Trade Directories for Palterton

1829 Glover's Directory of Derbyshire.
Lord of the Manor - The Rt. Hon. Earl Bathurst.
Farmers: Edmund Beeley,  John Beeley,  Samuel Beeley,  William Coupe,  George Hodgkinson,
Thomas Rollin,  John Booth,  John Warner,  William and Joseph Winfield.

1831 Pigot's Directory of Deryshire.
Mr. George Hodgkinson and Mr. Joseph Winfield both of Palterton, stated to be "Gentry and Clergy."
Carpenters Arms - John Spray of Palterton.
Parish of Scarcliffe contains about 500 inhabitants.

1835 Pigot & Co.  Derbyshire.
No mention of Palterton but:
Gentry - Mr. Joseph Winfield Palterton,  Mr George Hodgkinson Palterton.
Carpenters Arms - John Spray Palterton.   For some reason Farmers are not mentioned.

1841 Kelly's Directory of Derbyshire.
Refers to Scarcliffe with Palterton and states Scarcliffe is a remote village dependent on agriculture comprising with the hamlet of Palterton, 3772 acres and 582 inhabitants; it is well watered by the River Poulter, which rises in the south of the parish;  also the spring called Owlesditch, remakable for it's greater abundance in the summer than winter.
The following persons are mentioned :-
Joseph Cree - Hare and Hounds, Palterton.  Thomas Rolling - Farmer.  Wm. Spray, Joiner and carpenter, Palterton.  Francis Whitworth - Blacksmith, Palterton.  Hannah Wilson, Farmer, Palterton.

1857 History, Gazetteer and Directory of Derbyshire & Sheffield
Palterton information is on page 770.
The Feast is held on the 20 October annually.
Wm. Harrison - Threshing Machine proprietor : Fras. Whitworth - Blacksmith : Mary Cree - Hare and Hounds : William Turner - Nags Head (and Butcher)
Farmers - John Armstrong, Robert Drewery (Drury?), Ann Farmery, Chpr. Jowett, Samuel Warner, Hannah Wilson, George Kirk, Thos. Rolling - The Hall, Samuel Waller (Warner?) and Samuel Johnson a farmer at Stockley.
Mary Cree a shopkeeper.  Wheelwrights - John Spray and William Spray.

1873.  Return of Owners of Land in England and Wales, exclusive of the Metropolis.  (One acre and upwards)

Name of owner Adress of owner Extent of lands.. Gross estimated rental
Whitworth, Ann Scarcliff 4a. 37p 15..8s.
Whitworth, Sir John Scarcliff 1256a. 3r. 17p 1958..7s.
Wardley, John Scarcliff 5a. 3r. 4p. 6..2s.
Wardley, Richard Scarcliff 5a. 1r. 4p. 15.
Shacklock, W.J. Scarcliff 86a. 2r. 3p. 124..5s.
Scorer, Mathew Scarcliff 416a. 13p. 607..15s.
Tomlinson, William Scarcliff 10a. 2r. 37p. 10..12s.

1881.  Kelly's Directory of Derbyshire.

Wm. Birkett. Assistant overseer.
Robert Cooper Licensee at the Nags Head.
Charles Whitworth a blacksmith.
Mrs William Turner - school!

1881.  Kelly's Trade Directory for Derbyshire.
Farmers: Robert Drury.  William Godber.  George Goodwin.  Christopher Jowett.  William Joseph Shacklock.  George Spray - Threshing Machine owner.  William Birkett - Assistant Overseer.  Charles Whitworth - Blacksmith.  Levi Spray - Wheelwright.  Mrs William Turner - School. (I think it means Teacher).!  Samuel Johnson - Butcher.  Willaim Froggatt - Beer Retailer (Hare and Hounds).  Robert Cooper - Nags Head.

1894.  Bulmers Trade Directory for Derbyshire.
The sick club in 1894 mentioned.

1895.  Bulmers Trade Directory.  (Chesterfield and N.E. Derbyshire).
The village feast is held on the Sunday between 19 and 26 October.  John Brown was the Police Sergeant.  Joseph Grimes was a farmer.  John Godber, a farmer at Palterton Hall and was the Assistant Overseer.
There was formerly a Chapel here, which Hubert Fitzralph gave to the Abbey of Darley.
A sick club is held at the Hare and Hounds and the members, attended by a band of music, walk in procession to Scarcliffe Church on the 29 May annually.

1895.  Kelly's Directory for Derbyshire.
Palterton Station opened in 1890.
Miss Hannah Floyde - Grocer, Mrs Sarah Froggatt - Beer Retailer, Mr John Godber - Farmer and Asst. Overseer, Wm. Godber - Farmer, Joseph Grimes - Farmer, John Heald - Shoemaker, Edwin Jowett - Nags Head Public House, Samuel Ludlam - Grocer, Hugh Palfreyman - Farmer, Joseph Wilson Shacklock - Farmer, Charles Timmons - Blacksmith, Cornelius Hufton Turner - Farmer at Riley Farm, Riley & Overseer & Collector of Income - Land Taxes for Ault Hucknall, Herbert Turner - Butcher and Joseph Wilkinson - Farmer.

1899/1900.  Kelly's Trade Directory for Derbyshire.
Scarcliffe National School erected in 1868 and enlarged in 1894 for 254 children.
Joseph Grimes was a farmer.

1902.  Bennett's Business Directory for Derbyshire.
Palterton had a population of 600.
J. Grimes was a farmer.  S. Ludlam a grocer.
E. Haywood Taylor had the Post Office.
Joe Grimes horse and cart - he is on 1902 censusPhotograph showing horse and cart which is pre 1908 with the name
J. Grimes, Palterton painted on it.

Joe Grimes died about 1907, but the photo could be later. The name on the cart has not changed.

1902.  Bulmers Trade Directory.
Richard Haslam a farmer at Stoney Houghton.

1908.  Kelly's Trade Directory for Derbyshire.
with a station on the Doe Lea branch of the Midland line.  Edwin Haywood was the sub postmaster.  Sydney Grimes - farmer.  Cornelius Hufton Taylor, farmer and assessor / collector of land taxes for Ault Hucknall district and Shirebrook / Pleasley.
(It should read Turner not Taylor).  John Godber, farmer and assistant overseer.  Alf Bennett at the Nags Head.   Thos. Askew and sons, Blacksmiths.

1911-1912.  Bennetts Business Directory for Derbyshire.
had a population of 600.  Ludlam S. grocer and provision dealer, haberdasher and small wood dealer.

1912.  Kelly's Trade Directory for Derbyshire.
is one mile west of Scarcliffe with a station on the Doe Lea branch of the Midland Railway opened in 1890.   Station master was Wallace Raymond Graham.
Mention of the river Poulter which rises in the southern part of the Scarcliffe parish; there is also a spring called Owlsditch.  Rylah is a place in the parish.
Postmistress Miss Beatrice Mary Spray.  Post arrived via Chesterfield at 7.55 a.m. and despatched 5.40 p.m. week days.  Council school erected, b.1910 for 120 infants, average attendance 95.  Headmistress Miss E. Rogers.
Thomas Askew and Sons, Blacksmith.  Alfred Bennett, Nags Head Public House
Grocers:  Harry Dawson,  Samuel Ludlam and Mrs. Sarah Floyd.
Farmers:  George Godber,  Sydney Grimes,  John William Holmes, Hugh Palfreyman,  John Shacklock,  Zephaniah Wharton and Conelius Hufton Turner, assessor, collector of income and land tax for Ault Hucknall district, Shirebrook and Pleasley.  Jn. Godber, Farmer and assistant overseer.  Joseph Wilkinson.  John Heald, shoemaker.

1916 Kelly's Trade Directory for Derbyshire.
Richard Pratt was the station master at the Palterton and Sutton (Midland) Railway station.  Beatrice Mary Spray - postmistress and shop keeper.  John Askew - blacksmith.  Alf Bennett - licensee at Nags Head.

Farmers:  Geo. W. Butler,  Geo. Godber,  Jn. Godber (farmer and asst. overseer),  Geo. Henry Poole,  John Shacklock,  Arthur Turner, Cornelius Houghton Turner (farmer and assessor of taxes),  Zephaniah Wharton,   Mrs. Hannah Wilcockson.  Grocers - Sarah Ludlam,  Wm. Machin and Henry Dawson.

1922 Kelly's Trade Directory for Derbyshire.
Isaac Butler, Blacksmith.  Henry Dawson, grocer (this was the village shop between Thirteen Row and East View).  Mathew Hodgkinson, farmer (he was at The Hall farm).  Willliam Simpson, farm bailiff to Sydney G. Grimes - Simpson was living at Highfield farm.  George Henry Poole, farmer.  Beatrice Mary Spray, Postmistress - she was at the south end of the village.

1925 Kelly's Trade Directory for Derbyshire.
Alfred Bennett, Nags Head P.H.   George William Butler, farmer.  Henry Dawson, grocer.  George Godber, farmer.  John Hodgkinson, greengrocer.  Samuel Ludlam, grocer.  New Byron Brick Co. Brick and tile makers - John William Chapman, manager.  George Henry Poole, farmer.  John Rose, farmer.  John Shacklock, farmer.  William Simpson, farm bailiff to Sydney Grimes, Esq.  Mrs Mary Beatrice Spray, shopkeeper and P.O.  Arthur Turner, farmer.  Thos. Turner, farmer.  Zephaniah Wharton, farmer.  George Whitworth, blacksmith.  Mrs. Hannah Wilcockson, beer retailer.
Scarcliffe private resident - John Godber, White House.

1928 Kelly's Trade Directory for Derbyshire.
Grimes. Arthur, farmer at Highfield farm.  George Smeeton - Nags Head.  Gilbert Starr - Beer retailer.  (most likely Hare and Hounds)! Shopkeepers: Wm. Henry Bradshaw.  J.W.Thacker and Albert Parkin.  Mrs. Florence Ludlam grocer and post mistress.
Note: There are more names for Palterton.

1932 Kelly's Trade Directory for Derbyshire.
Thos. Rose, secretary of Palterton Miners Welfare.  Farmers: Arthur Roland Grimes at Highfield Farm.  Geo. Wm. Butler.  Fred Holmes.  Geo. Hy. Poole at Carr farm.  Arthur Atkinson at Rylah farm.  Arthur Turner at Hall farm.  Thos. Turner at Elm farm.  John Thos. Wholey at Hill Top farm.  Jn. W. Lamb. New Byron Brick Co. Brick and tile makers - Herbert Leslie Vass, manager. Jn. Wm. Thacker Jnr. grocer.   Mrs Florence Ludlam, grocer and post office.   Albert Parkin, shopkeeper.  Geo. Wheatley Smeeton, licensee at Nags Head.  Joseph Wm. White, Beer retailer.  Wm. Hy. Bradshaw, shopkeeper.  George H. Whitworth, blacksmith.  Miss Clara Clayton, ladies hairdresser.  Wm. Hy. Booth, motor bus proprietor.

Palterton station on the branch line of L.M.S. opened in 1890, now used (1932) for goods traffic.  New Byron Brick Co. (Brick yard).

1936 Kelly's Trade Directory for Derbyshire.
Mrs. Florence Flecknall, grocer and post office.  Geo. Wheatley Smeeton, licensee at Nags Head. J oseph Wm. White, Beer retailer.  (Hare and Hounds).  George Whitworth blacksmith.  New Byron Brick Co. Capt. W.W.W. Houldsworth Highfield House.

1941 Kelly's Trade Directory for Derbyshire.
Atkinson Bros. farmers, Rylah Farm,   George Wm. Butler, farmer.   Mrs Florence Flecknell, Grocer & P.O.  Mrs Harriett Harrison, farmer Bastin Park.  Hare and Hounds P.H. licensee Anthony White.  John Wm. Spafford licensee, Nags Head.  Robt.H. Marsden secretary Palterton Miners Welfare.  Geo. Hy. Poole farmer at Carr farm.  Mrs Harriett Robbins shopkeeper.  John Wm.Thacker grocer.  Arthur Turner farmer at Hall Farm.  Thos. Turner farmer at both The Elms and Highfield farms.   Adrian Wharton farmer at Stockley.  Geo. H. Whitworth Blacksmith.  Jn. Thos. Wholey farmer at Hill Top farm,  Fredk. Holmes, farmer.  New Byron Brick Co. Brick and Tile makers - Robert Leslie Vass, manager.
Private resident. Capt. W.W.W.Houldsworth Highfield House.
(My note: he was occupant of the house not the farmer)

Trade Directories for Palterton


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