Centenary of Palterton school 21 February 2010

The big day arrived, 21 February 2010, one hundred years by the date when this school first opened.   The school railings were bedecked with buntings, baloons and placards informing viewers of the event.  The entrance door to the school was decorated with baloons and garlands.  It was obvious the teachers, support staff and school children had prepared for the event.  However, these people were all missing on the day, why?  Quite simply the date was a Sunday and the school was closed.

What a difference the next morning.  The teachers and school secretary were all dressed in their Edwardian clothes as they would have been in 1910.  Almost all of the children were likewise dressed in such clothing, the boys also wearing caps, the girls in bonnets.  It was apparent that a big effort had been made to celebrate the day.

The weather on the day was very cold but it did not affect the enthusiasm of staff and scholars.  In the early afternoon, it was time for the taking of photographs.  The teachers had the procedure planned like a military operation.  The children left their classrooms to order and took their places in the school yard.  At this time, there was much exitement and a lot of teeth chattering due to the cold weather, but it all worked smoothly.  The photographing of the teachers had been done during the earlier lunchbreak.

The teachers and staff of Palterton school 22 February 2010 - Centenary Day.
Staff back Row left to right:
Mrs. Susan Frost, Mrs. Nancy Clarke, Mr. Scott Nixon (Acting senior teacher), Mrs Sharon Cooper, Ms. Jeanette Cowley, Mrs Susan Howett.
Front Row left to right:
Mrs Lara Knight, Mrs Julie Whittaker (school secretary), Mrs Elizabeth Dyson (Acting Head Teacher), Mrs Leanne Whitehouse, Ms. Olivia Birch.
The following report of this day appeared in the Derbyshire Times newspaper.
Time-travelling youngsters had a lesson in Edwardian-style eductation to mark their school's centenary.  Pupils and staff at Palterton Primary school came dressed in the clothes of the era and experienced a traditional day from 100 years ago.  With the computers switched off, the children were set activities including reciting times tables, reading, prayers, singing, observational drawings and washing clothes.  They practiced joined-up handwriting on slate boards in English lessons and played old-fashioned games at break time.

Acting headteacher Elizabeth Dyson said: "The Edwardian day was a lot of fun for both the pupils and the staff.  Everyone got into role and thoroughly enjoyed the day.

The centenary celebrations will continue with a gala in the summer when past and present pupils will be invited to join in the fun and take a look around the school.
Derbyshire Times, dated Thursday, 4 March 2010, page 24, cols.1,2,3.

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Centenary of Palterton school 21 February 2010

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