Stony Houghton Village

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The purpose of this page is to provide information concerning this village that has been forthcoming during my years of research.

I was born in this village and my Haslam ancestors (my mothers family) resided here for more than 150 years.  Images will be placed on this page in due course.

Stony Houghton.
The Survey of Houghton belonginge to the Righte Honourable William Cavendish:  Taken by William Senior 1610 accordinge to the former accounpte.

A copy of this survey is to be found in the Appendix at the end of a chapter, copied from a book entitled:
William Seniors Survey of the Estates of the First and Second Earls of Derbyshire.  C 1600 - 1628.
Edited by D.V.Fowkes & G.R.Potter.

In 1969, the Chatsworth Estate Company took over the 547 acres of Elm Tree Farm, Stoney Houghton, part of the old Hardwick Estate.  The arable farms of Stoney Houghton are only 20 miles from Chatsworth, but the nature and appearance of the country are totally different.  The houses and old buildings are built of sandstone with red pantile roofs.  The farm road at Elm Tree Farm near Stoney Houghton is dark with coal dust and the big fields receive the giant machinery with ease.  These are the words of the Duchess of Devonshire in her book:
"The Estate - A view from Chatsworth".  Published 1990 by Mc Millans of London.

Houghton Chapel.  Matlock R.O. Ref:  Q/RR/12/101.
Registration of Meeting House 1815 - Stony Houghton.
To the Justices of the Peace of the County of Derby and to ther Clerk of the Peace thereof:

I, Isaac Orchard of Bolsover in the County of Derby minister of the Gospel do hereby certify that a certain messuage or tenement situated at Stony Houghton in the parish of Plaisley and in the County of Derby now occupied by John Haslam is intended forthwith to be used as a place of Religious Worship by an Assembly or Congregation of Protestants and I do hereby require you to register and record the same according to the provisions of an Act passed in the Fifty second year of his Majesty King George the third intituted "An Act to repeal certain Acts and amend other Acts relating to Religious Worship and Assemblies and Persons teaching and preaching therein" and I do hereby request a Certificate thereof.
Witness my hand this twelfth day of October One Thousand Eight hundred and Fifteen.

Built in 1827.  Trust estate was not freehold, leasehold, copyhold but Sufferance.  No schoolroom, no cottage, was connexional, deed enrolled at Chancery.  Deed held by Mr Adams at Sheffield.  No trustees living in 1892.  Chapel registered but not insured.  Population of neighbourhood 120, cost 19..11s.  20 persons attending Chief services (1892).  Value of property in 1892 was 20 and insured for that sum.  No debt.
(Matlock R.O. Ref:  D.3919 / 2/ 2. - an excellent book) !

Please refer to a separate page of my Haslam ancestors and their families in Stony Houghton.

Stony Houghton Village


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