Who are they?

Who are these men and the occasion? A Presentation?

   This image is of a group of men who may have been present when one of them was presented with a medal.
   The man at the front appears to be proud of his medal and closeby is a man wearing a trilby hat who may
   have made the presentation.  The location could be outside Lilac Farm at Palterton.

Who is this man? A mystery man?

   This image is of an old Palterton resident whose identity has not yet been established.
   What was his occupation?  Was he a thatcher?  Was he a hedgecutter?
   At present his identity is unknown.

Can you name these men? Miners at Bolsover Colliery

   These men were employed at Bolsover Colliery and with the exception of a few their identities are not
   known.   Can you name any of these men?

Can you name any of these children? Children on Stone Row, Main Street, Scarcliffe.

   This image has been cropped from a rare image that I have placed on the Scarcliffe page. It is an old image circa 1928 - 29.
   The identities of all persons on this image is not yet known, but the man with the bike is believed to be Jack Heath.
   The girl at the front of this image has been identified as Winnie Heath.

Can you name any of these children? Children outside the shop at the corner of Orchard Terrace, Palterton.
   This photo, at present undated, was taken of children standing at the corner of the first house/shop at Orchard Terrace,
   where the unmade road leads south to the rear of those houses.  At present (November 2006) none of these children
   has been identified, but it is reasonable to suppose they all lived in Orchard Terrace or nearby.


Who are they?

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