Samuel Richards (1780 to 1854)
part Two

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In search of Samuel Richards, son of Mathew and his wife Mary Richards nee Sore.  I have given this man the title "Strelley Sam".

1830.  We discover Samuel Richards abode marked on the parish map - he was living in Strelley Park.

Part of the 1830 map showing the area where Samuel Richards was living.

His neighbours were: Grace Soar, Samuel Kirk and Thomas Ellis.

The pit shaft where Samuel Richards must have worked was adjacent to his dwelling and was called the Strelley Park shaft, owned according to this 1830 map by the Barber Walker Co..

1830.  Let's pay a visit to the village of Strelley in 1830 and meet the inhabitants most if not all of whom would be known to our Samuel Richards alias "Strelley Sam".

From the parish map of Strelley dated c.1830 we discover the following inhabitants.
[People & places named are marked on the map with a blue spot]

Samuel Richards, Grace Soar, Samuel Kirk, John Seavern of Strelley Park Farm and Thomas EllisGrace Soar may have been Samuel Richards aunt, she may have been a spinster but she was the widow of Edward Soar.

All these people lived at the northern end of Strelley in Strelley Park.  The Strelley Park pit shaft was adjacent.  In 1830, Thomas North, senior, Wakefield & Co. owned the Strelley mine.  In 1807 the Barber / Walker lease ran out.

Ray Huthwaite, an ex - collier from Ilkeston, said that Strelley, Cossall and Ilkeston were all part of the same mining complex.  This old collier has worked in them all and knew every inch above and below ground.

Let's keep on walking and meet the people who lived at the north and east side of Spring Wood namely John Martin, Mrs. White, Mathew Watkinson, Isaac Day, Thomas Pearson, Robert Widdowson, Charles Watkinson and Joseph Chambers.

On the west side between Spring Wood and Oak Wood we meet Job Severn, then on to the bottom end of Old Moor Wood to meet Stephen Blighton.  Then we go to Old Moor (field name) to see John Hopkin.

The village folk are next on our list so don't let us delay, there are several to meet.

They introduce themselves as John Raynor living in Raynor's Close, Nicholas Raynor, Thomas Taylor, James Oakes, James Passey, Thomas Edge, Esq. of Strelley Hall, Rev. John Webb Edge at The Parsonage, William Atkinnson, Mary Stevenson, Richard Roulston, William Blunstone, John Webster, Wm. Lacey, John Woodhouse, William Dodsley, Martin Kirk, Mary Charlton, William Faulconbridge, William Stevens, Vincent or Violet Kirk, William Oldershaw, Thomas Harriman, Ruth Raynor, Robert Kirk, Samuel Stevenson, Ann Stevenson, Thomas Calverley, John Sisson and Samual Sisson.

All these people lived in Strelley Lane which is now known as Bilborough Road.

Finally we move onto the farm at Home Close where we meet Mark Audinwood.

All these inhabitants that are listed that we have met live in separate dwellings in Strelley.  There would appear to be 45 dwellings occupied in 1830 which roughly gives a mini census for that year, with an added bonus of a detailed parish map where the buildings are situate and which families live in them.  All the above named tenants appear to be head of the household.  There are several buildings on this 1830 map without the names of the tenants given.

The list of tenants has been extracted from the parish map of Strelley dated c.1830.  This map was donated by Mr. R. Clarkson of Holly Tree cottage, Strelley who has made an extensive search into Strelley village.  Mr. Clarkson has now left the village and was believed living at Arnold (1989).

1831.  31 Ooctober.  John Richards married Eliza Robinson at Strelley parish church after banns.  Their witnesses were William Robinson and Samuel Oates.

John Richards baptised 12 August 1810, was the eldest son of Samuel and Mary Richards nee Robinson.  It appears that he has married a relative.

1832.  27 March.  Eliza Richards, eldest daughter of Samuel and Mary Richards nee Robinson married Samuel Oates of Greasley parish.  Eliza made her mark but Samuel Oates signed his name.  Their witnesses were William Robinson and John Briggs, the latter was possibly the parish clerk.

There was an Oates family living in Strelley in 1830 in the village itself.

1841 and 1851 we discover Samuel and Mary Richards nee Robinson on the census at Strelley Park.  Alas Samuel Richards died 19 March 1854 and was buried in the churchyard at Strelley parish church.

The 1841 / 51 census will help to bring this village alive in more detail.

1. Were they all Notts. folk who lived in Strelley?
2. What were their occupations.?
3. How many females lived in the village?
4. How many males lived in the village?
5. What was the average age of the inhabitants?

This little exercise will have to wait awhile ............

For the present the people we are interested in are:
Samuel Richards, Grace Soar, Joseph Chambers and John Woodhouse.  These are all surnames connected to the Richards of Radford, Strelley, Ilkeston and , but the first four could be important connections to expand the "Richards Saga".  Also James Oates.

1840DDE.14/84.  Strelley Rate Valuations.  29 August 1840.

Owner No. Occupier Description Cultivation Quantity Value
Edge 8 Thomas Ellis House ? 2 perches 1..10s.
Edge 8a Samuel Richards Garden ? 21 perches ????
Edge 9 Samuel Richards House & Garden ? 4 perches 1..10s.
Edge 10 Samuel Kirk House & Garden Neg. 10 perches 1..10s.
Edge 11 Edward Soar House & Garden ? ? ?
Edge 12 Grace Soar Croft Pasture 1a.2r.11p. ?
Edge 13 Grace Soar Croft Meadow 2 acres 3.

1841Samuel Richards, his wife and family were still living in Strelley.  He was a coal miner. 

1841.  Census.  Strelley.

Name Age Occupation Born Notts. "Y" or "N"
Samuel Richards 60 years Coal Miner "Y"   b.Notts.
Mary Richards 50 years ?? "Y"   b.Notts.
Sarah Richards 20 years ?? "Y"   b.Notts.
William Richards 15 years ?? "Y"   b.Notts.
Elizabeth Richards 14 years ?? "Y"   b.Notts.
Mary Richards 12 years ?? "Y"   b.Notts.
Amelia Robinson 9 years ?? "Y"   b.Notts.

1841.  We discover John Richards and his wife living at Kimberley Knowle.  He was a coal miner.  (HO.107/857. p.6.)  His parents (last entry) still live in Strelley.
Please refer to part three for the census information relating to John Richards.

1843.  16 April.  Lydia Richards, Full age, Spinster married William Simpson, Full age, Bachelor, Servant of Kimberley.  Both made their marks.  Her father was Samuel Richards, a Collier and his father was Joseph Simpson, a Labourer.  The witnesses were William Richards and Ann Kirk, both of whom made their marks.  Lydia parish and occupation not noted.  After Banns called.

1847.  21 February.  Elizabeth Richards, Full age, Spinster of Strelley married Mathew Hobson, Full age, Bachelor, Collier of Strelley.  She made her mark whilst he signed.  Her father was Samuel Richards a Collier and his father was Joseph Hobson a Collier.  The witnesses were Samuel Oates and Mary Richards, both of whom signed.

1851.  The Census Ref: HO.107 / 2127

Name Status M/S Age Occupation Birthplace & County
Samuel Oates Head M 46 years Collier Greasley, Nottinghamshire
Eliza Oates Wife M 39 ? Strelley, Notts.
John Oates Son Unm. 18 Collier Strelley, Notts.
Benjamin Oates Son Unm. 15 ? Strelley, Notts.
Mary Oates Dau. Unm. 12 ? Strelley, Notts.
Eliza Oates Dau. Unm. 10 ? Strelley, Notts.
Samuel Oates Son Unm. 6 ? Strelley, Notts.
John Patrick ?? Unm. 22 Blacksmith Overseal, Leics.

Eliza Oates nee Richards was the daughter of Samuel Richards and his wife Eliza nee Robinson.  She was living next door to her parents.

Name Status M/S Age Occupation Birthplace & County
Samuel Richards Head M 71 years Collier Strelley, Nottinghamshire
Mary Richards Wife M 66 years ??? Greasley, Nottinghamshire
Sarah Richards Dau. Unm. 32 years Seamstress Strelley, Nottinghamshire
William Richards Son Unm. 28 years Collier Strelley, Nottinghamshire
Mary Richards Dau. Unm. 22 years Stockiner Strelley, Nottinghamshire
John Richards Grandson Unm. 5 years ? Strelley, Nottinghamshire

This census entry relates to Samuel Richards alias (Strelley Sam).  So as the next census entry reveals he has two daughters living either side of him and his wife.

Name Status M/S Age Occupation Birthplace & County
Mathew Hobson Head M 25 years Collier West Hallam, Derbyshire.
Elizabeth Hobson Wife M 25 years Colliers wife Strelley, Nottinghamshire.
Ann Hobson Dau. Unm. 3 years ???? Strelley, Nottinghamshire.
Herbert Hobson Son Unm. 2 years ???? Strelley, Nottinghamshire.
Walter Hobson Son Unm. 2 months ??? Strelley, Nottinghamshire.

Elizabeth Hobson nee Richards, the daughter of Samuel Richards and his wife Eliza nee Robinson.
Note: I have an entry as follows: 31.07.1853.  Hubert Hobson son of above, number 479 in P.R. but cannot remember any more about the entry!

1854Samuel Richards died at Strelley on the 19 March 1854 and was buried in the churchyard.

Samuel Richards (1780 to 1854)
part Two


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