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I have examined the two Log Books for Palterton Council School.  These books are hard bound and in good condition.

Entries are not necessarily made daily.  They reveal an insight into the organisation and administration of the school on at least a weekly basis over the years.  One statistic that stands out is the absentee record of the teachers.

Selected Extracts from the school Log Book.
1910. 21 February.  Today I commenced work as Head Teacher of Palterton Council School.  Number on register 99.  E. Rogers.  The Managers were present at the opening of the school.  Formal opening by the Rev. S. Biss at 9.15.  He was the Vicar of the Scarcliffe Parish Church.
Note: Elizabeth Rogers was aged 52 years, born circa 1858 at Aldwark (near York), Yorks.
1910.25 February.  100 pupils on registers.  Percentage (attendance) was 94.9 %.
1911.31 May.  Rev. S. Biss on his inspection of this date, reported "This recently opened Infants school has no strongly marked features but the children are being pleasantly managed and generally a satisfactory start has been made.

Now that the initial difficulties have been overcome, rather more emphasis might be laid on general training e.g. speech observation and intelligence."

1914.31 July.  Today, I resign my position as Headmistress of this school.  E. Rogers.
1914.1 September.  Helena Adams commenced duties as Head Mistress of this school.  Reg. num: 08/304.
1919.30 June.  Helena Adams resigned her position as Head Mistress of this school.
1919.1 July.  M. Oswald commenced duties as Head Teacher of this school.  Reg.
1937.25 February.  Headteacher and staff allowed to leave at 3 o'clock to interview solicitor in connection with (Assault Case) by Head Teacher.
1941.10 April.  M. Oswald wrote "I shall terminate my duties as Head Teacher to-day".
1941. 21 April.  Mabel Edith Attwood commenced duties as Headmistress.
1941.17/18 June.  I sent home two boys suffering from Scabies and (18th.) have discovered four more cases of Scabies.  The identity of the children are revealed.
1943. 1 October.  School closes for mid term holiday - 2 weeks.  Palterton Feast was usually held in October.
1943. 1 December.  Mrs Attwood wrote "I was absent from school for two days to be present at an important business appointment in Manchester."
1943. 23 December.  Mrs Attwood resigned as Headmistress of this school.
1944. 10 January.  Mrs E. Overton commenced duies as Supply Head Mistress.
1944. 17 April.  Mrs Eva Smith commenced duties as Headmistress.
1944. 3 August.  Salute The Soldier Week.  (July 8 to 15).  School target 75.  Target 414..2s..6d.  Approx. 7 gns. per head.  Note gns. means guineas and one guinea was 1..1s. or 156 new pence).  Three children won prizes in the Area Poster Competition (1st. 2nd. 3rd) and Two in the Area Essay Competition (1st. and 2nd.) 8 - 11 year class.  I (Ronald Stanley "Jack" Richards) won the latter 1st. prize for my essay.
1944. 17 November.  Keith Cuff accidentally fell against desk and cut his head.  Dr. Lane dressed the wound and inserted one stitch.  I witnessed this accident.
1945. 8 February.  The school was closed this morning for the Secondary Schools Entrance Examination.  I, Ronald Stanley "Jack" Richards was a pupil in this examination and passed this part one.
1945. 15 March.  Miss Nicholson supervised the second part of the Secondary Schools Entance Examination at this school.  21 children were granted leave of absence.  Registers were marked as usual - authority given from Derby.  I (the Headmistress) supervised at Scarcliffe C. of E. School.  I, Ronald Stanley "Jack" Richards was a pupil in this examination and passed this part two.
1945. 8 May.  The school closed for two days (May 8 and 9) in celebration of Victory in Europe.
1945. 27 July.  The school closes this afternoon for 5 weeks - Midsummer Holiday.  July 27 to September 3.  This was my (Ronald Stanley "Jack" Richards) last day at Palterton Council School.
1945. 3 September.  The school reopens this morning.  Seven children have been transferred to Senior Schools.  Mansfield Grammar School 1.  Shirebrook Grammar School 1.  Shirebrook Central School 1.  Bolsover Senior Boys 2.  Bolsover Senior Girls 2.

I, Ronald Stanley "Jack" Richards was the boy transferred to Mansfield school.  The correct name of the school was Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School for Boys.

Jean Walker went to the Shirebrook Grammar School and John Mc. Donald, the farmers son went to Shirebrook Central School.

1945. 17 September.  22 children absent from school today on account of village Womens Institute excursion to Skegness.  Registers were marked as usual.
1945.31 October.  I, Eva Smith, shall terminate my duties as Head Teacher this afternoon.
1945.1 November.  I, Miss Irene Thompson commence duties as Head Mistress of this school.
1946. 7 November.  Shocking state of the gas lighting in the school caused lessons to be switched to make better use of daylight hours.
1947. February.  No school, village cut off by snow and no coke for the boilers.  This continued into March.
1947. 3/4 December.  School used by village Youth Club.  Chairs and desks were "confused".  Pencils missing.
1948. 7 January.  Radiogram and two speakers had been installed during the Xmas holiday.  The money to pay for it being subscribed by various organisations in the village.
1948. 30 April.  Headmistress Irene Thompson terminated her employment.
1948. 3 May.  New headmistress Christine Street commenced duties.  The following day she discovered the H.M.Inspectors report on the school, dated the previous September.  Its conclusion stated "The Head Teacher is both conscious and concerned at the standard of attainment in the school and is working to raise the standard.  She is hampered by staffing difficulties and in particular needs an infant teacher.

The Headmistress (Thompson) was appointed about 5 years ago.  She gives ardent service to the school and demands hard work and a good standard for the children."

The report continues "Children are well mannered, alert and responsive.  They are being trained in good habits of work and concentration."

The sanitary block was in a bad state of repair and the flushing system out of order.

1958. 25 and 26 February.  No school, the village cut off by snow.                                                                     
1963. 26 July.  I, Constance A. Street shall terminate my position as Headmistress this afternoon.
1963.9 September.  Leonard S. Ellis, (Permanent Supply Staff, N.E.Derbys.) commenced duties as acting Headmaster.
1963.1 October.  Meeting held at the school to appoint a new Headmaster.  Six candidates, four "gentemen" and two "ladies" interviewed by a panel of thirteen.  (How did they make a decision?)  After protracted deliberations ending at 10.45 p.m. Mr. Peter Jones from Hollinwood Primary School was appointed, his duties to commence in January 1964.

An image of a Mrs Hilda Carter, caretaker of the school.

1963.4 October.  Mrs Hilda Carter retired as caretaker of the school after twenty one years service.  To mark the occasion, she was presented with a handbag by Miss Street (former head teacher) and was given three rousing cheers by the children.  Mr. Chaplin, chairman of the School Managers was present and thanked Mrs. Carter for her long and loyal service.

An image of letter sent to Mrs Hilda Carter on her retirement by W.M.Fell, Clerk to the School Managers.

1963.20 December.  Leonard S. Ellis, (Permanent Supply Staff, N.E.Derbys.) terminated duties as acting Headmaster.
1964.8 January.  Peter W. Jones commenced duties as Headmaster and noted there were two new admissions making a total of sixty eight pupils on the roll.
1967.14 March.  Peter W. Jones, Headmaster appointed Headteacher of Ashover C.J.M.& I. School to commence duties on 1 September 1967.
1967.4 September.  Leonard S. Ellis, (Permanent Supply Staff, N.E.Derbys.) commenced duties as acting Headmaster.
1968.8 January.  Kenneth G. Daniels commenced duties as Headmaster and noted there were two new admissions making a total of eighty seven pupils on the roll.  The following day, only 41 children were present as buses unable to reach the village due to a heavy fall of snow.
1968.12 July.  Annual Sports Day on Welfare field.  Reports for Junior children were sent home today and many parents said they very much appreciated having them for the first time!
1968.26 July.  School closed at the end of the afternoon session for the summer holiday.  A new Log Book is to be commenced from this date.
1974.22 April.  School reopened for Summer Term and Margaret Lawson commenced duties as Head Teacher.
1979. 14 February.  School closed, village cut off by snow.  The main Palterton to Bolsover road closed within half an hour!
1983.18 April.  Neville R. Lewis from Abercrombie School commenced duties as Head Teacher.
1988.23 April.  Class Three cleared the stream at Poulter Well.
1991.17 January.  Brenda Scull commenced duties as Acting Head Teacher.  This appointment ended in April of that year.
1991.15 April.  Martin Hughes from Camm Endow School, Eckington commenced duties as Head Teacher.  He remained until April 1996.
1996.April.  Mrs Jean Marsden commenced duties as Acting Head Teacher.  She remained until the end of the summer term in July 1996.
1996.9 September.  Lesley Barringer from Brookfield Primary school, Langwith commenced duties as Head Teacher.

Sheepshearing 19 June 1997 - witnessed by the schoolchildren.

2001.1 September.  Martin Thacker MBE from Darley Dale Primary school commenced duties as Head Teacher.  He is still in post May 2002.
2002.April.  An Ofsted Report gives the school an excellent report and makes mention of the close contact with the community.
2014.April.  An up to date item relating to the current members of the school Governors who are doing an excellent job.
Chair/Parent Governor - Mr David Kirby.  Vice Chair/LA Governor- Ms Trish Livesidge.
Parent Governor - Mrs Joanne Taylor.  Parent Governor - Mr Adam Taylor.
Community Governor - Mr John Holmes.  Community Governor - Mr John Whittaker.

The Village School (page Two)


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