Street Scenes

An old image of West View and Main Street. Main street 1910
   The earliest known image of this street in 1910.  The protruding building located middle left was Ludlams
   grocery shop that subsequently doubled as the post office.  Lilac Farm can be seen further along the left
   and even further along on the left the 'Hare and Hounds' pub.  The 'Nags Head', whitish roof can be seen
   far right.

Another Main Street view c.1910. Another Main Street view c.1910.

   This image shows the old Hare and Hounds public house on the left and facing is the old Nags Head.
   The three Shipstones cottages are on the right as is the Mission Church.

Another street scene much the same today! Main Street. Palterton.

   This image shows Main Street around 1910.  The nearest houses on the left are Orchard Terrace
   and further along, slightly inset is Stone Row.  All these houses are still standing.(2003).
   The view is looking westerly towards Rylah Hill.

An idyllic setting for a cotttage. The cottage at Poulter Wells, circa 1919.

   This cottage, demolished pre 1940, stood just inside the wood on the east side of the road leading from
   Scarcliffe to Stoney Houghton.  The two people in the image are part of the Smith family.  This is a
   postcard image sent (1919) to a young woman who was living in the then rural, leafy south Manchester.

Snowed in! The Cutting blocked by snow.
   This image shows The Cutting, Palterton blocked by snow.  The village was snowed in for more than
   one week.  At different times, both a bus and a lorry laden with sweets/toffees was stranded.  At
   least the lorry was full when stranded but less full when rescued.  The height of the snow in several
   areas was as high as the telegraph poles.

Acknowledgement Mrs Clifton formerly Rimmington. Group of men in Palterton village circa1926.
   This Palterton image, date unknown, shows a group of workmen.  They could be doing road repairs.  I believe they are striking miners during the 1926 General Strike, doing temporary
   work.  This image is taken by a photographer with his back to Rock Corner looking towards the rear yard of numbers 1 and 2 Crow Hills.  The house left is where the Whitworth family
   have lived for many years.  To date only a couple of the men have been identified, the Riley twins.  One is second row, third from end right, the second twin is fourth from extreme right,
   slightly behind his brother.  There is definitely two unidentified Rimmington men hereon, namely George and his brother.  It is known the latter brothers did road repairs during the strike.


Street Scenes


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