Sally Gap or Sallow Gap

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'Sally Gap' as it is known to Palterton residents is located on the north side of Carr Lane about 300 metres from West View and Main Street, Palterton.

The correct title as shown on old maps is Sallow Gap, but it is doubtful if any of the residents know this name.

I have not been able to discover why it is so named but I conject it is from the word meaning willow.  The area is at the bottom (west) end of a large field know locally as 'The Park' and certainly water drains down to this area.  Part of Sally Gap is even more low lying.  Perhaps in earlier times, there were willow trees growing in the location.  Willow trees do grow well in wet areas.

However, it is pure speculation on my part and hence should be treated with suspicion.

This image is from the Tithe Map c.1849.  The village of Palterton can be seen on the map. The location of Sally Gap is clearly identified.

A part of Sally Gap adjoins the medieval archaelogical site that dates back to the period 1066 AD to 1539 AD, the site being 100 metres west of the former The Elms farm and located National Grid Ref.: SK47356867.

Please refer to this aforementioned site in volume 2.

Footnote :
Any reference to "Sally Gap" as being further west down Carr Lane on the south side and opposite the old footpath leading Carr Farm (now demolished) is factually incorrect.  There is absolutely no factual evidence to support this nonsense.  Quite simply it is misleading to future generations of Palterton folk.  The 1849/50 Tithe Map clearly identifies the location of Sallow Gap and this is factual evidence!

Sally Gap or Sallow Gap


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