Early Transport in the village

Joseph Grimes and his two children. Joseph Grimes with children Joseph Hy. and Eunice Mary.
   This is the earliest image of transport in Palterton.  Dated c.1905, it shows the Grimes family.
   Joseph Grimes born c.1865 at Sutton Scarsdale farmed Highfield Farm for several years.
   His two children Joseph Henry Grimes was born c.1899 at Palterton and Eunice Mary b.1900
   at Palterton.  The farmers name can be seen on the cart.  Image taken at rear of Highfield Farm.

A horse and carriage. The Fenton Family.

   This form of transport was common in the village for those who could afford it.
   This image dated c.1910, shows the Fenton family, though the individuals have
   not yet been positively identified.

Three wheeled motorised transport. Name(s) of the person

   A Morgan 3 wheeler out on an excusion with its Palterton owner.
   Image was taken on the triangular grassed area, at a road junction
   near Carburton Lakes, Notts.  The road sign points to Worksop.

A new car for the Turner family. Jeff. and Fred Turner in fathers new car.

   This image c.1930 shows a new car owned by Mr. Thomas Turner, farmer.
   His two sons Jeff. and Fred. are seated.  Image taken in the farmyard.
   I'm sure a car enthusiast will identify the make and model of the car.

A childs toy car c.1942. Reg Shepherd and Derek Riley.

   This image c.1942 shows Reggie Shepherd seated in the car.  His cousin
   Derek Riley is closeby.  This image was taken on the eastern side of
   West View.  Thirteen Row can be seen in the top left hand corner.

The first motor cycle in the village?. Frank Audis and Harold West.
   This image captured at the entrance to Highfield Farm on Main Street shows the
   rider Frank Audis and his pillion passenger Harold West.  This was the first motor
   cycle in the village c.1930.  The make and reg.no. is clearly visible.  The
   location of this image has remained unchanged to the present day.

A Sowter motor cyclist ?? Sowter and his motor cycle RR 490.

   This image was loaned to me by Mr. Alan Sowter in 2000 and shows his father
   astride his motor cycle, the image being taken at the rear of Orchard Terrace.
   I'm sure a motor cycle enthusiast will identify the make, model and year of the machine.

Transport provided by the Riley family. The Riley family.

   This image shows Albert Riley and his family using their horse and cart transport
   The identity of the children is known and is being checked.
   Text naming people in this image.

An early form of transport for a child. Reg. Shepherd and his mother.

   Reg. Shepherd aged about 4 years (c.1941) with his mother.  His fron wheel tricycle (trike)
   was being pedalled by Reg along the front of West View towards Spray's yard.  This road is now
   named Main Street.  No doubt the photographer would be Reg's dad, Charlie Ben Shepherd.

The first cars in Palterton Cars owned by Thomas Turner - NU7*83 and RR646

   Our image c.1925 shows two cars owned by Mr. Thomas Turner, farmer.  They were the first two cars in the village.
   Image taken in the rear farmyard.  The oldest car is on the right.
   Note a cycle leant against the left car.

More cars Two more Turner cars.

   This image shows two more cars owned by Mr. Tommy Turner, farmer.  The car reg. no. TRA 894 is a Ford Prefect,
   model E493A built between 1949 and 1953 and the car, reg. no. VRR 541 is an Austin Cambridge either an
   A40 - 1200cc or an A50 - 1500cc, most probably the latter, built between September 1954 to 1957.

The train now passing Palterton and Sutton Station is a !!! A railway engine as used on the Midland Railway at Palterton Station
   This image is of a railway engine in the 3F 0-6-0 series that worked the line through the Palterton &
   Sutton Scarsdale.  Station on the Doe Lea branch of the Midland railway line from 1890 to 1932 and
   later.  Coal mines often used their own steam locomotives to haul materials.  The majority were small but
   powerful coal fired 0-6-0 tank engines.  Some were fireless.  Developed in Germany in 1890's.

This vehicle was seen daily in Palterton delivering bread The Bakers van.

   This vehicle, though owned by a Carr Vale family, was used daily and delivered bread to Palterton.
   The identity of the persons in the image is being verified.      

Horse and cart Horse and cart.

   I believe the two people on the cart are Charlie Ben. Sheppard and young Eric Frith.
   The identity of the persons in the image is being verified, as is location of image.

Horse and cart Bus Trip 1921 - New Houghton

   This image shows village people in New Houghton alongside coaches on Mansfield Road prior to a trip
   text goes here


Early Transport in the village

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