The Queens Silver Jubilee 1977 in Palterton

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In Palterton, the months leading up to the Queens Silver Jubilee 1977 were busy but great fun.  Villagers managed to combine fund raising with pure enjoyment, eventually having enough money to celebrate in style.  Some of the events were conventional money making schemes such as fun runs, raffles etc.

The Childrens Fancy Dress Parade.

Other events were more about community spirit, getting together and having fun.  Fancy dress, wheelbarrow races, "welly wanging" competitions (throwing a wellington boot - my words).

Sunday afternoons on the "rec" (recreation ground) were great.  What a pity nobody now seems to want Community "get togethers" any more!

Of course there was a committee with a lot of hard work and organisation needed.  They were to be congratulated because the day was wonderful and all events went perfectly.  The late Ms Ellen Spray, the late Mr Sam Henry and others were the committee.

The big day arrived, Saturday, 2 July 1977 and Palterton villagers certainly went to town for their Jubilee celebrations.

The village was bedecked with "buntings" and most houses were decorated.  During the Saturday morning these were judged and results given later.  After lunch things really commenced.

Highlight of the day was a Fancy Dress parade around the village headed by Bolsover Miners Welfare Brass Band.  Such an event has long since been a village tradition.  Queen for the day was Rachael Riley and her attendants Alison Sheppard (11 years) and Hazel Craig (8 years).

A few of the entrants in the Fancy Dress Parade.

The above image shows a few of the entrants in the Fancy Dress Parade.  Left to Right: Clive Dickinson, Jane Offen (wearing a veil), Margaret Dickinson (peak cap), Brenda Riley formerly Smith (twin) (cigarette in mouth, pint pot and bucket), Peter King, Josie King (wearing hat) she was Clyde, part of the Bonny & Clyde duo, Graham Machin (the big Woman!), Jean Offen formerly Walker (with headband) she was Bonny, of the Bonny & Clyde duo, Julie Offen, Freda Riley formerly Smith (twin) (in curlers), Kitch Todd as the Vicar!

More than 350 people attended the event.  Sixty children attended the Childrens Party in the barn at Hall Farm.  There was an 'Over 60s' Tea Party in the Welfare.

The prize for the best dressed house front went to Mr Arthur Turner at Hall farm.  Ms.Debbie Saunders won the under 19s prize in the Fancy Dress as Queen Elizabeth 1 and the over 19s prize went to Mr and Mrs Saunders.

Finally to round off the day there was a Barn Dance in Sprays Barn for the whole village and friends.  A fabulous way to end a perfect day!

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The Barn Dance - a few of the partygoers .

The Queens Silver Jubilee 1977 in Palterton


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