to be a farmer of 4 acres and a Rate collector.  He employed one labourer who did not live at the farm.  His grandaughter Eliza E. Burkitt aged 12 years born at Manchester was with him on census night.  He was an occupier but may not have owned his property.

1885.  21 February.  By his will of this date, Job Denham devised his freehold and copyhold farms and lands at Riley and Palterton to his wife Harriett and appointed his nephew William Denham and George Goodwin Exors. thereof.

1885.  14 December.  The said Job Denham died this date.  Jon Denham was born 1805 in Heath.  On the 1861 census for Heath, Derbyshire he is stated to be a Farmer of 320 acres and aged 56 years.

1886.  15 January.  Probate of the will of the late Job Denham granted this date from Derby District Registry of H.M. High Court of Justice (Probate Division) to the Exors, William Denham and George GoodwinHarriett Denham thus inherited the farms and land, including Rylah (Riley) Farm.

1891.  23 September.  The said Harriett Denham married Walter John Gascoigne on this date at the Register Office for the district of Mansfield.

1893.  Wednesday, 19 April 1893.  Derbyshire Times and Chesterfield Herald. 

By Messrs. Jno. H. Bradwell & Son.

MESSRS. JNO. H. BRADWELL & SON have received instructions to
SELL BY AUCTION on THURSDAY, April 27th., 1893
at the Swan Hotel, Mansfield, 13 Lots of Valuable STANDING TIMBER.

LOT I is close to RYLAH HOUSE, Palterton.  Catalogues are now ready, - Apply to the Auctioneers, Nottingham
Sale at 4 o'clock in the afternnon prompt.


A MOIETY, or equal undivided half part of and in a Freehold Estate of well watered GRASSLAND, with HOMESTEAD, situate at Rylah, near Palterton, in the parish of Scarcliffe, in the County of Derby., consisting of the following particulars:-
No. on
Parish plan
Description Quantity
A. R. P.
206 Long Lands Bottom 3. 3. 15.
207PT. Long Lands 1. 1. 0.
208PT. Great and Little Wheatley Fields 6. 3. 10.
209. Whitaker Croft 3.0.8.
211. Garden 0.0.3.
212. Orchard 0.1.24.
213. House, Outbuildings and Garden 0.0.17.
214. Long Croft 3.1.16.
215. Garden 0.0.37.
218. Rylah Meadow and Whitaker Croft -.2.0.
219. Rylah Meadow 3.3.11
226. Clayton Meadow 4.3.29.
- Total Acreage 32.1.19
And also one Moiety of the Valuable and readily marketable Seams of COAL under such lands and under 1r.35p. of the
Midland Railway adjoining thereto.

LOT 2.

THE ENTIRITY of a Freehold Property of MEADOW LAND, situate adjoining Lot 1, and lying, for the most part, between the Midland Railway and the Doe Lea River, at Rylah, comprising the following Closes :
No. on
Parish plan
Description Quantity
A. R. P.
205 Rylah Meadow 6.2.26.
205A. Meadow 3.0.30.
220PTs. Wheatley Field Meadow 0.2.28.
221. Plantation 0.0.15.
-. Total Acreage 10.2.19.
And also the entirity of the minerals thereunder, about three 3 roods of the adjoining Railway and Occupation Roads.
The greater part of the Timber on Lots 1 and will be reserved and sold by the Auctioneers immediately after this sale.

Other Lots that were part of this sale relate to property elsewhere.

1895.  Kelley's Trade Directory for Derbyshire.
Cornelius Hufton Turner - Farmer at Riley Farm, Riley & Overseer & Collector of Income - Land Taxes for Ault Hucknall.  He occupied but was not the owner.

1898.  9 August.  A Lease of this date between Harriett Gascoigne the wife of the Revd. Walter John Gascoigne of the Rectory, Upton Helions, Crediton in the county of Devon, a Clerk in Holy Orders and The Sheepbridge Coal and Iron Company Ltd. whose regd, office was in the Township of Newbold, Derbyshire

The latter company were renting the mine bed or seam of coal known as the "Top Hard Coal" lying and being within and under the several pieces and parcels of freehold land etc. at Riley in the parish of Scarcliffe containing (about) 73 acres and 15 perches.  This is Rylah (Riley) Farm.

Thus The Sheepbridge Coal and Iron Company Ltd. was granted a lease to mine coal under the farm and land, subject to Royalties, etc.

1899.  30 May.  Harriett Gascoigne of The Rectory,Upton Helions, Crediton, the wife of the Revd. Walter John Gascoigne. B.A. made her "Will" and appointed her Exors. as her brother in law William Thomas Phillips of Upper Hornsey Rise, London and her nephew Arthur Phillips of 35. Inderwick Road, Crouch End, Middlesex.

In her "Will", she bequethed her freehold farm at Riley to the said W.T.Phillips, except for the lease of the minerals under the land.

1901.  Census.  The Enumerator Thomas Shaw recorded "A Farm House" and living there was John Wilson Shacklock, Head, married aged 38 years a farmer on his "own account" and born at Bolsover.  Also living with him was his wife Sarah Ann Shacklock, aged 42 years born Bolsover and their daughter Florence Shacklock, aged 4 years born Riley.

1911.  Census.  William John Holmes aged 46 years and his wife Mary Holmes formerly Renshaw aged 45 years, lived at Rylah Farm, with their eight children.  The census entry records it was an seven roomed house including the kitchen.

Name Status M / F Age Marr.
or S
Occupation ???? Born
John W. Holmes Head M 46 Marr. 24 Farmer Employer Lea, Derbys.
Mary Holmes Wife F 45 Marr. 24 - - Staveley, Derbys.
Winnie Holmes Dau. F 21 S - Farmers dau. Worker Handsworth, Yorks.
Harry Holmes Son M 19 S - Working on farm Worker Handsworth, Yorks.
Fred Holmes Son M 18 S - Working on farm Worker Handsworth, Yorks.
Thomas Holmes Son M 13 S - Working on farm Worker Bolsover, Derbys.
Sam Holmes Son M 11 S - School - Bolsover, Derbys.
John Holmes Son M 9 S - - - Bolsover, Derbys.
Kathleen Holmes Dau. F 8 S - - - Scarcliffe, Derbys.
George Holmes Son M 4 S - - - Scarcliffe, Derbys.
Fanny Johnson Servant F 14 S - Domestic servant ? Heanor, Derbys.

The locations Palterton, Riley and Stockley all come within Scarcliffe Polling District in these years but they are not separated out, so the following entries were found by scanning the column ‘Description of Qualifying Property’ noting all Riley and Stockley entries. I then went through all the surnames, noting the following that were found:
Blount; Brassington; Commons; Holmes; Sowter; Wharton; Pemberton.

1912 Division 1.

No. Name Place of abode Nature of Qualification Occupation Voters
(Parliamentary & County)
J2656 SOWTER, John Palterton, Chesterfield Dwelling House Palterton
J2371 BLOUNT, Benjamin Riley, Palterton.  Chesterfield. Dwelling House Riley
J2596 PEMBERTON, Joseph Riley, Palterton, Chesterfield Dwelling House Riley
J2466 HOLMES, John William Riley, Palterton, Chesterfield Land & Tenement Riley
J2471 HINDES, William Riley, Palterton, Chesterfield Dwelling House Riley
J2514 JONES, George Stockley, Palterton, Chesterfield Dwelling House Stockley
J2427 DUNHAM, James Stockley, Palterton Dwelling House Stockley
J2711 WHARTON, Zephaniah Edward Stockley, Palterton, Chesterfield Land & tenement Stockley
J2327 SKELTON, Samuel White
He was an Ownership Voter
Dale Close, Chesterfield Road,
Share of Freehold Land Riley, Palterton

No. Name Place of abode Nature of Qualification Occupation Voters
(Parliamentary & County)
J2417 Commons, Henry Palterton, Chesterfield. Dwelling House Palterton

From the 1911 census and Palterton village school records, we know that Joseph Sowter occupied Nether House, John Wm. Holmes was at Rylah Farm, whilst Blount, Pemberton and Hindes were living in a block of cottages next to Rylah Farm and long since demolished, though still some brickwork still remains and is a shelter for animals.  Henry Commons was aged 74 at this time, employed as a Road Labourer by the District Council and may have lived in the vicinity of Low Road.  Zeph. Wharton was at the farm about 300 meters west down the lane at Stockley, but the present day bungalow was not then built.  I believe there was no farm house there at that time.  The address Dale Close, Chesterfield Road, Mansfield where Skelton lived became the Headquarters of the District Council.

1918 Division 1.
No. Name Place of abode Nature of Qualification Occupation Voters
(Parliamentary & County)
J2502 BLOUNT, Benjamin Riley, Palterton.  Chesterfield. Dwelling House Riley
J2730 PEMBERTON, Joseph Riley, Palterton, Chesterfield Dwelling House Riley
J2957 Pool, Henry
- An Occupation Voter
other than a Lodger
Riley, Palterton, Chesterfield Land & Tenement Riley
Note: Only a County
J2512 HINDES, William Riley, Palterton, Chesterfield Dwelling House Riley
J2460 SKELTON, Samuel White
An Ownership Voter
Dale Close, Chesterfield Road,
Share of Freehold Land Riley, Palterton

1926.  1 October.  William Thomas Phillips, Gentleman of Ballater, Chislehurst Road, Orpington, Kent died there on this date.

1926.  27 November.  Administration of his (William Thomas Phillips) will granted to his son Arthur Phillips of Hill House, Cuffley, Herts, a retired Admiralty Clerk and the deceaseds daughter Ada Phillips, spinster also of Ballater aforesaid.  In his will, William Thomas Phillips stated ... and I give my farm at Riley in the parish of Scarcliffe to my Executor and Executix.

1926.  25 March / Lady Day.
William John Holmes occupied Rylah Farm.  His son Fred Holmes and wife, had previously married and had moved to a farm at Renishaw, Derbyshire where their son Wilfred was born on the 30 December 1918.

1927William John Holmes occupied a House, Building and Land comprising 75 acres 1 rood.  This information is number 90 in the Poor Rate for the parish of Scarcliffe and relates to Riley (Rylah) Farm.  The gross estimated rental was £95 and the rateable value was £85.10shillings.

1927.  Lady-day.
The Holmes family left Rylah Farm and moved to Hall Farm, Bolsover Woodhouse.  Subsequently, they moved to a farm at Cuckney, Nottinghamshire.

1928George Henry Poole and his wife Charlotte Poole occupied Riley (Rylah) Farm but I have not yet established the date when they first occupied this farm.

1928.  31 December.  Arthur Atkinson of Fanshaw Bank Farm, Dronfield signed a tenancy agreement with Arthur Phillips of Hill House, Cuffley, Hertfordshire and Ada Phillips of Ballater, Wales Avenue, Carshalton Beeches, Surrey to occupy, as a tenant from year to year, Riley Farm, Palterton.  The farm comprised a dwelling house, outbuildings and land containing in the whole 75 acres 1 rood and 12 perches.  The tenancy was to commence on the 25 March 1929 at an anuual rental of one hundred and five pounds per year.  This rental to be paid half yearly on the 29 September and 25 March.  Either party to the agreement had to give twelve months notice to quit, such notice to expire on the 25 March in any year.

1929.  Lady Day.  The outgoing tenants of Riley (Rylah) Farm were George Henry Poole and his wife Charlotte Poole.  They moved to Carr Farm, Carr Lane, Palterton where they took over the tenancy from the Howett family.

On behalf of George Henry Poole and his family, W. C. Botham & Sons, Auctioneers and Valuers of Chesterfield, compiled a report "Valuation of Tenantright and fixtures upon Riley Farm, Palterton, given up by Mr. George Henry Poole and Mrs. Charlotte Poole to the landlords Arthur Phillips, Esq. and Ada Phillips or to their incoming tenant Mr. Arthur Atkinson."

This valuation is an excellent document and names every field, the size and what is being grown therein.  The contents of the rooms in the house are described.  In the kitchen there was an oven, boiler and fire grate.  Mantel shelf.  Bell and fixing.  12 hooks in the ceiling.

1929Arthur Atkinson, his wife and four children moved to Rylah Farm from Dronfield, which was his birthplace.  His wife was named Lucy and their four children were named Leonard, Cecil, "Minnie" and Margorie known as "Madge".

This image shows Arthur Atkinson c.early 1930s, accompanied by his farm dog. Note the utensils in and on the sink.

When this family moved to Ryhlah, they occupied the farm but did not own it.  The owners were the Phillips family.  Subsequently, Arthur Atkinson purchased the farm and 75 acres from the Phillips family.  He farmed here until his death. 

His two sons "Arthur" and Cecil took over the farm and remained there until their retiremnents.

At the time (1929) of Arthur Atkinson moving to Rylah Farm he was a tenant, the owners being the Phillips family.  Subsequently, he bought the farm.

1932.  Kelly's Trade Directory.  Arthur Atkinson at Rylah farm. 

This image shows Lucy Atkinson c.1930s, wife of Arthur Atkinson with their children. The child on her knee is their son Leonard with Cecil standing on the right. The girl front left is Minnie with Madge standing rear left.

1939.  7 June.  Cecil Atkinson and his brother Leonard Atkinson, farmers both of Riley (Rylah) Farm, Palterton representatives of Arthur Chadwick Atkinson, otherwise known as Arthur Atkinson are taking over the tenancy of the farm.

1939.  1 October.   Arthur Chadwick Atkinson, otherwise known as Arthur Atkinson died intestate.

1963.  18 December.  Leonard Atkinson and his brother Cecil Atkinson purchased Ryhlah Farm from William Bernard Phillips and it remained in the Atkinson family until the 1980s when the two brothers ceased farming.

After 1963, the two Atkinson brothers, purchased a few more acres of land.  They purchased 13 acres from the National Coal Board and another 7 acres from Mr. Arthur Turner, a farmer in Palterton.  This increased their acreage to 98.7 acres.

Cecil Atkinson died in 1980.  At that time both brothers had just retired.

A lovely image of working life at hay making time in the fields at Riley (Rylah Farm). This image shows Arthur Atkinson and his wife Lucy. Their daughter Marjorie (Madge) is closest to her father.

Some of the farm buildings were located about 100 metres from the house and main farm buildings.  They were located closer to Palterton.  At that location, part of the original stone barn is still standing.  However, due to some subsidence, the National Coal Board, during the 1950s, renovated the barn and built brickwork on top of the stone.

Additional information relating to Rylah Farm that proves there was a farm at Rylah / Ryley / Riley in the mid 16th. century.

Will of Christopher RENSHAW of Sutton le Dale, Derbys.  Written: 11 Jun 1557   Proved: 15 Sep 1557
Transcript partially by Celia Renshaw(circa 2011), completed by staff at Lichfield RO, from original held at Lichfield RO.

In the name off god amen the xi day off June in the yere off owre Lord god m ccccc lvii I Chrystofer RENSHA off Sutton by the dale wholl in mynde and seyke in body make my last Wyll & testament in thys manr and forme foleyng.
Fyrst I bequeath my sowle unto almighty god and to our blessed lady and to all the holy company off hevyvn and my body to be beryed in the chyrche of oure blessed ladye at Sutton.
Also I bequeath unto the chyrche off Sutton xii d (12d) towarde mendyng off the bell house also I bequeth unto the chyrche off Skartclyff ii s (2s) towarde mendyng off the greth bell.
Also I bequeth unto every on off my god chyldern iiii d (4d) & also I bequeth unto Rawff CLARKE my Wyffe farther a gowne off flaxne cloth also I bequeth unto Wylliam CLARKE my wyffe brother my best sworde.
Also I bequeth unto Edmunde RENSHA my brother my motley jacket and my best bots.  Also I bequeath unto Thomas RENSHA my brother my best cloke.  Also I bequeth unto Francis RENSHA my brother my grene Jackett and my wyth doblet eyged with grene fringe also I bequth unto Thomas RENSHA the son off Edmunde RENSHA a hew lambe.
Also I bequeth and asyne my farme that I have takyn at ryley off master Columbell unto Francis my elds son and ys mother to have the rule and order both off ym and ytt tyll he enter knowledge and dyscrey stnyen to order ytt ym selfe yff she so long do kepe her wedow and yff she chawnche to mary that then she to be clerely voyde both from ym and the farme and Francis my brother and Wylliam CLARKE my brother in law to have the rule both off ym and ytt tyll he come to yers off desscrestyen to rule ym self and ytt both.
Also I make Anns my Wyffe and my iii sunns that ys to wytt Francs Thomas and Roberth my full executors unto whom I leve the rest off my gudds abovff nott bequethyd off the wyche gudds I wyll that my body be honestely browght hom with deds off charyte to be done at the seyght off thes my executrs wether off my frynds and the rest to be devydyd amoungt my executors according unto the cust(o)m off the cutre [country] that ys to wytt my wyffe to have her thyrde parth and the other is parth to be devydyd among my iii children.
Also I make Sir Roberth CLARKE the parson off Langgar and Wyllem CLARKE off Teversall my brodern in law and Edmonde RENSHA and Francis RENSHA my bredorn my sup(er)vysars whom I putt my speceall tryst in to se that thys my last wyll be fulfylld these being wyttnes John ALWOD, Roberth CALOW, Roberth BARLOW with other me(n)
[No seals or signatures]

Abstract I bequeath my soul to god and our blessed lady and all the holy company of Heaven
My body to be buried in Sutton church
I give the church at Sutton 12d towards mending the bell house and 2s to the church of Scarcliffe toward mending the great bell.
To each of my godchildren 4d
To Ralph CLARKE my father in law - a gown of flaxen cloth
To William CLARKE my wife's brother - my best sword
To Edmund RENSHA my brother - my motley jacket and best boots
To Thomas RENSHA my brother - my best cloak
To Francis RENSHA my brother - my green jacket and white doublet edged with green fringe
To Thomas RENSHA, son of Edmund, a ewe lamb

I assign my farm that I have taken at Ryley off Master COLUMBELL to Francis my eldest son and his mother, she having rule and order of him and the farm until he is grown up, as long as she stays my widow. If she chooses to marry, she will be void both from him and the farm and Francis my brother and William CLARKE my brother in law will have the rule of him and the farm until he is grown up.
I make Anns (Ann or Agnes) my wife and my 3 sons (Francis, Thomas and Robert) my full executors and leave them the rest of my goods (after my body brought home and charity done) divided according to custom, ie. a third to my wife and the rest divided among my 3 children.
I make Sir Robert CLARKE the parson of Langar [Notts] and William CLARKE of Teversall [Notts, nr Mansfield] my brother in law and Edmond RENSHA and Francis RENSHAW my brothers my supervisors.
Wits: John ALWOOD; Robert CALOW; Robert BARLOW & others.
No inventory.
Notes : Ryley (farm) is likely to be Rylah in Palterton, which is in the parish of Scarcliffe.
From http://southwellchurches.nottingham.ac.uk/langar/hincumb.php: List of incumbents for St Andrew Langar church:
Robert CLARKE inst. 17 May 1538; Patron, John Lord Scrope, Will proved 5 Feb 1579; he desired to be buried in the church.  Borthwick Institute confirmed by email 20 Feb 2011 that they hold the will:  Proved Feb 25 1579 Chancery Court of York - Clerke, Robert, Clerke, Parson of Langer Co Notts.  Will written Jan 28 1577.

Rylah Farm

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